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  1. CPR Fvckin cute boys
  2. Slovak Muscle Men
  3. Murder at the Gym
  4. Young man found dead with awesome deathstare
  5. I know why young fit guys are irresistible....
  6. Bear Party
  7. Andre Morais - Amazing Feet & Cock
  8. Another young guy who loves to play dead
  9. Wash the dead Body
  10. Craigery Morgan is gay!
  11. Very hard stranglings
  12. Wish it were real
  13. Indonesian mixed blood Cutie
  14. Some videos from this site?
  15. Serial Killer Strangles a Young Man with his Bare Hands then rapes him RAW!!!
  16. Sleeping guys
  17. Young guys eating their feet
  18. Hanging Feet
  19. Fantasy Sleepover
  20. somethings i got from the net
  21. Morgue Party
  23. And the killer is...
  24. More hot studs with crazy FEETS
  25. Thick Cock
  26. nothing like a Hairy Stud, @ the beach
  27. people you know, or would like to know..?
  28. while he's doing that, maybe I could suck some cock
  29. Two intersting videos
  30. Sweet Coma Dude
  31. Dream Corpse World
  32. Feet of sleeping guy
  33. CUTE? How is this possible?
  34. Another Sweet Coma Boy
  35. cock on the slab
  36. Slab! Slab! Slab! They are made for Slab!
  37. Slab encore !
  38. Masterbating at Home
  39. Cutie on the Slab
  40. People you pass by, but
  41. after the workout, we'd what
  42. Movie Still
  43. Oh my God!
  44. Under arrest now, but in morgue tub soon
  45. Just some feet & cock for the masses
  46. Will you go to bed with me?
  47. *Hot* young guy with black socks was strangled on bed!!!
  48. Take It Off (Drunk passed out guys parody)
  49. Sick necro bitch murders a fit young guy and abuses his dead body
  50. Young man looking for a date on the internet gets murdered by a serial killer
  51. Dead dude on a plane
  52. Some sleeping beauties from youtube
  53. Passed Out Drunk
  54. This is me playing at morgue
  55. sleeping drunk guys.
  56. male tits, grab one
  57. male tits, grab one 2
  58. Arrested motherfucker would look perfectly on morgue table
  59. U Can cum out now
  60. U Can cum 2 if u want
  61. *Be quick b4 deleted!Hot guy was strangled to death(Audition) on u tube*
  62. Lovely positions - which one have you tried?
  63. Nigger Chocolate Wants to Fuck White Boy
  64. Gay Grooming
  65. Take your PICK: Swimmers
  66. Dirty, yellow soles
  67. I apologize if my feet smell a bit matey....
  68. stuck in the sand
  69. snap,crack,and cock
  70. what would you do?
  71. Awesome Position
  72. clean kill
  73. [VIDEO] Passed out Drug Addicts
  74. 2 Guys 1 Stump
  75. OMG! Murdered young hairy guy with big feet put naked in bodybag!
  76. hot passed out guy
  77. Some Passed Guys
  78. From an erotic hanging but with an assistant
  79. help!!who could post this vid to me!!
  80. Some Perfect Boys for Autopsy
  81. shooting victim...........
  82. looks like he likes beer :)
  83. check this out lol,It's interesting but hot to me!
  84. If you are bored on Christmas...
  86. male fetish
  87. Happy Christmas!!!!
  88. Bondage with water
  89. Speedo Match [VIDEO]
  90. Touching a sleep young [NEW] PIC&VID
  91. SPORTY
  92. Cute Fatties
  93. Morgue Fakes
  94. Handsome Barefoot Scottish Guy
  95. Butane Man
  96. Drowning Face
  97. Three Handsome Barefoot Men
  98. Sleeping guy gets it from his friend
  99. For metalmachine: Hairy Bear
  100. I think these guys will look perfect on a morgue slab and makes us all rock hard
  101. resting in the beach! (or maybe not ;))
  102. Gay Necro Serial Killer with his Victims
  103. Sagging Cute Guy Showing Off His Sneakers
  104. Adrien Brody
  105. Czech Dude
  106. Executive Socks
  107. Bondage feet
  108. Murdered body found in grass
  109. Perfect Swimmers for Autopsy, which one do you pick?
  110. Bathtub Murder
  111. Hairy Guys, Some hot and some not
  112. Drowned body washed ashore
  113. Fit, musled sporty guy murdered at the gym
  114. Some young guys are just masterpiece of nature
  115. Viggo Mortensen
  116. If you like sweat...
  117. [VIDEO] Bored Russian Guy Dances Naked at Home
  118. Young guy with the most awesome feet
  119. SAD: Hairy young man in casket ready for funeral
  120. The Perfect Christmas
  121. Young men victims of serial killer - bodies found naked
  122. plz~~!!help me? who could give me those vid...so hot...
