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20-12-08, 03:51 AM
It has come to my attention upon considerable self-reflection that the words I have employed upon this site to be less than desirable. I believeth the term "most crass" is on point.

Language is a choice and a gift; the ability to communicate that which we see and feel is even more of a choice and gift.

I am a gifted wordsmith and as such, am not living up to my full capacity by the use of such vulgar and profane prose.

Henceforth without further discussion, I will express myself in a manner when language was more highly regarded in terms of eloquence and which I have always admired...the Renaissance.

I am aware this may adjudged as shocking; nevertheless "variety is the spice of life" so let it so be.

20-12-08, 04:01 AM
Tis a tad more facile to read, my good Sir.

20-12-08, 04:34 AM
Tis a tad more facile to read, my good Sir.

I am most delighted, my good JM, that you find my prose more affable and agreeable.

Huzzah !

20-12-08, 12:36 PM
Oh dear Sires of old and renowned!

Thank you for this kind reply of words!

However so to be the rain on your parade, it is a tad tiresome to read all those sentences and hath to say: It is too old and a lot of bullocks!

So, back to DA Slang and the normal sentencing will do thank you!

20-12-08, 02:45 PM
Your vernacular becomes too copious for my diminutive comprehension.
Actually, I find your posts most entertaining as well as refreshing.

20-12-08, 03:01 PM
:sm (12):

21-12-08, 04:22 PM
Big mistake, oh yah, hey, I can TAWK the TAWK of HIGH ENGLISH n' all, cud even have TEA with the QUEEN of ENGLAND Her Majesty, n' have a mighty polite n' elevated converstation 2, oh yah !

BUT HEY, Feetboy put me ta shame, oh yah, he did, speakin' so fine in that High English Renaissance style, just made me feel so inferior :sm (41)::sm (41):

So I can only do what I do best, n' that is ta talk my brogue, CHICAGOLAND TALK, oh yah, cuz' this is the way we talks here, our politicians, our leaders, our cops, our citizens, EVEN OUR CROOKED GOVERNOR, n' I do mean CROOKED, Governor Rod Blagojevich ("I am GONNA fight this thing ta my DYIN' BREATH, gonna FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, gonna do it ! )

Oh yah, so gotta do what I do best in my NATIVE TONGUE, n' hey, for those who ain't evah been here, CHICAGOLAND is just that...a LAND, like a SEPERATE COUNTRY, not just a CITY....it is MASSIVE, it absorbs EVERYTHIN', shure does, we even say on our commercials, weather reports, newspapers, everythin' here ..."CHICAGOLAND"...

You never hear it said "NEW YORK LAND" or "L A LAND" or "BOSTONLAND"....noooooo, cuz' Chicago IS unique, one o' a kind, home of Al Capone n' the two Mayor Dalleys n' lotsa crooked public officials...fer shrue !

N' we is now rated as the MOST CORRUPT STATE in all the USA, oh yah we is !!! N' we just elected our own ta become the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, too, rite here from CHICAGO, where Obama is makin' his APPOINTMENTS in hotels that I KNOW WELL, where I has STAYED, just down there a few days ago n' saw the Obama Outfit n' alll the press just rite across the street, shure did, yous BETTCHAS !

CHICAGOLAND RULES ! N' CHICAGOLAND is a goin' ta D. C., shure is, on January 20, 2009....so HEY, I gawt nothin' ta be ashamed 'bout, cuz' WE is CHICAGOLAND, one of da most unique place in ALL the WORLD, oh yah, yous guys, yous BETTCHAS it shure IS !

SO hey, no more that High Renaissance stuff, bettah not be caught usin' that kinda language in these parts anyways, shure bettah nawt, no way, cud be DANGEREROUS ta my well-bein', shure cud !




:sm (45)::sm (45)::sm (45)::sm (55)::sm (55)::D:sm (31)::sm (52):