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  1. Self Suck - Can you do it?
  2. My fantasy
  3. This is what str8 guys enjoy
  4. Cock & Balls Torture by Electricity
  5. cute dead girl :)
  6. Ever wondered whats in the Basement of a morgue?
  7. My NEW fantasy
  8. I saw two young dudes in car and imagined that vid from theYNC
  9. Dos's Willy thread.
  10. When you go out in the street and you see a cute guy, do you imagine him dead?
  11. Boyfeet Self Suck
  12. Balls in Anus - can you do it?
  13. scat
  14. Can you fuck this?
  15. how many of you guys use dildos?
  16. i never knew the penis could withstand so much abuse
  17. Killing Urges
  18. meat and feet
  19. old guy
  20. Soldiers
  21. Nature or Nuture?
  22. I sucked my toes today in the Bathroom
  23. Tasty toes
  24. Ginger
  25. animal fuckers
  26. Girls, Death, And Legs Spread
  27. Torture of your Private Areas
  28. Cock and Balls Torture
  29. Hottest Thing
  30. What would you do with him?
  31. i'm actually in love with my boyfriends best mate
  32. What shaving razor are you using?
  33. my classmate
  34. How can anyone find this attractive?
  35. Extreme Necro Fetish
  36. Would you hit it?
  37. Have you ever sucked your big toe?
  38. i know i said I dont agree with it, but maybe I should be cremated
  39. The weather is getting warmer, and socks start to reek
  40. I so love morbidtech, I cum in the first few minutes
  41. Only for Members 40 or older please
  42. Man Inserts Screwdriver in Penis
  43. Deep Fisting
  44. Coffin vs Casket
  45. When I was a teen my sister caught me playing autoerotic
  46. I and feetboy in Scotland
  47. Girls
  48. How many times can you cum in a single day?
  49. Can you make a stiffy after a guy is dead?
  50. Question for kitanaprincess
  51. Torture
  52. Hairy Legs
  53. What a shitty world!
  54. Crush Fetish
  55. Sweetheart with the strangest fetish ever
  56. My sister told me...
  57. The forum sickness thread
  58. Your necro dream
  59. I want to fuck my boyfriends uncles in a threesome
  60. Gay necro or hetero necro is worse - IDK - check for yourself
  61. I stalked a young dude
  62. Someone who doesn't need a Date...
  63. Sick Dude Makes his Friend eat his big toe while he puncures his butthole
  64. Can You Boys do this?
  65. Head to Head
  66. true talent
  67. Another guy who doesn't need a date
  68. How can...
  69. That thing that you do!
  70. Would you suck your own dick?
  71. Only for Foot Lovers
  72. My footplay
  73. LBR and his Sweedish Boyfriend Linot [EXCLUSIVE PICS]
  74. foot are erotic
  75. Boy Faps to the smell of his own socks and sneakers
  76. Extreme Anal Abuse
  77. my uncle
  78. I chat to guys online and pretend I'm an undertaker
  79. Horrible Grandpa wants a Young Guy. Young guy agrees and lets grandpa plug his anus
  80. Sweet Babyboy Sucks his Big Toe and Shows you his Butthole
  81. Hi m8!
  82. Young Man Impales himself on Dildo
  83. OMG! NOOO!!
  84. Young Guy Cums in Bus ontop of the head of an unsuspecting fellow passenger
  85. Handsome Boy Cums Buckets
  86. Enty Performing Self-Suck!!!
  88. Young Man Dies after sick bitches put their fingers in his cock
  89. Girls vs Horses
  90. Man Puts a Stick inside Cock Canal - Check the Result
  91. Macaque
  92. United States Armed Forces ?
  93. Glass jar in Rectum - Don't Open this thread
  94. Dude is a hardcore necrophile
  95. Sleepy sex fantasy
  96. Foot Lovers Group
  97. Eat my smelly foot, ColdJoe
  98. CJ meets Meatpie
  99. They Beg
  100. Perverted, Twisted Young Man Pisses himself
  101. For those who like fatties
  102. When I croak...
  103. Sick MOFO Cums in his Reekin SNeakeR
  104. Cute but sick boy pisses himself in the face than takes it in the mouth
  105. Peeping Toms
  106. Bagged
  107. What would you do with this one?
  108. For CJ
  109. In 2 underwear...? What are you wearing?
  110. After The Bike Ride
  111. Choke 'em Out
  112. Insane, Mentally Disturbed Young Man Shows his Smelly Feet on youtube
  113. Just a vase...
  114. Young Guys Anus Violation, Penetration and Abuse
  115. Metal Chains for Young Fit Stud
  116. The Taste of Young Guy's Feet
  117. OHHHHH, my feet are killing me
  118. Grandpa Likes Kiny Sex
  120. Fantasy about killing a guy & fuck him whilst he is dying
  121. Piss is the jist
  122. Edema's Sweet Feet and Hand(Play)
  123. For Rick
  124. I beat up some of my ex boyfriends
  125. Men who want to be women
  126. Oh, dude I love your feet
  127. Diaper fetish
  128. My foot
  129. Hey
  130. Hanged & Hard
  131. I know how you can make a dead guy cum...
  132. Hooked
