View Full Version : -20'C in Bulgaria, -30'C in Romania, -35'C in Switzerland

05-01-09, 11:33 AM
I thought this winter was going to be mild with global warming and shit. Last couple of winters have been very mild in Bulgaria with above zero temperatures and no snow.

But around New Years a cold fron blew in from the North, it kept snowing in Sofia for more then 36 hours non-stop.

A snow up to a metre high has been recorded in the mountains.

But worse still temperatures plummeted to -21'C this morning in some places.

Its -15'C in Sofia.

The forecast is for for another cold front, bringing temperatures to record lows.

It was -30'C in Romania this morning. Around 60 people died there.

Its also very cold in Switzerland, a temperature of -35'C was recorded there yesterday.

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There is significant snow in Sofia too, up to 30 cm but traffic is normal although dangerous for pedestrians.

Around 700 people broke their limbs in Sofia alone since the start of the cold snap.