  123. Please agent....
  124. Save me!!
  125. Empaled guy
  126. Paul Dawson in the Movie Shortbus
  127. CruciASPHYXion
  128. Cabin Stab from Survival Camp
  129. Comic Ruse
  130. Serial Killer Brutally Rapes & Abuses his Victim before Stabbing him with Huge Knife
  131. old black and white pic
  132. Love Kills Us All - (name of image)
  133. Mr World 2010
  134. Chiicos Passed out guys - wanna share?
  135. Chiicos Passed out guys - wanna share?
  136. People playing dead
  137. adam levine in cosmopolitan! HOT :D
  138. Gay Necro Serial Killer Strikes again - Dozens of Bodies Pop up around the world
  139. Fucking a dead young guy in the kitchen
  140. James Dean the forever rebel
  141. +Video+I like struggling handsome dying guy
  142. Yvan Cournoyer
  143. Young guy with smelly black socks masterbating on the couch
  144. strangled to death
  145. Wild West Hunks Slaughtered!
  147. More future cute dead guys
  149. Big Guys
  150. Check out my ex boyfriend
  152. The Public Toilet Serial Killer [US & Canada only - FOR NOW]
  153. Serial Killer Playing with his Victim, Cums Hard
  154. Dead body of a young man found in Central Park
  155. Hello grandpa, how are you today...
  157. Heart ass
  158. ♥ Chloro Knockout ♥
  159. Cute soldiers
  160. I am young, fit cute & hairy
  161. Two dead naked young guys in bed
  162. Free Gay Porn for All
  163. The pretender
  164. Handsome boy loves feet
  165. Feet! Feet!!! Feet!!!!!
  166. half Buried
  167. Oops!!!
  168. André Morais dead in bed ♥ PERFECTION LATINO ♥
  169. Male Celebrity Feet
  170. Hairy Chest
  171. Yet More Bare Feet!
  172. Friends choking till faint
  173. Dead Guy for Play
  174. boyslightsout.com
  175. Open your mouth.......more.........MORE!!!!
  176. Video-chloroformed police
  177. Bear police-chocked and chlorofomed
  178. Gamal Mubarak
  179. birthday cake
  180. Serial Killer Gay Torture • Naked dead dude hanged upside down and forced to suck •
  181. body found in uncompleted building
  182. Interesting position
  183. About one Boots lust Video!
  184. Guy getting chloro-ed
  185. Masterbating at Home - Awesome feets
  186. Drowned young fit guy waiting for someone to take him to the morgue as buddies watch
  187. Dead Taiyai
  188. Drunk and/or passed out guys
  189. Sweet body for sex & play
  190. Dead guy on the beach
  191. hot damn it
  192. hot damn it 2
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  196. where does spongebob lives? BIKINI BOTTOM
  197. their dirty, but u can clean them up, give them love
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  199. what the thats a big, jumbo juicy....
  200. Dead Taiyai episode II
  201. Hot dead guy with Hot socks from bootlust
  202. Video of a young man with firm abs disemboweled after he slid over a piece of plastic
  203. MY 1* year old boyfriend...at his swim swim thing
  204. im asking if hes abs are tired
  205. Please Don't Kill Me - I am so young!!!
  206. Hanging Angel lust
  207. Dead Drunk Marine
  208. Suspended
  209. Soldiers for the Morgue
  210. Young Kid Shoots Himself - Fooling Around ?
  211. DEAD
  212. More dead guys'socks and feet plz!!
  213. From Russian movie 100 Days before the command
  214. Video for you all very kinky!!!
  215. Dirty feet
  216. NecroDudes (Damian 01)
  217. Young fit guy drowns on beach in Flordia
  218. Preparing a hairy guy for funeral
  219. NecroDudes (Damian 02)
  220. Metal, I hope you like this bear
  221. NecroDudes (Charles 01)
  222. Cock in the morgue
  223. NecroDudes (Charles 02)
  224. NecroDudes (Jason 01)
  225. NecroDudes (Jason 02)
  226. NecroDudes (Dino 01)
  227. Drugged
  228. knout out cold
  229. looks pretty much dead
  230. Necrodudes - Damian
  231. Dentists can have some fun
  232. Sex before hanging
  233. NecroDudes (Cain 01)
  234. NecroDudes (Jerry 01)
  235. Dead body of young hairy man found in Central Park
  236. Gay necro cannibals prepare dead naked young guy as sushi
  237. NecroDudes (Chaz 02)
  238. I want more COCK...
  239. Choke-out collection
  240. NecroDudes (Chaz 03)
  241. *Wanking time*BearCop Chloro Compilation
  242. US Soldier on a Mission to Afghanistan....may end up in coffin soon
  243. Some typical CDG users
  244. Self-Suck Fail
  245. Another dead guy on Florida Beach
  246. Some dudes I would like to see naked on morgue tables
  247. Playing Dead
  248. When failure is not an option
  249. I wish he was dead
  250. Hot Cholor Cop video,any1 has full vision about this video?