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  1. Drunk, Sleep guys..
  2. my deth scene
  3. Hate my Cock
  4. Fun Ideas for a Lonpig
  5. Young guy pisses in his own mouth
  6. Athlete tortured by gay necro on table
  7. Bodangles hanged and jacked off by wifey
  8. Have you ever almost died during autoerotic asphyxiation?
  9. Member's Help
  10. Corpse Undress
  11. My sick and twisted fantasy...
  12. Pervy foot lad ties his big toes
  13. Sounding pics or videos?
  14. Boy vs Wax
  15. Forced castration of a soldier
  16. Beautiful young man passed out naked and bound
  17. fuck with blood
  18. Young male feet
  19. Male Hanging Video Collection
  20. harakiri
  21. Knights and Armour
  22. Not dead...
  23. What would you do if you found this
  24. Cock torture barefoot on table
  25. The Beast within
  26. Sudden sniffing death caused by chloroform
  27. Knocked out with xanax and Gin
  28. Dry Ice or Leeches?
  29. Breath Control Mummy
  30. Anyone know where I can find AUTHENTIC forced castration/penis removal VIDEOS?
  31. Young guys enjoying BDSM
  32. Young guy fucks himself with bottle
  33. HIV AIDS POZ - death on the installment plan
  35. the fourth reich
  36. Judas PRIEST
  37. stealthing
  38. castration
  39. Young guy fucks himself hard in the ass
  40. Painful cock torture and manipulation
  41. Really looking possibility be roughly dismembered in front of camera by snuff group
  42. sounds - sounding
  43. Summertime...perfect for some outdoor gay BDSM
  44. Drill in cock
  45. Snuff a guy and watch body reactions
  47. Have you ever drugged a dude?
  48. CBT
  49. RAW MEAT - prolasped rosebud wrecked assholes
  50. frat pledge initiation hazing
  51. for stustustugoo
  52. A Bloody Mess
  53. penectomy
  54. anyone have or live the bunkbed / hammock fantasy?
  55. Be Our Fucktoy
  56. Shooting
  57. One knife. One stab. One man.
  58. Athletic young man spread out on torture table
  59. a Garden of Death
  60. I like dead girl foot,can you help me
  62. Athlete captured by serial killers and hanged upside down ready for butchering
  63. Straight Guys Should Be Used As Sex Slaves - Discuss
  64. Mixed Fetishes?
  65. I cant get enough asphyx!
  66. Your ULTIMATE desire
  67. Smells of blood and guts
  68. Cock Torture Video
  69. What would you do?
  70. How would you want to kill me?!?!
  71. what you'll do with me
  72. Athletic young man sticks huge dildo up his arse
  73. Gross
  74. Eating the feet of a passed out dude
  75. Live awake autopsy fantasy-Would never do this!
  76. CRUELTY (Photoshop)
  77. my bagging session
  78. medical dissection....
  79. My extream need to be strangled and hanged
  80. perppetual sucking of a cock.......
  81. hanging experience
  83. Is anyone turned on by medieval garb?
  84. I find guys taking chugs of liquids hot. Am I the only one?
  85. Would you?
  86. Cut it off!
  87. I love to see dead guys in jeans..
  88. Abduction 02
  89. Abused While Unconscious
  90. Surgical castration 2
  92. I hanging with Vid
  93. A couple
  94. Castration
  95. Looking for one shoe and one sock
  96. Young guy cums hard after beating his balls with a sneaker shoe
  97. cannibalism
  98. my self-pierced PA
  99. Guys With Braces?
  100. My Family
  101. Big guy cannibalised alive
  102. castration
  103. Satanism and sex
  104. Severed penises / genitalia
  105. Fantasizing about Friends
  106. Possession fetish?
  107. need to be strangled
  108. Penis catheterized
  109. peak
  110. Military/Prison Hanging
  111. Anyone know a link for the full video?
  112. What would you do
  113. Strangle me
  114. Suffocation
  115. Selfharm
  116. My fantasies about death
  117. what u want do with me
  118. Severed penises
  119. Chloroformed young guys
  120. Cute twink gets crotch lit on fire then it's stomped out. (No nudity)
  121. The World's Most Useful Lady
  122. sexy strangulations
  123. A Well Rewarded Foot Wank
  124. GAS MASKS ?
  125. Hairy strong guy choked and passes out
  126. Beautiful Male Feet
  127. Young athletic boy tortured and killed
  128. Young boy preparing for his castration
  129. someone buy this guys castration video.
