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  1. 40-year-old man stabs himself in the stomach in Russia
  2. Tall young man murdered in Brazil
  3. Beautiful Boy Killed in Syria
  4. Good Male Body to the Slab after Drown
  5. Hot mix for the new week
  6. Fit 23 yo Alberto Gomes da Silva Executado
  7. PHP Drug War Victims
  8. Butts and Head
  9. Beauty Young Guy was Killed
  10. Russian stabs friend in throat after argument
  11. Hot Man Before and After
  12. Another Man in Slab
  14. Drunkard dies in bed
  15. Man commits suicide at a train station in St. Petersburg, Russia
  16. Body of young man dug up at Russian cemetery
  17. Burnt corpse found in Brazil
  18. Man killed by bomb in Ecuador
  19. Young man murdered in Brazil
  20. Dead after Suicide in Metro. Mexico
  21. syrian beauties
  22. Handsome HK fitness instructor falls to his death while taking promo photos
  23. Dismembered and Burned
  24. Handsome Fit 19 yo Carlos Renato Martins da Silva Executado
  25. Young man jumps from a building in Russia
  26. Nice Looking Fit Motoboy Stabbed To Death Then Beheaded
  27. Young man commits suicide in Russia
  28. Strong dude found dead in Brazil
  29. Murdered dude found wrapped in nylon
  30. man killed show black socks
  31. Corpses of dead chechen rebels lifted by FSB chopper
  32. 2 Criminals to the Slab (Pics and Video)
  33. Cute Bad Boys kill by police
  34. Police kill two chechen rebels who supported ISIS in Dagestan
  35. Golden State Warriors Fan Muerto Acidente
  36. Bad Boys Morto
  37. Motorcyclist crushed under bus in Brazil
  38. Morgue Corpses in Formalin Bath
  39. Fit Bad Boy Morto By Four Shots
  40. Fit Motoboy Heronildes de Oliveira Medeiros Executado
  41. Shooting of Kian Loyd delos Santos
  42. anybody have more photos of this man? nice ass
  43. Former police is executed.
  44. Murdered with butt out
  45. Some Bears from my collection this month[9 pics]
  46. Good-Looking 21 yo Bad Boy Arthur Costa Silva Executado
  47. Lean young man dead; police accused of beating him to death.
  48. Shot dead just for packing sand.
  49. Young protestor shot to death, bloodied body and cock exposed.
  50. Barefoot Motoboy Morto Acidente
  51. Butts in Pyrotechnic Accident in Bus
  52. Mexico: Naked and Dismembered on the Road
  53. Handsome Fit Josevaldo Dorgival da Silva Morto Acidente
  54. Young Handsome Jardelson In Hoodie Executado
  55. 21 yo Alexandre Silva Santos Executado
  56. Head in Torso
  57. 19 yo Alexandre Félix de Lima Executado
  58. Alleged cult leader dead, spread-eagled in dark undies
  59. Mexico: Executed by Z in Underwear
  60. Man Shredded in Road Accident
  61. 3 Dismembered in Mexico (Again)
