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  1. Thousands flee Chile Forest Fire
  2. Vanuatu destruction after cyclone Pam - in pictures
  3. Floods swamp Chile's Atacama region
  4. Tornadoes destroy Oklahoma homes
  5. Tornadoes Rip Through Illinois at Least Two Killed by Storms
  6. 7.8 magnitude quake slams Nepal with hundreds dead
  7. Hundreds flee Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile
  8. Heat wave kills more than 1,100 in India
  9. At least 17 dead after tornado strikes Ciudad Acuña, Mexico
  10. 2015 Texas Floods
  11. Twelve Killed, Animals Escape Zoo after Powerful Storm in Tbilisi, Georgia
  12. Explosive Alaska Wildfires Threaten Hundreds Of Homes, Force Evacuations
  13. Heatwave in Pakistan's Sindh province kills 180 the morgue in Karachi is overflowing
  14. Hailstorms cause widespread damage across Northern Germany
  15. Hailstorm hammers Calgary
  16. Tornado hits Venice, Italy [VIDEO]
  17. Typhoon Soudelor kills at least 20 people in China, hundreds missing in Taiwan
  18. Egypt heatwave leaves 61 people dead
  19. Baseball-sized hail pummels parts of Italy causing damage and injuring several people
  20. Thousands flee their homes after record floods in Japan
  21. Hundreds feared dead in Guatemala landslides
  22. Violent Storms Kills 19 People in French Riviera
  23. Obama declares state of emergency in South Carolina over floods
  24. Heavy rain causes flash floods in Sicily
  25. Strongest ever hurricane Patricia hits Mexico
  26. 2015 Hindu Kush earthquake
  27. Rare Cyclone Chapala heads for Oman may be strongest storm on record in Arabian Sea
  28. Tornadoes and flooding cause destruction in Texas
  29. Mexico’s Colima Volcano Erupts Again
  30. Powerful storm Desmond batters Britain causing major floods thousands lose power
  31. 2015 Chennai floods [PHOTO GALLERY]
  32. Mt Etna Erupts in Sicily Ejecting Lava 1Km into Air
  33. Rare Christmas tornadoes killed at least ten people in US
  34. Australian Wildfires Destroy more than a hundred Homes on Christmas Day
  35. Flooding kills at least 24 in Missouri, Illinois
  36. Storm Frank batters large parts of UK thousands left without power on New Year's Eve
  37. Fire in Dubai
  38. Massive ice storm hits Homs region in Syria
  39. 6.4 earthquake hits south Taiwan
  40. Ecuador earthquake of 7.8 magnitude kills hundreds
  41. 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes [GALLERY]
  42. At least 5 dead, hundreds rescued from Houston floods
  43. Brutal heatwave in India kills more than 160 people as temperatures approach 50°C
  44. Record 51C Heat Hits India
  45. Severe floods in Germany and France leave nine people dead [IN PICTURES]
  46. Lightning in Indian states kills 79
  47. Rare tornado kills 98 in China
  48. Dozens dead in Pakistan floods
  49. All-time record heat scorches Middle East as temperatures reach 54°C (129.2°F)
  50. Wildfires burn out of control north of Los Angeles
  51. At least 20 killed after fierce storm in Skopje, Macedonia
  52. Thousands leave Florida ahead of Hurricane Matthew
  53. Rare November tornado kills two people in Cesano near Rome, Italy
  54. 7.8-magnitude quake rocks New Zealand northeast of Christchurch
  55. Unusual November cold grips Siberia
  56. Rare November hailstorm causes chaos in Algeria
  57. Magnitude 7 earthquake strikes off El Salvador
  58. Brazil’s Chapecoense Soccer Team Devastated as Plane Crash Kills Dozens
  59. Avalanche buries Italian hotel
  60. Record Cold Continues in Siberia
  61. At least 15 dead after Georgia storms
  62. Catastrophe declared in Chile as forest fires sweep across the country
  63. 2017 Oroville Dam Disaster
  64. 2017 Peru Floods
