View Full Version : Messed up World Ready to Ring in 2009!

30-12-08, 02:05 PM
Our badly fucked up planet is ready to enter 2009!

Its crazy shopping here, like the end of the world is coming. And that could well be true for some of us.

Job cuts, rising costs, war and hunger make up for a gloomy start to the new year.

There is hatred in the world where there should be peace; there is pollution and deforestation where there should be love for nature.

Humanity has lots of problems to solve in 2009.

What I hate most is war. All those kids dying in Gaza, the people that died in Georgia in the summer...that iraqi kid that got burned on purpose with gasoline.

Seems murder and mayhem will continue to rule the world as we struggle over resources and money.

And that fucking financial crisis, I am sick of it and it is just beginning.

I don't really care, life in my opinion is meaningless but torture of living creatures is hell - people and animals should be allowed to die peacefully not by force.

When will the world becoming a place without war, without murder?

I think when the universe dies it will bring peace to all.

Until then its torture and mayhem.

Happy new year forum members!