  133. Torture of your cock & balls
  134. Boob Torture
  135. Stone-age dildo found in Sweden
  136. Why am I hard after jacking?
  137. Extreme cock modification and torture
  138. Some guys love to torture their penis - I DON'T UNDERSTAND
  139. STOP! STOP! Please, what are you doing...
  141. Young guy shoots his load directly in his mouth
  142. Anything rape or torture?
  143. Cannibalism?
  144. My first necropsy
  146. Balljob
  147. Tied, Bound, Gagged & Blindfolded Guys
  148. When CJ and Meatpie meet up...
  149. Last moments of life - young guys victims of serial killers
  150. Cock Pumps
  151. Putting a friend on a table and playing with his naked body
  152. Fat fuck, like the morbidtech mortican, loves to play with the feet of young guys
  153. Nipples are for pussies
  154. One of my reasons for wanting to fuck a dead young guy is...
  155. Now that's a real friend
  156. Baseball Bat in Anus
  157. dead dudes military boots
  158. Stabbing/Stangulation Video
  159. Killing urges
  160. Pervy young boy gets hard from smelling his own sneakers
  161. Dead history another imagination tale
  162. Gay male death club
  163. Question: Is killing it yourself hotter or not?
  164. Being gay rawks compared to this...
  165. Ball Splat
  166. Pervy oldie likes to suck the big toes of young hot guys
  167. Hot feet
  168. Cock Piercing
  169. Handsome but very sick young guy horribly violates his anus
  170. Choking game
  171. penises and balls ready for cannibal
  172. You like some juice?
  173. How do you fuck a foot?
  174. Bulgarians are Barbarians - BRUTAL TORTURE OF A YOUNG GUY [BDSM]
  175. Noooooooo!!!!!
  176. Fat old bag murders a young guy then abuses his dead naked body!
  177. Young Russian cums hard in his face then shows his ass and cock to friends
  178. Broken glasses
  179. Man injects his cock & balls with fluid swelling like a balloon to give him pleasure
  180. Cementing A Relationship
  181. Hot Soldier Loves Smelly Sneakers
  182. Just Some Fisting for Friday Night
  183. Russian Guy Shows us his Smelly Black Socks and Dirty Feet [HOMEMADE SET]
  184. Extreme Gay Spanking: Fit guy gets whipped hard on the ass with belt
  185. In the hands of a serial killer
  186. Out and Abused
  187. I want to try this, any volunteers?
  188. The Gay Cannibal's Dish of the Day
  189. Another history "VICTIM DRUGGED AND SEX USED"
  190. Eric executed by hanging
  191. my best mate said
  192. Passing Out
  193. Extreme Anus and Cock Self Torture with Screwdriver
  194. Warm wash
  195. SEX AT THE MORGUE Naked Girls Warning
  196. Breath Control
  199. slaughter fantasies
  200. Young guy pisses himself in front of his PC
  201. 31 yr old white male in Cape Girardeau
  202. Hanging man in room
  203. Very sick young guy gets hard from smelling his socks and sneakers
  204. Autoerotic asphyxiation - have you tried it?
  205. Perv gay dude licks his big toe and releases precum from pleasure
  206. Needles in Cock and Cummin' Hard
  207. Staples in the foot
  208. Young guy cums hard in his own mouth
  209. Sensory deprivation
  210. EXTREME BONDAGE: Cock torture, hanging and electric stimulation of the genitals
  211. Fit handsome dude tied to a table and abused
  212. Extreme Cock Torture and Stimulation of the Anal Area
  213. Anyone want him?
  214. GG Allin
  215. Checkout Breathless porn vid
  216. Sick fuck takes advantage of a coma dude
  218. Which way do you know to knock out a guy?
  219. What do you think on-congenital and acquired necrophilia
  220. Knocked out dude
  221. I want to play with dead girls
  222. Playing with a man - hanged to death (from German translated)
  223. Fucked while being guillotined
  224. fisting extreme fetish
  225. Me suffocating in plastic
  226. Necro Girl Jacks a Dude
  227. Cock electro at the doctor's
  228. Torture of the nipples
  229. I can't wash my feet without getting hard
  230. request if you don't mind
  231. Female Domination - young men milked
  232. Just sheer fucking lust
  233. Very heavy whipping
  234. Car Crash Fetish ?
  235. Breath control HOT GUY!!!
  236. Can someone explain or put into perspective for me re necrophilia
  237. This morning...
  238. Injected in my dick vein
  239. One guy offered to realize my fantasy to reality ... I disembowel
  241. vagrants in caskets
  242. raw flesh
  243. Boy on the BBQ - Delicious!
  244. The worst what I see in my life
  245. Does anyone else cut? If so, why do you do it?
  246. my feet 94 elmwood
  247. Young lad bound up and tortured, abused and jacked by beefy sadist
  248. Final Destination Of SS
  249. Not my cup of tea
  250. Do you like to swallow cum?