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  1. Death Roleplay?
  2. Personal Ads - Necro Seeking Necro
  3. Looking for friends in germany
  4. Looking for necro-friends in Germany
  5. New here.. looking for roleplay friends :)
  6. roleplay: whos a killer, whos a victim?
  7. Looking for mates for thrilling execution scene in Berlin, Germany, on middle July
  8. Looking for necro frinds in Austin, Texas
  9. Yahoo snuffed me: My new email address
  10. Anyone in NewYork with same interest?
  11. 45 Automatic
  12. seeking roleplay friends in uk/eu
  13. snuffplayers ireland
  14. Roleplay - Los Angeles
  15. some german necro or snuff friends here
  16. RolePlay in Midwest USA
  17. Who wants to be my morgue boy?
  18. Interested in Online Only Roleplay?
  19. Looking Roleplay Friends in Italy
  20. Interested in Online male fake cpr, resus, defibs and revivng the guy Roleplay?
  21. Looking For Stranglers!
  22. anybody for some snuff roleplay?
  23. sleep roleplay
  24. Does anyone like to write sexy stories?
  25. some necro frineds from venice?..
  26. Knock out buddy
  27. Your fantasy (my pleasure)
  28. tortures and murder of guy and fuck him while he dies
  29. sleeping roleplay
  30. Anyone in France or not too far?
  31. Looking, upper midwest (wyo, sdak, ndak, minn etc)
  32. Knock out Buddy
  33. Uniform Lover in USA with Love for Hangings
  34. Hoboken, NJ into Strangling, Nooseplay, Leather & Boots
  35. anyone here in the uk
  36. role play in Chicago
  37. Belgian victim looking to roleplay
  38. victim from berlin
  39. dead~~~
  40. any from venice..or palermo?
  41. Sin City
  42. Irishboi here
  43. Los Angeles Role Play
  44. Safe roleplay in Sydney, Australia?
  45. toetag me
  46. 29 Year Old Hoboken, NJ into Choking/Hangings
  47. any yng lads into givin strangulation in uk
  48. looking for roleplay partners in Germany
  49. looking for online only roleplay - 26 usa here
  50. UK - Roleplay Meet
  51. slaughter
  52. 34yo Masculine Guy in Upstate NY
  53. Young Handsome Necro looking for like minded mates within EU
  54. sleeping roleplay
  55. Victim for online roleplay
  56. Looking for friends in Argentina, to roleplay!!!!!!
  57. Another "victim" here
  58. knock out buddy
  59. Looking for guys in Vic Aust for necro play
  60. clothes wholesale fromonesite
  61. The Hunt
  62. Looking for Aussie guys after serious necro play.
  63. Thats me :) (tied up outdoor)
  64. Down 4 anything in KY.
  65. looking in owensboro ky, for a passout budy
  66. Older seeks submissive younger in SF Bay Area
  67. Want me to polish you off?
  69. North Germany
  71. waiting to be shot
  72. Looking for role play partner in California--Bay Area, Central Valley, Sacramento are
  73. role play in new england
  74. Looking for someone in Argentina....
  75. Slaughterplay
  76. Looking in Houston
  77. roleplay uk
  78. looking for a necro with autopsy videos
  79. Love phone chat
  80. knockout buddy
  81. knockout drugs
  82. bagging in oz
  83. Any necro player in San Francisco Bay Area
  84. fuck my dead body
  85. would like to be beheaded
  86. bi male looking
  87. quick word of thanks
  88. Massachusetts mortician?
  89. looking for someone to kill me in online rp
  90. I want a necro buddy
  91. Sleep/KO abuse in London
  92. Waiting for a table
  94. Wanna Perform Real Oral Sex to a Corpse
  95. KO roleplay
  96. Hi New
  97. London snufee here!
  98. Mass NH Longpig Snuff Play
  99. snuff play in north east
  100. Add me to Skype!!!!
  101. Knockout buddy in Colorado?
  102. Looking for necro partner in Australia
  103. Choke The Life Out of Me!!!
  104. Seeking Necro Buddy in SF Bay Area
  105. East Wa/North Idaho
  106. Seeking to have sex with a corpse :D
  107. Kick the wind out of me and stomp me till knocked out.
  108. looking for necro play in sw iowa
  109. Howdy New guy here
  110. Play Dead fun
  111. Eastern europe?
  112. SoCal Victim
  113. Seeking roleplay buddy in the GTA
  114. Looking for Victim SW UK
  115. Cyberrollenspiele-Cyberroleplays
  117. Seekn A Cutter...
  118. Sweden/Scandinavia - bullying
  119. hi, i need a executioner.
