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  1. My last thoughts on the eve of a historic day...
  2. Welcome to Great Debates
  3. 9/11 - Memories
  4. Where were you on 9/11
  5. This is how you get rich in America...
  6. Greek Riots
  7. Russia Cuts off Gas Supplies for the Balkans
  8. In Pictures: Gas Crisis in Bulgaria
  9. Riots hit Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria [Pictures, video]
  10. British Press: Eastern Europe braced for a violent 'spring of discontent'
  11. Climate Scientist: Obama 'has four years to save Earth'
  12. Welcome to London
  13. Dr King's Prediction
  14. Study: 50 million Americans will Live alone in 2010
  15. Your opinions. What do you think of this?
  16. Gay Men Murdered In Iraq
  17. Scientist: The Current Economic Crisis will be the Greatest the World has ever seen
  18. Staggering New Figures Show Dramatic Rise in Unemployment in the United States
  19. A bus stop shows it all
  20. Deutsche Welle: Germany in Deep Recession
  21. Scores Die from Pig Flu in Mexico
  22. World Bank: Global Economic Crisis turning into Disaster
  23. Reality or Propaganda?
  24. Death and the Meaning of Life
  25. Racism
  26. Ideals vs. Practicality
  27. AH1N1 Pandemic
  28. Gay Prides
  29. 1 billion people in the world are starving
  30. Death By Masterbation
  31. America or Europe ??
  32. Owensboro, Kentucky
  33. El Nino
  34. Welcome to Eastern Europe
  35. Brighton (UK)
  36. Hairy Dudes
  37. Biophilia vs Necrophilia
  38. Death Rates in Russia and Europe (statistics + analysis); bottleneck events
  39. Chicago, where our friend Arrow lives, shuts down to save money
  40. Girl-boy
  41. Islam
  42. Poverty in the united States
  43. The Blue Banana
  44. Kids?
  45. Dental Amalgams
  46. Tuna
  47. Death
  48. Suicide
  49. World War II
  50. After 9/11 People Sold Images of WTC Jumpers on Ebay
  51. Worst way to die?
  52. Beaten To Death
  53. Detroit Cannot Afford To Bury Its Dead
  54. Enormous Queue in London....for jobs!
  55. Traffic Jams
  56. Study: Higher Death Rates Noticed in Europe since the start of the Great Depression
  57. AIDS Vaccine ???
  58. Assisted Suicide
  59. 2012 & Disaster Movies in General
  60. Urban Sprawl
  61. Russian Scientists Say Big Asteroid Likely to hit Earth in 2032
  62. Documentary: Fall of Communism in Bulgaria
  63. Problem with Earth's Jet Stream over Europe
  64. European Unemployment Hits Double Digits
  65. Communism
  66. Scientists warn of "Global Economic Collapse"
  67. Unemployment Rises Sharply in Germany
  68. Serial Killers
  69. Journalism and Media Thrive on Stories about Death
  70. Dubai
  71. Healthcare Collapse
  72. US Government makes public it's deficit
  73. Homelessness
  74. Massive Unemployment hits Latvia
  75. The Great Recession
  76. Dutch Cabinet falls. End of governement
  77. Murder pics in porn magazine?
  78. 24 years since the Chernobyl Disaster
  79. Societal Collapse
  80. The euro has sunk
  81. China's Bubble will lead to a deep recession in Asia
  82. Near-death experiences
  83. Human Life is Absolutely Short
  84. Russia bullies Europe with its natural gas
  85. Drug cartels fund a tenth of Mexico's economy
  86. Federal Reserve: US economy 'not recovering"
  87. Fairy Tales, Children and Violence
  88. Global Warming is here
  89. Welcome to France
  90. Is this normal?
  91. Future of the Earth
  92. UFO and aliens - DO YOU BELIEVE ???
  93. The European Union is a JOKE
  94. Death rate by country
  95. 9 years since 9/11 - the world is not a better place
  96. Gay penalty
  97. Freedom Fighters
  98. Unemployment
  99. An ad to fight obesity in the U.S.
  100. Death - a moment in time or a process?
  101. Locked-in syndrome
  102. France Paralyzed by Massive Strikes
  103. The Future is Bleak
  104. Hanging
  105. Europe is Sinking
  106. Tory SCUM !!!
  107. The Rise and Fall of the European Union
  108. WikiLeaks Hacked by "very skilled hackers"
  109. Global Warming in 2011
  110. Its going to be a grim year in 2011 - Daily Mirror UK reports.
  111. What is causing mass bird and fish deaths first days of 2011?
  112. Global Food Prices at Record Levels
  113. The Rise and Fall of Facebook
  114. Tucson shooting
  115. NASA: 2010 hottest year on record
  116. Why do some people die with awesome deathstares?
  117. Britain's Budget Deficit Reaches 1TRILLION for the first time in History
  118. "Sinde law"
  119. Mubarak finally steps down, after weeks of riots and more than thirty years in power
  120. IMF: Second Wave of Global Economic Collapse will be "Disaster"
  121. LA Times: Riots Break out in Iran, Bahrain and Yemen
  122. Now Persia!
  123. The Tunisia Effect
  124. China
  125. Peak Oil
  126. is death something to fear !
