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  1. Bodybuilder Flávio Muniz, 37 found dead Sao Paulo hotel
  2. Snake eats a man
  3. Gay necro forensic expert kills, dismembers and eats man in Dresden
  4. Paul Walker died in a fiery car accident today
  5. Four people dead and 63 injured in NYC train wreck
  6. Man keeps dead wife body parts in refrigerator, drinks her blood
  7. Freshman frozen to death in Minneapolis
  8. Boy sinks and drowns while playing with friends over frozen lake in Russia
  9. Two passengers pinned to their seats for after bus crashed into a tree in London
  10. Really??? WTF - Guy throws his 3 year old son off building then commits suicide
  11. Dog Survives Crasing Seagulls
  12. Wannabe marine dies from steroid use
  13. Father, son found dead in underwater cave
  14. 3 Dead After Man Changes His Facebook Status
  15. 3 men found dead after drinking heavily in a sauna
  16. Schumacher may croak
  17. Man sells human brains on eBay
  18. Model drowns after his car falls in the waters off Liberty State Park
  19. Paul Walker's organs in a jar: the final autopsy report
  20. Eaten alive by dogs: Kim Jong Un's uncle's execution
  21. NYC fiitness instructor Yeudi Estrada Carrero dies in Mexico prison only 28 yo
  22. Student cuts himself after stabbing his mother
  23. 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreak may be linked to polar cold
  24. Healthy USC Water Polo Player Dies of Heart Attack
  25. Utah police officer kills own kids, wife & mother-in-law dead before killing himself
  26. Russia's volunteer body hunters
  27. Surgeon Left Open-Heart Operation Early
  28. Some relatives of homicide victims want morgue photos as keepsakes
  29. The living dead: new embalming method aids surgical training
  30. former participant reality show the voice Mexico found dead
  31. Testicle ruptured in police frisk
  32. 39-year-old banker jumps from roof of JP Morgan building in London and dies instantly
  33. The Ultimate "Reform"!
  34. How two slices of pizza decided a high school sporting event
  35. Boxer posed standing in ring at wake
  36. Armed student starts shooting in his school kills teacher, officer
  37. DJ and model Ross Cummins undergoes autopsy stark naked in Dublin
  38. Model and soldier Tal Nachman killed by friendly fire near Gaza border
  39. Second University of Pennsylvania student commits suicide
  40. A growing industry tries to meet the demand for corpses
  41. Boxer Guilherme Matos Rodrigues shot to death
  42. Uber Handsome Boxer and personal trainer Luiz de França Sousa Trindade assassinado
  43. Absurd situation in Holland: dead politician to be elected
  44. World's largest solar farm is so powerful it fries birds in the sky
  45. 19yr old admits 22 satanic murders
  46. Mutilated bodies wrapped in plastic found in Mexico City suburb
  47. PHOTOS: Thailand riots continue, one police officer killed
  48. At least 49 people die in Iraq car bomb wave
  49. Venezuela breaks out in paramilitary violence
  50. 27-year-old model Alexander Hrapchenko killed in Kiev riots
  51. Ukraine’s Leader Flees Palace as Protesters Widen Control
  52. Samuel Sheinbein Shot Dead
  53. Russian Roulette at a Russian Wedding
  54. Golden Gate Bridge breaks new record with 46 suicides in 2013
  55. MSU student Dustyn Frolka beaten and killed with brass knuckles
  57. Medical students from Moldova post morgue photos on facebook
  58. German Company Denies Selling Death Cranes to Iran
  59. Pro MMA fighter Booto Guylain dies after getting elbowed in head
  60. Model partied with hotel heir the night he died
  61. Water Polo Player Dies In Pool Swimming Laps
  62. Athlete dies during training in Russia
  63. Igor's mother takes a photo at his grave in Minsk
  64. Brooklyn teen John Katehis gets 25 years to life in prison for murder of ABC reporte
  65. Muslims storm a prison in Syria
