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16-01-09, 04:31 PM
MTV have officially banned a gay-themed Bulgarian song saying it showed too much flesh. :sm (53): Personally I think they didn't like the fact that the song shows bisexual men and women.

Here is the clip if you wanna see it. :sm (31):


Its booming loud from music channels in Bulgaria and from cars stuck in traffic.

The singer is called Miro (short for Miroslav) and although he says he is heterosexual all his songs include hot young dudes and females engaging in homo acts but they are also shown kissing women so they are bi, according to the clip.

The song is called "I lose control when you are not with me".


Do you think Bulgarian is a beautiful sounding language or to you is some fucking Arabic or chineese?

I am very curious what you guys think.

All studs and pussy shown in the clip are Bulgarian nationals.

Those muscled, rugged Bulgarian dudes are fucking HOT!

16-01-09, 05:02 PM
Too me Bulgarian sounds alot like Russian or Polish....

I find it a hard language to my taste, like people throwing out everything in a few short sentences!

But we all have our differences....

I will watch the clip!!

16-01-09, 05:43 PM
Yes its very similar to Russian.

Today a Russian woman from Siberia talked to two guys on the tram in Russian and they responded in Bulgarian and still they understood each other perfectly.

I also watch Russian TV and read Russian newspaper without a problem although I have never studied it.

I guess its like this with the Germanic group of languages?

Much easier for you to learn English then for me, lets say.

16-01-09, 06:12 PM
The video is sexy awesome! the music is a bit too 'euro-pop' for me, but the language sounds smooth. the only time I've really heard Bulgarian being spoken was in the movie, "The Bulgarian", and yeah - it sounded russian to me. but in singing it seems to be smooth and I love the close ups of his mouth!!

16-01-09, 06:13 PM
Whats that movie, I've never heard of it?

16-01-09, 06:15 PM
Sorry - it's called "Bulgarian Lovers"


16-01-09, 06:18 PM

I will try to download it now from some torrent site

16-01-09, 06:23 PM
The young spanish guy falls in love with the bulgarian hitman. one of the best lines is when the young guy says to his bulgarian:

Daniel: I'd give my life for you.
Kyril: I'd give your life for me too.

16-01-09, 08:09 PM
Good beat, i like it, like the singer more , he needs arse fucked, I also like russia's Dima Bilan kind of skinny but cute with good legs and tight ass

18-01-09, 08:15 AM
I like it. His eyes are beautiful. I don't believe for a second Miro is straight, though.

18-01-09, 03:54 PM
I used his song for my clip "Merry Corpsemas"


18-01-09, 06:47 PM
I used his song for my clip "Merry Corpsemas"


:sm (43): hahaha I LOVE your video xmas card. :sm (43):

18-01-09, 06:49 PM
its old, its from last year hadnt u seen it

did you check my other vids

18-01-09, 06:58 PM
yeah...I saw most of your vids - except the pig one, sorry.
you rock, Meatpie. tiny pic on my profile for you - if you like it, maybe we can go "bigger":sm (7):