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06-01-09, 02:02 PM
Have not come back yet. I have to keep using drugs and such!

I hope I can get my exams thru soon, I am not allowed to work because of this condition!
I am getting a bit alot bored...
Although CDG is a good passtime, I would love the real thing right now....

Anyone interested in comming over and play...??

But I will keep you posted!!!

Your on-the-road-to-recovery Moderator,


Angel Lust
06-01-09, 03:41 PM
good luck buddy, you recover very soon! kissses

06-01-09, 03:52 PM
good luck buddy, you recover very soon! kissses

:sm (57):

06-01-09, 10:15 PM
I am sure everything will be fine for you, when you go to the hospital to get your results, why don't you pretend to get "lost" in the building and find your way down to the morgue, you never know you might manage to get in for a quick look around, if you do remember and take a camera.
Get well soon my friend.

13-01-09, 08:00 PM
Well, finally got everything together. this might be shocking to some who know me longer.

I was very, very fucking lucky according to my doctor. If I had been walking with this condition for 3 to 4 months longer, the possibility could have been high I was dead. I have a auto-immune disease that attacks my kidney filters. These filter out the harmful stuff and my filters are being attacked by my own anti-bodies. They have already destroyed half my filtration values, so that is why I had high blood pressure and loads of headaches. I am now on even more drugs, even stuff they give to cancer patients to stop these auto-immune disease response. I am also under weekly checkups from the hospital, weekly blood screenings. The good news is, it is NOT getting worse. The bad news is, it is not getting BETTER either.

So, I hope I will be fine, but I am doing great, albeit bloated and spotted.
(Prednison side-effects...)

Will keep you posted,

Your we-are-on-the-road-to-recovery Moderator,


13-01-09, 08:09 PM
Sounds real nasty man, sorry to hear but not as bad as cancer man so cheer up. Any idea how you got it? Or anyone can get it?

Damn, I so need JM to be online when we discuss medical issues. Unfortunately he is not.

So whats the disease called, I want to read up more on wikipedia.

Be strong man and you will get better more quickly if you stay positive.

Lots of shit happening in our forum members' lives lately, mod team included.

I am myself in a difficult situation :(

But we shouldn't complain kuz the whole world is messed up.

My kidneys hurt now I read your post mate. There are so many diseases, I am shocked every time I hear about such nasty conditions.

So will you be able to get rid of this condition or you will be on pills for the rest of your life?

Post man and feel free to talk about anything here, we are with you.

13-01-09, 08:12 PM
The condition is called glomerulonefritis.

I hope I do not have to take pills for the rest of my life, but if I have to do that, then so be it then.

I am looking at a a positive way now, I even booked my vacation already and I am going back to work because I want to do something!

13-01-09, 08:21 PM
I read up on the internet.
Nothing to worry about man, you'll be fine. 100% recovery.

JM will confirm :)

You have a good doctor.

13-01-09, 08:54 PM
hehe, if you were my doctor I think I would kill you ;)

But thank you for your support and cheering words!! I feel better already!

14-01-09, 04:10 AM
Hope you are much better very soon :sm (45)::):sm (26):

14-01-09, 03:36 PM
haha its nice to hear all that cheer up for Entilzha..!
best wishes to you darling! im really hoping youre back on track soon!!
haha dont worry, my dad's a doctor and i talk to him about it and he says to me that youre gonna be ok soon.!!! =) haha best wishes!!!!!

14-01-09, 06:33 PM
Thank you all, I feel very good again, losing weight and built up fluid, all because of yous guys!!

16-01-09, 05:43 AM
glad to hear you are feeling better! hopefully you will be back to 100% very soon! get well soon and take care!
- tromboner

16-01-09, 07:01 PM
Glad you're geting better - look after yourself!

16-01-09, 07:14 PM
u too dantlef

You are getting old man, I wanna see you shit your pants

18-01-09, 05:25 PM
As I die? Swinging from a noose?