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The 2011 Australian floods refer to a series of floods in north-eastern Australia, primarily in the state of Queensland.

The floods have resulted in the evacuation of thousands of people from the affected towns and cities. At least 22 towns and over 200,000 people have been affected. Damage has been initially estimated at around AU$1bn (£650m). Vast areas of Southern and Central Queensland were affected by the flood.

Approximately 300 roads were closed, including nine major highways. Coal railway lines were closed and numerous mine sites flooded. Fruit and vegetable prices have increased significantly as a result of the flooding.

A national appeal was established on 29 December, with both the state and federal governments giving AU$1 million each.

http://thumbnails24.imagebam.com/11357/925657113566883.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/925657113566883) http://thumbnails34.imagebam.com/11357/120a29113566888.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/120a29113566888) http://thumbnails34.imagebam.com/11357/13cc6b113566900.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/13cc6b113566900) http://thumbnails35.imagebam.com/11357/78c85b113566921.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/78c85b113566921)

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Man drowns in flooded creek
Updated Tue Jan 4, 2011 12:28am AEDT

Hundreds of homes in Rockhampton have been inundated and shopping car parks are filling with water as floodwaters in the churning Fitzroy River edge closer to the city's CBD.

On Monday morning the body of a man was recovered from a car at Aramac, inland from Rockhampton, while another person in the car escaped.

"The vehicle has unfortunately been washed into floodwaters and one person has actually lost their life," Police Chief Superintendent Alistair Dawson said.


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January 03, 2011 5:00PM

* 55-year-old Kay Joy, drowned trying to cross a flooded road in her car. Dysart, northeast of Emerald. (30/11)

* 81-year-old Alan William Kane, drowned trying to cross a flooded road in his ute. Bajool, south of Rockhampton. (3/12)

* Man in his fifties. Drowned trying to cross a flooded road in his 4WD. Nebo, southwest of Mackay. (7/12)

* 15-year-old Mitchell Edwards, drowned after jumping into swollen waters. Wappa Falls, Yandina. (8/12)

* 17-year-old Che-Nezce Perrie Shepherd, drowned after her foot got stuck in rocks while swimming. Alligator Creek, south of Townsville. (12/12)

* 20-year-old man from Redbank Plains. Drowned in swollen Brisbane River after he went for a swim. Sherwood Reach, Brisbane. (20/12)

* 58-year-old man from Mareeba. Police believe he was swept off a footbridge. Mareeba, north of Cairns. (28/12)

* 41-year-old woman from Mt Isa. Drowned trying to cross a flooded road in her car. Floraville, southeast of Burketown. (1/1)

* 38-year-old man from Boyne. Drowned in the mouth of the Boyne River after boat was swamped. Tannum Sands, south of Gladstone. (1/1)

* Unknown age/sex. Car swept from causeway. Aramac, west of Emerald. (3/1)

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Drowned 26 year old

http://thumbnails25.imagebam.com/11364/cb5b58113638325.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/cb5b58113638325)

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All those young drowned guys - went for a swim?

Are you serious, they showed on the news here people were leaving their homes...:facepalmh:

Incredible stupidity if true

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I have just reported what was in the news.

Guys in their late teens and early twenties think they are invincible and are much more likely to take stupid risks. Consequently the are more like likely to die from accidental deaths than in any other age group. This article reports that young Australians are now much more likely to die in their late teens and early twenties than in earlier childhood, even though many of these deaths could be
MEDIA RELEASE Embargo: 9.01AM AEST 11 September 2009


Young people from developed countries including Australia are up to four times more likely to die in their late teens and early twenties than in earlier childhood, according to a new global study on youth mortality published in The Lancet.

Leading an international team of scientists, researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute found death rate increased rapidly from puberty, particularly in high- income countries where those in their early twenties (20-24 years) died at almost four times the rate of children aged 10-14. Those aged 15-19 years were three times more
likely to die than younger children.

The study is the first to report on the rates and causes of global mortality in young people aged 10-24, with data collected from 192 countries. It found death from injury including traffic accidents, violence and suicide accounted for two in five deaths worldwide and almost half of male deaths.

Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare contributed to the mortality estimates used in this study. It showed young Australian males were twice as likely to die as females, with motor vehicle accidents (32%) and suicide (20%) the leading causes of death. In females, motor vehicle accidents accounted for 26 per cent of deaths followed by suicide (15%).

The death rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths was on par with the average for those living in low and middle-income countries and almost four times higher than non- indigenous Australians. The death rate of indigenous males was higher than male deaths in all regions except Africa.

