View Full Version : deadboy's New Year's Resolution

30-12-08, 01:48 PM
Our co-admin has made a surprise New Year's Resolution - LEAVE CDG!

Thats why he is no longer posting.

He said he wants to be off this shit and deleted his email so I can't contact him.

Thats absolute forum devastation for me.

Its no secret to anyone that deadboy was the closest person to me on the Internet and things won't be the same without him.

With co-admin gone, global mod in hospital and mod recovering from car wreck its seems we are having a bad end to 2008.

I was myself sick for weeks and still recovering.

:sm (50): deadboy, if you read this thread, contact me, don't hide from your friends we are with you man whatever your decision.


There is no cure for necro, only true necros can understand how other necros feel in a society that prohibts necrophilia.

My obsession is bad too but that doesn't mean I go kill myself, instead I choose to pursue my dream - job in a morgue.

Chances are I will die without ever getting to fuck a dead guy but just the desire, the pursuit of my goal keeps me going.

Don't give up on what you love man!

We all love dead guys and trying to forget about your passion is the worst possible thing to do if you are necrophile.

I advise strongly against making such radical decisions.

We are all bipolar, so I truly hope deadboy will be back again.

Just don't hurt yourself man, it will pass.