  127. China Needs Revolution Too
  128. EU sold arms to Libya for 830,500,000 euros in recent years
  129. Future of Humanity - War of Revolution?
  130. Is it ok to kill someone who is terminally ill?
  131. Gaddafi's scorched earth tactics
  132. Disasters Waiting to Happen
  133. The world has gone insane in 2011, one of the most tirbulent years since World War II
  134. Youth unemployment in UK highest since records began
  135. U.N. Security Council Approves Air Strikes Against Gaddafi
  136. Half a million people gather in London for one of the largest protests in UK history
  137. Thousands Rally in Bulgaria in Anit-Government Demo as Prices Skyrocket
  138. Why there are no more honey bees to polinate
  139. Unemployment in Spain Reaches Record High in March 2011
  140. Japan's Nuclear Harakiri
  141. 'Eating With Cannibals' on NatGeo
  142. Europe's Debt Crisis Continues - Portugal asks EU for Bailout
  143. Americans are brainwashed by their media 24/7
  144. In memory of Alan Turing (1912 1954)
  145. Unlocking the mysteries of the Universe
  146. When the Euro falls apart
  147. Dudes twice as likely as women to die before 65 because of smoking and alcohol abuse
  148. Can money buy you happiness?
  149. More Mysteries of the Univerise and CONSPIRACY TO BOOT TOO
  150. Every night when we go to sleep we lose consciousness
  151. Unemployed nigger muslims riot, loot & burn across London [GALLERY]
  152. Revolution is spreading
  153. BBC: End of the world as we know it
  154. BBC: 2011 is one of the most turbulent years on record
  155. When is a person really dead?
  156. Can neutrinos travel faster than light? CERN or Einstein?
  157. letal injection
  158. More Syrian CDGs coming
  159. George Soros: World on verge of second Great Depression
  160. Occupy Wall Street
  161. Revolution Spreads [PHOTOS]
  163. World is in danger of entering a new Dark Age, the Age of Austerity
  164. Iran says it's "ready for war" with US
  165. BBC: Italy's debt is more than 2 trillion euros
  167. The UK and U.S. are drawing up plans to attack Iran
  168. 21 million schoolchildren in the US get free meals because their parents are too poor
  169. China's bubble is about to burst and when it does there will be pandemonium on Earth
  170. A spiritual side to hangings
  171. Future of the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe
  172. Death's biggest secret
  173. Brain entanglement may explain consciousness
  174. Do young guys shave their crotch and more mature guys don't?
  175. Things that bug me about the hetero snuff/necro community.
  176. Welcome to Londonistan
  177. Consciousness is lost after...
  178. Facebook is a big money-making machine
  179. Genocide in Syria
  180. I know what happens after death
  181. Belarus Executions
  183. GOOD FRIDAY & Easter reflection
  184. Morals (belyefs)
  185. SyrianRebs led by Al-Qaeda
  186. FUKUSHIMA ongoing MEGAdisaster
  187. New spy planes: read this
  188. UNBORN babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults
  189. PENTAGON to recognize gay troops
  190. LIBYANS turning ANTI-WEST?
  191. Chicago: OUT of CONTROL shootings
  192. CHICAGO: #1 homocide rate
  194. CERN scientists announce proof of Higgs boson
  195. ROSWELL UFO: Real
  196. Climate change - does it worry you?
  197. Life, Death and Entropy
  198. WHAT is GOING on in Syria ??
  199. Poor MidEastern REBS not
  200. Male Bonding & Homosexuality
  201. When the Nazi Republicans take over, this is what will happen....
  202. Is the Catholic Church really a Satanic Cult that demands human sacrifice by burning?
  203. Obama or Romney?
  204. Living in New York City
  205. snuff videos
  206. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha' death
  207. New study explains homosexuality...but necrophilia is still a riddle
  208. Unfair online pricing
  209. What will happen to Syria in 2013?
  210. The Denial of Death
  211. Reaction formation in gay necrophiles
  212. The Dead Stare
  213. The fear of dying
  214. Humans will someday become immortal but what will necros do then?
  215. UN commission confirms use of sarin in Syria
  216. The Purge
  217. US GOV listens 2 our cells
  218. 3 BILLION phone calls recorded
  219. EDWIN GOODWIN: Patriot or traitor?
  220. Mexican beheadings
  221. Egypt is slipping into civil war and may become like Syria
  222. STUDY: Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'
  223. PRICELESS ANTIQUITIES destroyed in Egypt
  224. Should USA strike Syria?
  225. Syria BREAKTHROUGH?
  226. Syrian refugees
  227. Putin: Americans are not special, we were all created equal
  228. I Am Not Racist!!! Why is it when push comes to shove peoples true feelings come out?
  229. Gay is the new socailly acceptable cause for straight people
  230. Hawking: The human mind can be trasnferred to a computer and exist indefinately
  231. Everything Is Material and Limited Knowledge For Men
  232. FUTURE I:- Time travel or Seperate Reality?
  233. Angela Merkel, Queen of Europe will reign supreme for another four years
  234. Sunnis vs Shias
  235. WTF is Al-Shabaab? Are you ready for global jihad?
  236. USA Government Shutdown
  237. Should Countries Be Allowed To Ban Homosexuals Entry Into Their Country?
  238. Regarding Syria
  239. "FOUR SCORE and SEVEN YEARS AGO ....."
  240. Kiev Riots
  241. West Nations Against Removing Bashir al-Assad From Power
  242. 17-19 Year Old Freelance Photgrapher Killed In Syria
  243. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant try to establish a new nation in Iraq and Syria
  244. The truth about Bulgarian migrants to the United Kingdom
  245. what kind of necrophile are you??
  246. Can drugs improve your sex life?
  247. Scientists: Jet stream over USA and Europe is changing course dramatically
  248. The Next Ukrainian President: - Yulia Tymoshenko Or Viktor Yanukovych
  249. western europeans are the most attractive people in the universe
  250. What song are you listening to right now?