  62. Four Bandidos In The Morgue
  63. Young Guy Killed during Orgy
  64. Dead in Accident. Good Ass
  65. Teenager cooked alive hanging from electricity pylon in Russia
  66. Accident: Taking Pics of Dead Faces
  67. 2 Dead Bad Boys
  68. Dois Bad Boys Morto
  69. 2 Heads Found
  70. Dead Hot Criminal
  71. Robber Killed at 18
  72. Drunk- driving outcome
  73. Dirty Daddy Ass
  74. Male Pieces: Legs and Arms
  75. Killed Showing Underwear
  76. Nice Looking 20 yo Bruno Zulian Morto Acidente
  77. Dismembered, you can see cock.
  78. Taxi Driver
  79. Dismembered Naked. Yes, Again, in Mexico
  80. Executed then pulled down the pants to expose his genitals
  81. Another Man in Pieces. Mexico
  82. Young Killed by Criminal, and Criminal Killed by Police
  83. Dead American by Overdose at 35 in Cambodia (2016)
  84. Severed Head. Mexico
  85. Bad Luck. Dead by Thunder
  86. Oficial Kills Himself by Headshot
  87. Criminal Before and After
  88. 23 y fresh boy in the meadow
  89. Young man jumps from 14th floor of apartment building in Russia
  90. Does anybody find this video clip? Beheaded and crucificed Hot
  91. Young motorcyclist killed in crash in Russia
  92. Dead Fit Dude
  93. Man commits suicide in library of San Jose State University
  94. Two African-Americans Shot Dead in Chicago after Attempted Robbery
  95. Robber dies in Milan trying to break into a store
  96. Totally Fit 23 yo Bad Boy Marcos Antônio dos Santos Executado
  97. Two men hit by Audi in Russia
  98. Men beheaded by train in Russia
  99. 29-year-old commits suicide with helium bottle
  100. Not sure if repost, 1 cock and 3 heads
  101. Nice Looking Fit Dude Stabbed To Death
  102. Russian Boy Killed by Rockfall while on Vacation
  103. Young Handsome Fit Diego Adriano Vieira da Silva Executado
  104. Beauty Brazilian Guy Killed at 17
  105. Student jumps from 9th floor of Odessa National Polytechnic University
  106. Extreme Case of Sadomasochism
  107. Extremely Slim Corpse with Big Cock
  108. Dozens of male corpses found in Syria all skin and bone
  109. Kids killed in Syria war
  110. Dead ISIS scum in Raqqa
  111. Cambodian angel lust
  112. Train surfer killed in Russia
  113. Young athletic Diego stabbed multiple times
  114. Terroriste killed in Algeria
  115. Man beheaded by terrorist in Algeria
  116. Young man killed in cult violence in Nigeria
  117. Young man shot dead in Ukraine
  118. Man cut in two by train in Russia
  119. Eviscerated corpse pulled out of the water
  120. Man holding a knife shot in the head
  121. Corpses from Syria
  122. Man split in two after road accident in Russia
  123. Man mangled by train in Russia
  124. Man killed in road accident in Perm, Russia
  125. André Felipe Executado
  126. In Venezuela
  127. Two Great Looking Lads Tortured And Killed
  128. Man shoots himself in the head at Russian cemetery
  129. Young with Face Skinned and Dismembered
  130. Naked, Tied and Headless
  131. Tatooed Dude Executed
  132. Massive road accident leaves people splattered on the road in Russia
  133. Man pulls dead body from car trunk then shoots himself in Russia
  134. Guess the Country....
  135. Some Young Venezolans
  136. Morgue Models
  137. Black Fit
  138. Black Dude in Slab
  139. Algerian soldier work with French Army killed by Algeria Army
  140. 18 terroriste killed in Algeria
  141. Strangle me
  142. Drowned in Accident
  143. Fishermen Muerto
  144. Two young friends from Russia killed in road accident
  145. Man Eaten by Bear in Russia
  146. A few Dead Insurgents
  147. Fit Dude Found Floating In The Sewer
  148. So many dead hot feet in one picture !
  149. Some dead guys
  150. Very Handsome Dead Dude
  151. Fresh mix of murdered guys for the new week
  152. A Morgue Selfie
  153. Criminals dressed like Militars
  154. Death of 24-year-old Russian Boxer Nikita Zharkov
  155. Police strip protestor naked and kill him brutally
  156. Dude tries to shoot his father but kills his talll lanky brother instead
  157. Man run over by Kamaz truck in Russia
  158. Man dies alone and is not found for days
  159. Handsome 29 yo Motoboy Alexsandro da Silva Assassinado