  65. Great Moscow Storm of 2017
  66. Tornado causes damage in Starotkinsk, Sverdlovsk region, Russia
  67. London Grenfell Tower Fire of June 2017 in Photos
  68. Portugal forest fires kill 64 near Coimbra [PHOTO GALLERY]
  69. Record Heat in Europe and USA June 2017
  70. Rare Greenland tsunami destroys homes
  71. Temperatures Ahvaz, Iran hit 129.2F (54C), near hottest on Earth in modern history
  72. Ten people injured in Portugal forest fires
  73. 2017 Bodrum Earthquake [IN PICTURES]
  74. Supercell storm with huge hail causes major damage in Istanbul
  75. 4th Heat Wave Baking Southern Europe
  76. Smoke from Canada wildfires covers parts of Europe
  77. Typhoon Hato kills 12 in Macau and southern China
  78. Hurricane Harvey rips through Texas
  79. Wildfire burns 15,000 hectares of pine forest in Pirin National Park, Bulgaria
  80. Category 5 Hurricane Irma Headed for Florida
  81. Massive 8.1 earthquake strikes Mexico thousands flee buildings
  82. Hurricane Jose upgraded to Category 4 threatens second Caribbean destruction
  83. Flash Floods Kill Seven People in Italy
  84. Powerful storms tear through western Romania killing eight people
  85. Category 5 Hurricane Maria Headed for the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico
  86. Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Mexico Killing Dozens
  87. Vanuatu orders the evacuation of entire island as Monaro volcano may blow
  88. Seven people killed as storm Xavier sweeps across northern Germany
  89. At Least 22 Dead as Tropical Storm Nate Batters Central America
  90. Orange-sized hail smashes cars in Corrientes, Argentina
  91. 2017 California Wildfires
  92. Hurricane Ophelia will bring Halloween heatwave to Europe as temperatures soar
  93. 31 People Killed as Wildfires Spread in Portugal and Spain
  94. At least 61 dead after Typhoon Damrey strongest in 16 years strikes southern Vietnam
  95. 2017 Kermanshah Earthquake
  96. Flash floods destroy homes and kill 14 people in Greece
  97. Lighning strikes
  98. Temperatures in Oymyakon, Russia drop to -55°C / -67°F
  99. Mount Agung 2017 Volcanic Eruption [PHOTOS]
  100. Torrential rain, floods paralyse Albania
  101. Cyclone Ockhi kills 12 people in Kerala, India
  102. December 2017 Southern California wildfires
  103. Tropical Storm Tembin Kills more than 200 people in the Philippines
  104. Disastruos fire in Passage in Philipines
  105. Bushfires destroy buildings in Australia as heatwave melts highway surface
  106. Brutal cold snap stuns U.S. East Coast after blizzard
  107. Temperatures in Sydney reach 47.3C (117F) hottest day since 1939
  108. Papua New Guinea volcano erupts for first time in history, sparking tsunami fears
  109. Five dead as horror mudslides hit California [PHOTO GALLERY]
  110. 7.1-magnitude earthquake shakes southern Peru
  111. Hundreds evacuated from Papua New Guinea island after volcano explodes
  112. Hurricane force winds destroy homes and uproot trees in Bulgaria
  113. 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Alaska prompts tsunami alert
  114. Fatal avalanche engulfs skiers after volcano erupts in Japan [VIDEO]
  115. Hail larger than softballs causes widespread damage in Cordoba, Argentina
  116. Europe freezes, Arctic thaws
  117. Hailstorm in Saudi Arabia kills hundreds of sheep and lambs
  118. Dust storms kill at least 109 people in northern India
  119. Cars swept away by flash floods in Turkey's capital Ankara at least six injured
  120. At least two dead, thousands without power as strong winds hit parts of Ontario
  121. NOAA: Earth Shatters Climate Record, Sending Planet Toward 'Worst Case Scenario'
  122. Heatwave in Pakistan kills 65 people as temperatures reach 47°C / 116.6°F