  120. Anybody from (or near) Nebraska? I'm your victim!
  121. hoping to find breath control guys
  122. LOVE to meet member in New Orleans
  123. Germany
  124. last train from gun hill
  125. Shooting roleplay?
  126. CannibalMe
  127. Bagging, Strangling and Boots
  128. North Carolina?
  129. Safe Roleplay in Western MI
  130. roleplay - snuff - germany
  131. Hey moscow!!!!
  133. seeking kinky men for phone fun
  134. Searching Italian for Roleplay
  135. Seeking Role-Playing Pals in Omaha/Des Moines Area
  136. Anyone in SF Bay Area
  137. new victim here
  138. sleep roleplay/rape
  139. in london regular
  140. kill me in online rp
  141. Who Wants To Strangle Me?
  142. group use / experiments
  143. Sleeping play around London?
  144. roleplay fun in SoCal?
  145. suffocation by cock
  146. Denver, CO
  147. My execution.
  148. Death...adam's apple torture..
  149. anyone in Austin Texas?
  150. Want to execute you then fuck you
  151. Does Anyone Wanna Strangle Me?
  152. One guy offered to realize my fantasy to reality ... I disembowel
  153. looking to talk about what turns you on
  154. Looking for my headsman...
  155. play on yahoo
  156. knock out buddy
  157. Executioner/Hangman/Hangee
  158. Roleplay in Italy???
  159. Searching for Cannibal!.
  160. Anybody in London area?
  161. Looking 4 Beheading Victim
  163. choke/strangle me NY
  164. Straight,hairy chested guy with big dick wants to tortured, fucked, skinned, chopped.
  165. Spanish Necro looking for Super Fat dude to play dead in Spain
  166. Looking for Aussie victims
  167. seeking to be Hanged
  168. lets go for a hike deep in woods in upstate NY
  169. White Looking For Chocolate "Victim"
  170. Online Role Play
  171. Any stranglers in NYC?
  172. sleep/rape roleplay
  173. KO play in SF Bay Area
  174. Anyone in Victoria Australia up for snuff/necro roleplay
  175. Guts Beaten and destroyed
  176. Spanish and Latin America
  177. Breath Control, NJ, PA, NY - Hangings, Nooseplay
  178. messing up heart rythim
  179. Femme Fatale lover
  180. toronto
  181. Looking for a Strangler that is into Snuff
  182. Newie.......
  183. if you come to Belgium and want to play dead corpse/rape.etc
  184. I will choke you all night long
  185. NJ, NY, PA Vers Guy into Choking Hangings
  186. Lad looking for force gang rape...
  187. knock out buddy
  188. Torture
  189. Noose Play RI/CT
  190. Want to be strangled
  191. Victim in PNW
  192. dark submissive
  193. Anyone Into White/Black Torture/Execution/Snuff?
  194. Let's talk about what you want to do to me
  195. Victim in Florida panhandle anyone interested
  196. Any one want to be my on line slave for abuse and torture and cum control?
  197. Any like minded guys in Florida Panhandle
  198. playdead in Maine
  199. Lets play
  200. Slow Strangulation
  201. Gang Rape/Bareback/HIV+
  202. punch kick my balls upstate NY
  203. Australia Looking for victims to play with
  204. Roleplay and KO in SF Bay Area
  205. Volunteer to be beheaded
  206. quaerens vir qui possent corpus meum - meum ventrem
  207. Seeking a Man who would be prepared for my body ... just my gut
  208. chicago area bears
  209. Sexual Deviance
  210. I want to be strangled to Death. No tricks or conditions.
  211. Hello !
  212. older bear for dead feet / body
  213. Just found site
  214. seeking to be hanged
  215. New guy
  216. I want to meet guys into choking me
  217. phone
  218. strangle me undress me play with me
  219. Strangle Me During Sex
  220. no limit ballbusting and asphixiation
  221. kent, roleplay
  222. Castration
  223. Emasculation
  224. knock out play
  225. Raped at Home
  226. Str8 Sleeper
  227. Castration Bands
  228. pound/smash my guts in, stab my guts (scotland, uk)
  229. Looking in NZ
  230. Prayer for the conversion of souls
  231. Phone Castration
  232. still looking for old bear in Chicago area who would like to role play "killing" me.
  233. Seeking necro roleplay and KO subbie in SF Aby Area
  234. CPR resuscitation resus
  235. Raped, castrated and snuffed
  236. Anyone in VA?
  237. Daily Ptayer
  238. Play dead for me - Exeter, South-West UK
  239. New guy wants his first victim
  240. Strangler wants his first victim
  241. New Zealand KO guys.
  242. Forced castration in the midwest
  243. Looking for Chicago old bears who'd like to role play snuffing me.
  244. choke strangle me upstate ny
  245. looking for victims on yahoo
  246. strangling and choking videos
  247. In da 303 babe
  248. Any guy in Penang, Malaysia?
  249. tie me tite in ny
  250. sleep/KO abuse in spain