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  1. Crowd cheers suicide jumper to death
  2. 19-year-old New York Rangers Prospect Croaks in Russia
  3. Renowned Forensic Expert Commits Suicide in Sofia
  4. Skinhead Kills Fellow Inmate on CCTV
  5. Cute Dead Guy Found in Sofia, but police won't let anyone near it
  6. Three young hot dudes dug up a grave so that they could fuck a corpse! OMG
  7. Body found in bus station
  8. Hot Russian Singer Croaks in Moscow
  9. Dude Drinks Domestos as a suicide attempt in Bulgaria
  10. Another Shooting at a Campus in the US
  11. Michael Mineo sodomized by cops
  12. Somali youth was killed 'in row over alcohol and Islam'
  13. Jospeh Lappin
  14. Bulgarian Pathologist: 80% of corpses we receive are young male
  15. Help!!
  16. Stories Of Death
  17. Young Dude Blows his Brains out and they don't find the body until this morning! Fuck
  18. Marcelo Lucero killed by racist punks.
  19. Three die in police pursuit crash in Greater Manchester
  20. First Gurkha soldier killed in Afghanistan
  21. Many, many dead young guys here
  22. Dude Falls in a river with his Car, no one finds him for hours
  23. Truck Driver Leaps off a Bridge
  26. Torturados
  27. in plastic bag
  28. Found Dead
  30. KILLED
  31. webcam suicide
  32. Absolutely Cute Guy Dies Live on TV during a Football Game
  33. Man Kills Himself Live on TV, youtube remove all vids!
  34. Beheadings in Guatemala jail riot
  35. Dead man wakes up during his own autopsy
  37. Stabbed
  38. terrible
  39. Serial killer?
  40. 7 executed
  41. ohhh FUCK! Absolutely Gorgeous Dude Falls into a ditch with Boiling Water [Pic,VID]
  42. Rouge Wave Drowns 3 On Califorina Coast
  43. KILLED
  44. Decapitated in accident
  45. stabbed
  46. Worker dies at Long Island WalMart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede
  47. 3 young guys drown at Point Mugu
  48. Young beheaded
  49. Found Dead
  50. Beheadeds
  53. i love this guy
  54. 19 yo cutie dies of head injury
  55. Drug executed
  56. 18 deads
  57. 21-year-old texts "bye" to his mates, then hangs himself in the forest
  58. A day at JMsidious's office.
  59. Televised suicide.
  60. BEAUTY MAN!!
  61. Cute Actor Cuts his Throat on Vienna Stage
  62. Med Student Murdered by Gay Friend and Dumped in a park in Sofia
  63. Macabre
  64. Ten Young Men Died in Various Road Accidents in Bulgaria in less 24 hours
  66. So cute... and so violent
  67. Saņa!!
  68. Policeman Killer
  69. dead in a car
  70. Cabezaso!!
  71. Motorcycle accident
  72. Bulgarian officals: 1059 dead in car wrecks for 2008
  73. More than 50 croak in a disco on New Year's Eve
  74. Many die on New Year's Eve in Bulgaria
  75. John Travolta's son dies in Bahamas
  76. Cute Hockey Player Bumps his Head and Croaks
  77. Mouth open, i love this guy!!
  78. Aboslutely Cute 22-year-old Bulgarian cuts his wrists because of a woman
  80. 2 deads
  81. Fattie
  82. policeman killed
  83. in the mud
  84. 20,000 VOLTS
  89. John Gotti Neighbor Was Dissolved in Acid
  90. Tributes paid to British climbers
  92. Duck Hunt Gone Wrong
  93. Revenge
  94. IN 2 PARTS
  95. For three bullets
  96. Aplastado!!
  97. Joe and the ATV that killed him
  98. Maryland Man Dies After Being Bound With Duct Tape
  99. Poor Guy
  100. Mexican vigliantes
  101. 18-year-old Bulgarian Cutie Croak after Getting hit by car; Driver on the loose
  102. Stanislav Markelov
  103. Histories of death
  104. Bulgarian Mortican: It's Crazy Here
  105. Mexico man 'dissolved 300 bodies'
  106. 10 shooting by FOBETADAS
  107. In Pictures: Motorist Propelled 115ft into church roof in Germany
  108. Tenebrous
  109. Anthony got caught...
  110. Inmate murdered in cell
  111. Histories of death
  112. "Breathe, Breathe, Don't Give up, stay with us"