  123. At least 15 people killed in Somalia by Cyclone Sagar
  124. Strong winds damage peace pyramid in Kazakh capital 13 people injured
  125. India thunderstorms and lightning strikes kill 50
  126. More than 25 dead as huge volcanic eruption buries people alive in Guatemala
  127. Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly US disaster year on record
  128. Tornado footage
  129. Heatwave in Europe next week could be worst in recorded history with temps over 38°C
  130. Powerful storm and possible tornado flips cars in Saransk, Russia tonight
  131. All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week
  132. Serbia Declares Highest Possible Weather Warning "Code Red" for Extreme Rainfall
  133. Africa’s Hottest Temperature on Record 51.3°C (124.3°F) was Measured on July 5, 2018
  134. At least 60 killed and 2 million evacuated in Japan floods 2018
  135. Temperature records set throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles
  136. Death toll rises to 54 as Quebec heat wave ends
  137. Cyclone Maria Explodes into Super Typhoon in 24 hours hours
  138. Heavy Rains Kill at least 15 People in Pakistan
  139. An intense heat wave is shattering temperature records in Iran and the Caucasus
  140. Heavy rain causes major flooding in Chita, Russia
  141. Sweden Issues Extreme Heat Wave Warning as Forest Fires Continue north of Stockholm
  142. Record-Breaking Heat hits Norway, Finland and Sweden
  143. 2018 Greece Wildfires More than 80 Dead [PHOTO GALLERY]
  144. Hundreds Missing after Laos Dam Collapses
  145. Japan Heatwave Declared Natural Disaster as Death Toll Mounts
  146. Young Man Killed in Flash Floods in Bulgaria
  147. Vast Forest Fire Spreading Near Berlin Local Residents Told to Prepare to Evacuate
  148. At least 2 dead, scores of homes lost as wildfire sweeps through Redding, California
  149. Wildfire Envelops Wind Turbines Near the Small Town of Tarifa, Spain
  150. India Monsoon Floods Kill more than 400 in Kerala
  151. Hurricane Florence Lingers over Carolinas Bringing Historic Flooding
  152. Typhoon Mangkhut devastates southern coast of China
  153. Beware the Medicane!
  154. Hundreds Dead After Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia
  155. Flash flood kills twelve people on the Spanish island of Majorca
  156. Hurricane Michael Strongest in History to Make Landfall in the Florida Panhandle
  157. Flash Floods kill 13 in South-west France
  158. The Atlantic and Pacific Ocean hurricane season is most powerful on record this year
  159. Dozens Killed and more than 250,000 Evacuated as California Wildfires Spread
  160. Eleven Killed in Petra Flash Floods
  161. Thousands flee as Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupts again
  162. Powerful 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Close to Anchorage, Alaska
  163. Indonesia tsunami from Krakatoa
  164. Mount Etna Erupts 4.8-magnitude earthquake jolts Sicily
  165. 'Once-in-a-century' Floods Hit Northeast Australia
  166. Volcano footage by drone
  167. Is the Thwaites Glacier about to go?
  168. Entire Australian Town 'all but Wiped off the Map' in Massive Bushfire
  169. 23 Perish in Deadliest Tornado Day Since 2013 in Alabama
  170. More than 1,000 Feared Dead after Cyclone Idai in Mozambique
  171. Meteor blast over Bering Sea was 10 times size of Hiroshima
  172. NOAA: Year 2018 Alone had as Many Disasters as all of 1980-1983 Combined
  173. Tornadoes Kill At Least Three People in Mississippi
  174. June 2019 Canada Wildfires Destroy Homes and Force Thousands to Evacuate
  175. At least 36 people dead in one of India's longest heatwaves
  176. Stromboli, "The Lighthouse of the Mediterrean"