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20-12-08, 05:20 PM
I have a neighbour that lives on the 3rd floor.

He is nigger, obese and ugly but good-natured. We often talk about life when we meet in the neighbourhood.

....he is 15!!!!

In the summer there was a massive hailstorm in Sofia. Lightning strikes, large hail and wind.

I was caught on a playground and I had to hide under a parked truck, so large was the hail and it came with brutal force.

I was drenched. Just as I neared my home I saw two drenched dudes on bikes.

It was my neighbour and and fucking fucking cute friend of his!

OHHH the cuteness of this dude, sweet face, lean smile eyes.


The slut I am I immediately chatted him up. "Where are you from" blah-blah.

He was 14 or 15! :(((

Dude answered all my questions. I wanted to steal him, it was such a hot situation, cute drenched dudes meeting for the first time.

I came home with a hardon.

As I said this was in June.

Today, around 7 pm I went to the shop for mandarine and just as I opened the elevator I came across the same dude, sitting with his ugly friend on the stairs.

I was stunned, I was almost speechless, dude was even cuter then in the summer and had grown up I bit.


I wanted to stay and chat, I wanted to take him home, I want HIM NAKED.

This is absolutely insane I know. And he is probably str8.

I rushed to the shop and back home hoping they would still be there...

:( Dudes were gone. Damn it.

Next time I chat the dude up and invite him home, or give him my skype or whatever, you have no idea how cute this lad is.

But is it normal for a 25 year old to fall for teens?


20-12-08, 06:02 PM
Love can strike you in the most strangest of ways...

it is not odd, I think it is normal....

20-12-08, 06:05 PM
has it ever happened to you, falling for guys much older, or younger then you?

20-12-08, 11:13 PM
ehm yes.....

21-12-08, 06:30 AM
Yeah, me too--but my kink was always older guys. Now, pretty much, in my case, there are no older guys...sigh.

Mandarine? An orange drink of some kind? (Presumably not a female bureaucrat of the Imperial Chinese court.)

21-12-08, 07:54 AM
Mandarin orange


What do you mean there are no older guys, are they dead? No gay friends? No boyfriend?

That sucks :sm (54):

21-12-08, 11:40 AM
Not "normal" doesn't mean wrong, it just means not like everyone else.
So called normal people are boring as hell.

21-12-08, 03:38 PM
He'll be 18 eventually, lol.
There are a lot of insanely hot teens out there, some of them just grow up faster then others. D: I tend to only go for guys 22-26 though. Being with younger makes me feel awkward. Even if its only a few years younger.

21-12-08, 04:20 PM
He'll be 18 eventually

lo 16-year-old croak in car wrecks very often here. :sm (58):