  113. Guy cut up here in NYC.
  114. Histories of death
  115. Dad Beheads two Sons, Burns Wife, Relatives
  116. 21 Y. old Frederiek Nolf died in hotel
  117. Horrific Details Emerge about life of Dad Who Beheaded Sons
  118. US Army Officals: Suicides in January 'terrifying'
  119. Stories of dead 08/02/2009
  120. Stories of dead 10/02/2009
  121. Stories of dead 11/02/2009
  122. 21 DEAD
  123. Man gets dragged under a van for 19 miles!
  124. Brave young Man Chooses Brutal end
  125. Stories of dead 02/03/2009
  127. 22-year-old Student Stabs his Professor, then Jumps from a Building [FULL PHOTO SET]
  128. Coast Guard Will Call Off Search for 3 Missing Football Players by Sunset
  129. Gradute Croaks in Wreck on his namesday together with five friends, three classmates
  131. 18-year-old Eaten Alive by Tiger yesterday near the Great Wall
  132. FLY AND DIE
  133. 19-year-old Chops his mate to pieces in Bulgaria
  134. CUBANO
  137. Stories of death 12/03/2009
  139. In recession economy, students look to funeral careers
  140. Former pro wrestler found dead in Tampa
  141. Stories of dead 16/03/2009
  142. Stories of dead 17/03/2009
  143. Cute 19-year-old Hacked to pieces by a classmate then dumped in a dumpster in Sofia
  144. Devastatingly Cute Guy is D E A D
  145. 14 KILLED
  146. Stories of dead 22/03/2009
  147. Stories of dead 23/03/2009
  149. Teen Croaks while playing "Fear Factor" with friends
  150. Completely off topic, but funny
  152. 22-year-old stabbed
  153. Stories of dead 26/03/2009
  154. Hog Trail Murders
  155. UK teenager 'saved by Facebook'
  156. Man Shoots 3 Police Officers after Losing his job in Pittsburgh
  157. Video Shows Last Moments of a Man Killed by Police in London During the G-20 Protests
  158. Young actor died in the car accident on Apr 05 2009.
  159. Stories of dead 09/04/2009
  160. Stories of dead 10/04/2009
  161. Woman Jumps the Fence at the Berlin Zoo, Joining Polar Bears, with Bad Result
  162. Stories of dead 14/04/09
  163. Man bites python
  164. Two Cute Friends Croak Together in Sofia
  165. Cute young guy found dead in Arizona. So hot so sexy he could have been a model
  166. Dude Croaks over his PC
  167. 18-year-old tries to cut his hand off because of a blister
  168. Two cute Guys Croak While Filming a Reality Show
  169. Stories of dead 27/04/2009
  170. Cute, Tall Muscled 25-year-old Murdered and thrown at a dumpster in Bulgaria
  171. Failed assination attempt at Royal Dutch Family ends in 4 bystanders dead
  172. Two Friends in Absolutely Brutal Car Crash in Moscow [PHOTOS]
  173. Family of four burn alive after Car Accident
  174. 20-year-old Croaks on the Street
  175. Stories of dead 02/05/2009
  176. Aplastado!!
  177. Stories of dead 04/05/2009
  178. Stories of dead 06/05/2009
  179. CUTES
  180. Stories of dead 07/05/2009
  181. Stories of dead 08/05/2009
  182. Dead at 16
  183. Texas White Trash shoots 7 year old boy.
  184. Stories of dead 10/05/2009
  185. Stories of dead 11/05/2009
  186. Cute Brazilian Soldier Dead
  187. SUICIDE 30/07/2007
  188. Dad Rapes Son, then Stabs him
  189. Family loveplay ends in death of 5 persons, including two children:
  190. Two young guys die in Sofia after motor racing
  191. David Carradine Found Hanged Naked in Bangkok after autoerotic
  192. 18 !!
  193. Dead bikers
  194. First case of human-human infection with Mexican Flu report in the netherlands
  195. Three students were found shot dead
  196. Cute dead Drunk
  197. The morgue in Sofia full with bodies of dead young guys
  198. Three killed by lightning strikes in Romania, including one young dude
  199. Teen walking to school struck by a meteor
  200. Cute Polish Dude Croaks on a double-decker in london, people think he is sleeping!
  201. [VIDEO] Two Dead after Car Flies into electricity pole in Bulgaria
  202. Dude from Ukraine drowns in Bulgaria
  203. Michael Jakson "critical" in hospital
  204. Serial killer in Bulgaria shot victims "like dogs"
  205. Michael Jakson Dead at 50
  206. Gypsies kill a man for a kilo of cherries
  209. Alfredo Harp Calderoni
  210. Falling
  211. Two
  212. A DIE
  213. Young Die
  214. For attempting to rape
  215. Briton dies after fall at Serbia's Exit music festival
  216. Hot boxer found dead
  217. Dead body frozen in ice.
  218. Drowned
  219. Cute sex assault suspect hangs himself.
  220. Brutal 12 executed!!
  222. KILLED
  223. Four men drown in the Black Sea
  224. Teen tries suicide because his girlfriend didn't want to see him
  225. Embestido
  226. Policeman blows his brains out because his chick decided to dump him
  227. Marco Antonio Nazareth
  228. Body found in Grand Canyon
  229. Very weird arrest
  230. Ten Die in Car Wrecks in Less than 24 hours in Bulgaria
  231. Russian car crash spate kills 100
  232. Super Cute Dad killed by a speeding ambulance passing on red light
  233. NYC Family Sues Over Funeral Home Horror
  234. Student in 3,000ft death plunge
  235. [IN PICTURES] Three Czechs Die in a Road Accident in Bulgaria
  236. 25-year-old drowns in my area
  238. Another Absolutely Cute and Fit Football Player Croaks
  239. Planes collide in NYC
  240. TRAGIC
  241. only 16 years old
  242. Maniac Injects Kids in Sofia with water
  243. Man Jumps Under the Sofia Metro
  244. el loco Elizalde
  245. Four Men Drown in the Black Sea in Bulgaria
  246. Forty Die in Road Accidents in Serbia for just two days
  247. Mistaken identity at the funeral home
  248. Businessman killer in Bulgaria
  249. Massive Forest Fires threaten Athens
  250. Michael Jakson's Death Ruled as Homicie on his Birthday