  160. Nice Looking 18 yo Marivaldo de Freitas da Silva Executado
  161. Died after Motorbike Accident
  162. Criminal goes to Slab
  163. Naked dead Tamil Tiger rebel
  164. The guy killed with a knife
  165. Dead Bodies I really like very much
  166. Young Killed at Home
  167. 3 Bodies Found Next to the Road
  168. 24-year-old Russian killed in car crash
  169. Three young lads collapse on street in St. Petersburg one dies
  170. Fit 23 yo Marcone José da Silva Executado
  171. Three men destroyed in anti-terror operation in Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
  172. Extreme Decomposition
  173. Little Mix from Southeast Asia
  174. 15-year-old lad shot dead in Brazil
  175. 36-year-old Russian man commits suicide with arbalest
  176. Body of dead man found in Russia
  177. Super Fit Nice Looking Guy Bound And Executado
  178. 19 yo Ramon Henrique da Rocha Executado
  179. 21 yo Cleiton Rodrigo Soares da Cruz Executado
  180. Handsome Motoboy Arlem Carlos de Oliveira Executado
  181. Two Dudes Bound And Executado
  182. Naked youth shot dead by Egyptian border guards
  183. Autoerotic Asphyxiation (with cock)
  184. Two brothers shot dead by police during attempted robbery
  185. Died with Pink Shorts
  186. Dead by Accident
  187. Fit 24 yo Alison Martins Executado
  188. ♥♥♥♥♥Handsome Boyfriend Found Hanging♥♥♥♥♥
  189. Young Rebels Liquidated by FSB in Ingushetia
  190. syrian beauties 2
  191. Cut his Throath in Car Accident
  192. Motorbiker Loss his Head
  193. Killed by Criminals
  194. Young Tatooed Executed
  195. Young dude found in a cemetery
  196. Fit 22 yo Alexandro Dias Oliveira Executado
  197. 13-year-old Jayross Brondial shot to death
  198. Tall young lad in pink socks bound and executed
  199. ISIS show bodies of dead Russian Soldiers in Syria
  200. ISIS Fighters Beheaded
  201. Random Kills for Tuesday
  202. Another Dead Russian Soldier in Syria Killed by ISIS
  203. Fit 17 yo Ramon Caio de Lira Silva Assassinado
  204. Mexico mega post.
  205. Young bicyclist crushed by Toyota SUV in Kiev
  206. Cute ExConvict Shoot to Death
  207. Young man bound, tortured and murdered
  208. Young man bound and beheaded
  209. Young man beheaded in Brazil
  210. Young guy chopped up and set on fire in Brazil
  211. Head explosion after young man is shot with high-caliber weapon
  212. Very lean guy murdered
  213. Young guy with beautiful legs and feet ready for the morgue after murder
  214. Empty skull after man shot multiple times with high-caliber weapon
  215. Garissa University College Terrorist Attack
  216. Dead ISIS rats in smelly socks
  217. Killed and Naked
  218. Rafael "Donkey belly" dead
  219. 17 yo Angelo Gabriel dos Santos Veiga Executado
  220. Opel Astra and Kia Rio Collide Head on in Russia Both Drivers Killed
  221. 21 yo Thiago Henrique Kumm Executado
  222. A cool post from Mexico
  223. 170922 Major traffic accidents in Brazil
  224. Drug addict found dead in Russia with missing eye
  225. beautiful boy raped and beheaded
  226. dismembered fat corpse with a nice cock
  227. Criminal Killed and Hulmiliated
  228. ISIS child soldier among dead after clashes with Iraqi security forces
  229. Fit Dead Dude With Gold Chain
  230. Dead camper in shiny gear
  231. Dead bodies lie in the compound of the People's Temple in Guyana
  232. 2017 Las Vegas Massacre
  233. Young man shot, stabbed and beheaded
  234. Mexico: Dismembered, Skinned and Gutted
  235. Killed and Funeral
  236. Killed on his 33 Birthday
  237. Young Teenager Executed in Sofa
  238. Tuff 24 yo Bad Boy Wilton Carlos Mendes Torres Executado
  239. New Technologies: Cartels via Facebook
  240. Fit Black Cop Died in Hospital after Shots
  241. Naked in Bed... Need i say more?
  242. Young man beheaded and chopped up
  243. Nice Looking Lad Assassinado
  244. Brothers break-in in farmer's house. Not a good idea...
  245. Motoboy Acidente
  246. Killed Barefoot Tatooed Motorbiker
  247. Beefy black 24 yo boy shot dead
  248. Date Night With Delvis
  249. Handsome hairy man suicide by gunshot
  250. Fit 25 yo Jefferson Xavier do Nascimento Executado