  130. Ambivalent Fetish Media / Sex and Death and Sex
  131. Meat to eat?
  132. Snuff Farm (wewst Africa)
  133. A bit outside the box but a must watch
  134. Erotic Asphyxiation Gone Wrong
  135. My health exam today
  136. Voyeurism, anybody?
  137. pls help me locate this video or owner.. thanks guys
  138. My collection ...... 1) Feet with toe-tag.
  139. My Fetish "Feet on the table" .... :-)
  140. Bleeding cock at the mousetrap
  141. Burning and fire
  142. Spontaneous orgasm
  143. Skype Executioner
  144. I've Done Lost My Noob Mind!!!
  145. spit roast me
  146. casrtration?
  147. Snuff request
  148. Hanged naked
  149. Stuffed after death
  150. U.K. Seek kidnap torture rape cbt emasculation
  151. have you ever had a coldsore?
  152. Sick Penis Torture
  153. Back alley Fantasy
  154. Sleeping Friend
  155. Dead soldiers
  156. Hot looking glans
  157. Anybody ever do this?
  158. My feet.
  159. Literally the hottest thing I have ever seen
  160. Young guy castrated himself
  161. Navel Stab Images
  162. Can You Be Stabbed With a Knife and Not Know it?
  163. Choking until his face turns purple
  164. Incest and beheading
  165. Hook me up with death piss pictures?
  166. Flaccid to Erection (tall or slim or slender or lean guys)
  167. No More Words
  168. Home Penectomy - Bored on Sunday Afternoon
  169. Passed out 23-year-old
  170. buried
  171. balls
  172. mummy
  173. necrophelia
  174. NUllo coming
  175. Self Ballbusting with Bottle
  176. Torture me no limits
  177. Is there any one else interested in Forced Castration?
  178. Necrophilia
  179. Guy choking on Guys dick video
  180. twink being choked by guy while masterbating
  181. twinks strangling twinks
  182. It's so good to be straight ...
  183. nude guy being fucked and drowned at same time
  184. Anyone got experience with Canine knot and tying
  185. Would you be willing to participate?
  186. Sleeping Boys
  187. guy being strangled while receiving a hand job and cumming
  188. Human rug
  189. Fantasy boundaries
  190. eaten
  191. Solo breathplay videos
  192. What would you do with this young man
  193. Young athlete nearly destroys his cock from torture
  194. bloody gay fuck
  195. If the capital punishment would be different....
  196. torture
  197. chastity
  198. Was this girl strangled to death or choked out?
  199. tentacles vore sneakers
  200. How does it feel to be strangled?
  201. Question for all you hand stranglers
  202. embalmed
  203. Bearhug
  204. Anyone into Emasculation ?
  205. Meat Party
  206. human doll or statue
  207. Give me ideas for news photos ^^
  208. I want you to take my head
  209. Read it u will love this
  210. Death at Sea
  211. Having sex with your own smelly sneakers
  212. Join and share what would you do when rape a straight guy, who is kidnappled
  213. Castration Contest
  214. My Fantasy: Love Dead Guy's Nipples & Navel
  215. Twisted Torture Outfits/Gear
  216. gutting
  217. Hangman
  218. Endoscope Sounding
  219. Young Man Nearly Killed in Hardcore Torture Session
  220. SF BAY AREA: Playing w/ drunk & passed out cute Filipino guy tonight, hmu for details
  221. Penectomy
  222. Knife lover
  223. Please kill me
  224. Guys play with "dead" guy in forest. Hot
  225. Hanging man
  226. Some random hanging dude with post mortem priapism (aka a boner)
  227. Strangled Dead Man with Angel Lust
  228. Nipple play and snuff/necro and how did you get started?
  229. I accidently injured myself while playing dead naked
  230. Cannibal Tastes
  231. Toe Fetish?
  232. I was castrated in July, my castration site, looking to meet guys into castration
  233. Guts
  234. Eating For Pleasure
  235. Thick and meaty Bulgarian Cock
  236. Forced POW sex before castration?
  237. Strangle Easy Work
  238. Young Guy Cuts off his Cock and Balls
  239. Strangled stud
  240. Beautiful Athletic Young Man Undergoes Brutal Cock Torture Session
  241. handsome guy strangled
  242. Do you want to take a journey with me?
  243. Real castration pic?
  244. hot guys for necro love
  245. my fetish
  246. What would you like to do to a corpse ?
  247. The penis ...
  248. do you have some recomondation on dead uniforms
  249. You walk in a room to find this. What would you do?
  250. Your walking on a quiet beach and you see this. What would you do?