View Full Version : Torso of the Year 2008

20-12-08, 02:16 PM
:sm (32):


21-12-08, 05:37 AM
A nice fellow, although the clipping of chest hair should be forbidden by law. And how do you explain to your family that you've been named Torso of the Year?

21-12-08, 06:56 AM
LoL, its ridicilous, isnt it.

I love hairy too.

Is it just me or is there a real tendency for strong, muslced dudes to be weak in the head?

I mean they look strong but when they start to talk....:sm (20):

They either have nothing interesting to say or make fools of themselves.

26-12-08, 01:28 AM
Just treat them like meat. With a torso like that, all you want is to just have sex with them.

01-01-09, 08:27 AM
his torso ok. but not so cute though..
omfg, the girls are uglyyyy