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28-12-08, 02:22 PM
any one like livecreeps ? I know its hard to figure out at frist b but bif you play with it some good stuf there .


28-12-08, 02:53 PM
wtf is this site all about?

28-12-08, 03:24 PM
gore lots of dead guys just click I do not under stand the language but lots of cdg there you just got to explore good luck and if you find good stuff please let me in the private room . if you do not like it sorry

28-12-08, 03:29 PM
click on korku then Dafurda then a small box with a word that reads goster
best that i can do good luck lots more there

28-02-09, 11:33 PM
hello folks if someone need about livecreeps, about picture or ı dont know just u can ask me ı will help...have a nice creeps....

28-02-09, 11:36 PM
I couldn't find a single cdg on this site, sorry.

28-02-09, 11:57 PM
forgive me whats mean "cdg"?

01-03-09, 12:22 AM
ı wanna help u admin just say me what u need to know... and dont forget to say whats mean cdg :)

01-03-09, 11:19 AM
cdg = cute dead guy.

Take snapshots of the forum and with arrows showe me where to click to find the guys.

That would help me a lot thanks.

01-03-09, 01:02 PM
ı will give u one example than u must enter us site and enjoy cuz u will find more better photos and videos u will notice we have good stuff in there u will see...


01-03-09, 02:05 PM
thank you, that helped I know which section now and how to open the pics.


01-03-09, 03:40 PM
also if u will wonder what happened this cute boys ı can tell u have a good creeps...

01-03-09, 03:43 PM
OK, but so far all the pics I saw are already in my collection, you don't have any new shit.

And you have watermarks on your pics, although not as bad as K I U M E R's.

I will check your site regularly, thanks.

03-08-10, 02:14 AM
holy mofo! the autopsy videos here are graphic! super cool!

04-08-10, 11:26 AM

useless bum
24-08-10, 01:46 AM
I don't want to diss a forum, but almost all of motorcycle crash pictures are old. Some don't even show bikes. I have seen some decent pics from Turkey (right?), so this is rather disappointing.