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08-01-09, 04:57 PM
Blizzard conditions today in Sofia.




08-01-09, 10:30 PM
Looks beautiful. It looks like the people are still going about their daily business. If that weather happened here there would be complete chaos - offices/schools would close and I suspect all public transport would be shut down - london would come to a standstill.

08-01-09, 10:31 PM
It sure has a romantic thing to it, but it looks damn chilly to me!!!

Only if it was Christmas ;)

09-01-09, 09:03 AM
It looks beautiful but more than 100 broke their legs in the ice and deep snow.

For the last two weeks its -10'C during the night, everything is frozen solid.

I've seen up to a metre of snow when I was a kid, but some piles were so high they overtopped a human, sometimes 3 or 4 metres.

My granny, she is 90, told me that when she was young, there was a winter with so much snow they had to dig tunnels in the streets.


Ahhh, London...they showed on the BBC that the fountains on Trafalgar square have frozen, pretty cold there too.

Is there snow now in the UK?

09-01-09, 12:22 PM

Is there snow now in the UK?

Not much - it's been mainly a dry cold. Where I live there's no snow, just hard overnight frosts - but on the hills there's maybe 5-10cm.

14-01-09, 05:12 AM

Looks like Chicagoland does rite now, shure does !!

And where we shovel or snowblow, the piles of snow are rising up to FIVE to SIX FEET HIGH rite now....ICEBURGS everywhere !!

We have nearly two feet of snow, tomorrow another blizzard coming, tonight 0 F, tomorrow night down to
-20 F...... it is as the expression goes "COLDER than a WITCHES TIT !!" Yah, that is what wes all says here in Chicagoland....



Brutal here, like there, Pie. We are all becoming really depressed, CABIN FEVER...feel like we are all living in SIBERIA ! And ER's full of people who have fallen on ice, broken legs, feet, arms...even fractured hips !

A few weeks ago, a guy's car stalled a few miles away from me...he tried to fix it, but in 15 minutes being outside...HE FROZE ta DEATH !!!

Brrrrrrrrrrr.........wearing thermal underwear, shirt, sweater, still cold....and have five covers on bed, two wool.

Chicagoland and Sofia must be in the same latitude, longitude, do you think?

:eek::eek::(:(:sm (41)::sm (41):

14-01-09, 08:56 AM
Sofia is same latitude as NYC, so you are further north. You are also more exposed to cold airmasses from Canada because of the great lakes and the flatness of the region while its mountain ranges here.

14-01-09, 02:07 PM
I am impressed, PieMan, how much you know about Chicagoland geography....what a truly bright, intelligent man you are.

Here is more about the frigid conditions here right now....major blizzard going on right now in Chicagoland, only 3 F....brutal out, don't know how I am even going to get to work so bad, WHITE OUT CONDITIONS SO VERY BAD !

But my boss is a total azzhole BRUTE along with his bitch of a secretary who he allows to run most everything, no excuses to either of them, even when they sick demand we show up or be FIRED.

Life sometimes really SUCKS.



14-01-09, 02:18 PM
Thanks for the link man, love u mate don't get depressed about anything kuz life is short enjoy it worse is still to come....lol!

you struggle, you fight and then you D I E!!!

Life is meaningless!

Modern world is fucked but we must solider on man, we are real soliders.

Fight for AMERICA ARROW, the best country in the world!

I live in a shithole man, fucking Bulgaria, I have no choice.

You are a real democracy. We even don't have our own gas supply man.

14-01-09, 06:35 PM
Oh no, I hope the weather goes better really soon, I'd hate to see you lose yer job and such!!!

I might send our thaw weather to you, might help!!

*Does a transport weather dance to Chicagoland Are. THAW!!!*