Lead researcher Professor George Patton said current health policies in many developed countries including Australia largely focused on the health status of babies and young children, with further attention needed to reduce death rates among youths.

“In the past 50 years we have seen extraordinary reductions in mortality in earlier childhood but far less in adolescence and young adulthood,” Professor Patton said.

“For this reason, young Australians are now much more likely to die in their late teens and early twenties than in earlier childhood, even though many of these deaths could be prevented.”

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute director Professor Terry Dwyer said the study highlighted the need to improve the health outcomes of youths, both in Australia and globally.

“The study provides accurate data for the first time on how many deaths are occurring in youths and gives us a perspective on the risk our young people face compared to those in the developing world,” Professor Dwyer said.


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Very interesting, thanks for posting.

It's always a good idea to cite your sources, putting a link at the bottom of your pasted text will cost you nothing and at the same time add to credibility of the topics discussed.

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Deadly wave heads for Brisbane
Jamie Walker and Michael McKenna From: The Australian January 12, 2011 12:00AM
THE nation confronts its worst flood disaster in living memory, with 30 people believed dead and 78 missing in southeast Queensland.

The wall of water bearing down on Brisbane threatens to engulf thousands of homes and put more people at risk.

The official death toll from the flash flooding that ripped through Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley on Monday stands at 10, with half the victims children, but Julia Gillard warned that this was bound to increase.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the number of suspected deaths was twice or more the confirmed toll. A senior emergency official told The Australian more than 30 people had died, including nine whose bodies had been located but not yet recovered.


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Jesus, this looked more like a tsunami that anything else....where did all this water come from?

Thanks for posting Beuen, please add more.

Horrible disaster, hope no more people die from this.

January is supposed to be summer in Australia, why so much rain? Do you have a rainy season? I don't understand.

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La Niña is pushing warmer water off the Australian coast which leads to rapid evaporationa and cyclone formation. Torrential rains are expected to continue.

La Niña has wreaked havoc on the weather around the world.

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Professor in Climatology and Water Resources, Roger Stone how to predict flooding and how thunderstorms cause them.
http://media.smh.com.au/?rid=72203&sy=smh&source=smh.com.au%2Fenvironment%2Fweather%2Fqueens land-flood-death-toll-to-rise-dramatically-20110111-19ldz.html

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Beuen, hope you're OK, and all our other Australian members

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Death toll 16 - not much I guess - but massive destruction to property.

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Hey Dead Dirty
Thanks for your kind wishes.
Nothing much happening where I am Sydney New South Wales
Check out Sydney livecams.

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Tried to have a look at Brisbane webcams but all cams seem to be down - because of flooding.
This is what Brisbane Central Business District looks like 2 days ago. 12 Jan 2011.


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24 year old man drowns in floods 13 January 2011

The death toll from the floods continues to rise, with the discovery of a 24-year-old man's body in Brisbane and another man found in Myall Creek near Dalby, taking the grim figure to 15, say Queensland Police.

The Brisbane man died after being sucked into a drain in Durack but no further details were available about the Myall Creek tragedy.

Queensland Emergency Services Minister Neil Roberts told a media briefing the total number of people missing was 61, with grave fears for another 12.

Meanwhile, a taskforce of 200 police will patrol flood-affected properties in Brisbane and Ipswich to protect against looters as the big clean up begins.

Earlier, Ms Bligh said the Brisbane victim was trying to do the right thing this morning by checking his father's property.

"But he shouldn't have been in those waters and, unfortunately, it's claimed his life," she said.

14-01-11, 02:22 AM
Brisbane death

Brisbane residents have been given a tragic reminder to remain out of floodwaters, after a 24-year-old man was sucked into a drain in Durack.

The man's death was the third confirmed today, along with the the discovery of a male body in Myall Creek near Dalby and another in a field in Grantham.

They take the death toll from this week's flood crisis to 15, while 61 remain missing. There were "grave fears" for 12 of those, Emergency Services Minister Neil Roberts said.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the man found at Durack was trying to do the right thing by checking his father’s property, but his death had been avoidable.

She implored residents to stay out of floodwaters to avoid another tragedy.

“This incident is not over. Floodwaters are moving very fast … it is still a very dangerous situation,” she said.

The bodies of two men killed in Queensland’s savage floods are being flown from the Lockyer Valley to Brisbane this evening.

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Thanks for posting Beuen. Tragic but imagine if you are a necro and more people die, you could pluck bodies of young guys and put in your fridge!

You can make your own private mortuaty, provided your morgue room is somewhere high and dry

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Epic floods