View Full Version : Venice 50% submerged after days of heavy rain

04-12-10, 03:09 PM

A scuba diver operates an underwater scooter yesterday in Venice's St. Mark's Square.

VENICE, Italy - Venice awoke to warning sirens yesterday as tides in the famous lagoon reached their highest level this year after a period of heavy rain, leaving most of the historic city flooded.
Shortly before dawn, sirens rang out across the city to warn residents and tourists that the water level had risen above 110 centimetres. Later in the morning, the level had risen to 140 centimetres above sea level.
Temporary footbridges in St. Mark's Square, typically put down for pedestrians when the area floods, were removed by local authorities as the risk rose that they would be swept away by the fast rising waters.
Residents in boots could be seen making their way along flooded pavement.
The city is currently on orange flood alert -for a "very sustained tide" of between 110 and 139 cm. The highest red alert level is for "an exceptionallyhightide" of 140cmor more above sea level. Venice residents also received warning text messages on their mobile phones, which are sent outfortidesof 110cmormore.