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05-01-09, 08:06 PM
This aint no joke.

Here she is. What a beauty, isn't she.


She is part of a sick plan I have.

As you know I am after a straight 17-year-old lad. He is so cute, he gets my dick rock hard everytime I see him.

I first met him in the summer of 2008. There was a brutal hailstorm in Sofia - I was drenched, looked like a drowned rat.

As I neared my home, miserable and cold, I saw a neighbour and his absolutely cute friend. Ohhh how I loved that boy, the moment I saw him.

I talked to them about the weather and general chat. Got home, had a shower and was disappointed with myself and why I fall for straight lads and not gay guys.

In school I also was head over heels for a straight polish dude.

So I thought I could never have him and that was it.


But this winter he spends hours in the entrance of our building with a ugly mate from my block.

Several times I just said hi and passed by.

Until tonight.

I got home around 7 pm - it was dark and bitterly cold. They were near the door, chatting.

I said, "you two spend a lot of time together"


Then I went to the elevator. I looked back at the dudes and I couldn't stand the thought I would go home and jerk with some strangers on skype.

So I went back to them and started general chat with the idea that I might go out with them - disco or something.

So we spent an hour in the cold-chatting!!!

I held his hand several times, patted him on the back.

Damn fucking hot.

I said I wanted to go out with them, so they gave me their skype.

On skype he send me pics.


I send him mine and he said, "hot".


So my plan. I play straight, with this ugly bitch who is my "girlfriend."

I go out with the dudes and get real close with Evgeni, thats his name.

Then I invite him over for a drink. I get him drunk then....well I dunno, I want at least a blowjob.

Wish me luck. I am very sick.

I know it not gonna be easy but I love challenge.

Also I've done this several times with straight guys...or so they said.

They were disgusted the first time and didn't want to kiss but its so much fun I am tired of sluts.

Staright guys are pretty boring, all they talk about is girls and pussy.


They send me pics of some pussy they jerk to and talked about girls.

I don't know whether I will succeed, I want to succeed but its gonna be hard.

So far I am doing good.

I will go to a disco with them I will stand pussy, I willdo anything just to be with him

06-01-09, 03:17 AM

wish u lthe best of luck meatpie!!!

i wish u have success in ur plan =)

06-01-09, 07:37 AM
thanks kitana, very kind of you.

We are going out tonight!

06-01-09, 09:09 PM
Go for it Meaty and good luck, the ones worth getting are the ones that take time to get.

07-01-09, 02:51 AM
Your ability of tolerance is amazing...

07-01-09, 06:07 AM
"So my plan. I play straight, with this ugly bitch who is my "girlfriend.""

lol, poor girl. :( He called your pics hot? what exactly did you send him?

07-01-09, 10:16 AM
what exactly did you send him?

cock pics :sm (8):

07-01-09, 02:09 PM
Lol, straight guys are so damn weird.

Did he send you nude pics of himself too? I knew a straight guy who did the same with me. He was hot and a virgin I think he got bored waiting for a female worth losing it to. XD

Some straight guys are fladdered or just all confused when a gay friend shows interest in them and they know they can have sex with them, since a majority of decent females don't show it and keep their interest to themselves. Unless they're dirty whores.

07-01-09, 03:31 PM
exactly. I think he already knows I like him.

I want him but he didn't reply to my message on skype today....


I think I failed.

07-01-09, 10:59 PM
Maybe he's scared. :o

08-01-09, 07:09 AM

nothing to be afraid of, I will be gentle


08-01-09, 08:58 AM
LOL this grl.. fat and ugly :sm (53):

08-01-09, 09:03 AM
:sm (43)::sm (43)::sm (43)::sm (43):


Unfortunately I've seen many cute guys with ugly girlfriends here.

13-01-09, 02:15 AM
hahaa believe sometime the ugly bitches takes the best guys

its really anoin' sometimes.....>=(

21-01-09, 07:28 PM
I dumped the bitch, I can't stand women.

But I stalk the dude on skype and he said "I spend my days in front of the PC"

:sm (43):

I said, lets go out have some fun. :sm (32):

He said, "alright, I will call you tomorrow"

:sm (31):

I am such a slut.

I am going out with another str8 dude tomorrow too, he is a collegue but a fucking hottie.

31-01-10, 12:22 AM
Good luck to you meatpie.

I think you will succeed, there are alot of straight guys who are bi curious.

All it will take is getting him drunk.

Then start talking about girls, and..well, you know what straight guys talk about, your still pretending, remember.

Just kinda nonchalantly bring up how you always wondered how well a guy can give head, you know since they would know how they like it done on them.

I think that will work, but you might have to give him head too. The key is to get him horny first, by talking about girls.