  66. List of male models who died during their careers in the 21st century
  67. 21-year-old Marine Mark Boterf shot by accident in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina
  68. Superfit rugby playe Lloyd Walsh, 20 drops dead from "natural causes"
  69. Necrophile digging up graves in Brazil
  70. Model and athlete Dylan Tombides croaks at 20 from cancer of the balls
  71. Model and athlete Dammion Heard, 20 hangs himself in Colorado
  72. Malaysia mobs beat the two thieves and pillory
  73. Paraded naked thieves forced to stick juggling
  74. British footballer Peter McAvoy croaks at 22 from suspected heart attack
  75. Chicago Explodes With Violence Over Easter Weekend Leaving 9 Corpses
  76. Gorgeous reality tv star dies in paragliding accident
  78. Young guy jumps from a building in NYC and lands on roof of Stuyvesant High School
  79. Amazon ritual kills hot 18 yr old
  80. Handsome 36 yo Dárcio Maurice Correia executado
  81. two cute Asian 23-year-old lads killed themselves in car crash
  82. Bachelor party finds dead body in RV
  83. Why Facebook Kept Up Photos of a Marine's Bloody Suicide
  84. Daniel Rey Wolfe
  85. Stephen Sutton dies in his sleep only 19 yo
  86. Taiwanese anchorman died with plastic head over head
  87. Please sir may I have anotherl
  88. Man drops dead at a railway station in Berdsk, Russia
  89. Handsome Martin Hadfield hangs himself because he couldn't get a job
  90. Footballer Akli Fairuz dies after suffering injury during Indonesian Premier League
  91. Police beat and kill 44-year-old Ron Hillstrom in Washington after he called for help
  92. another case of mistaken identity
  93. 22-yr-old's video rant before killing 7
  94. Robert Walter 20yr old last photo capture before found dead in car in pond.
  95. Soccerjock (18) suicide
  96. Bus slams into pedestrians in St. Petersburg, Russia
  97. Russian Boxing Champion Maxim Limonov Shot Dead
  98. Handsome student Harris Pharr
  99. Harry Potter actor David Legeno found dead in California
  100. Another boxer murdred in Russia... Rasul Gadzhimagomedov, 19 stabbed in Krasnodar
  101. At least 21 dead in Moscow metro train crash
  102. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes in eastern Ukraine killing 295 on board
  103. Malaysia Airlines - Final Destination: Victim Cor Pan last post on facebook
  104. Cute missing American found dismembered in trash bags
  105. Cute Canadian guy killed in plane shotdown over Ukraine
  106. Aids researchers killed on Malaysian flight
  107. Fire sacrifice at festival
  108. Triple bus crush kills nine in Germany, more than forty injured
  109. Multiple car bombs kill 16 in Iraq
  110. Gunmen kill at least 15 soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint in western Egypt
  111. Russian boxer Vladimir Korshunov is in morgue after car crash
  112. Missing Israeli soldier Oron Shaul may turn out to be CDG of the year
  113. More than 50 Killed afterTransAsia Airways passenger plane crash in Taiwan
  114. Parachuting champion Andrey Ryndin dies after accident near Moscow
  115. Air Algerie plane Flight AH 5017 with 116 passengers crashes in the Sahara Desert
  116. Strike on U.N. Shelter in Gaza Leaves Many Dead and Injured
  117. Former Chelsea footballer Jordan Tabor, 23 dies after balcony fall from Antalya hotel
  118. Mother and child killed in Gorlovka shelling
  119. Lightning zaps 15 people at Venice Beach, LA 20-year-old surfer taken to morgue
  120. Uber Handsome 22 yo Geovanni Garcia dies in traffic acidente
  121. he was hot
  122. Plane crash near Tehran kills 48 people
  123. Family shares heartbreaking photos of son 19 killed by one hit of synthetic marijuana
  124. Death of Kevin Ward Jr., 20 at a dirt track in New York [VIDEO]
  125. Young man killed in car crash in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  127. Islamic State execute more than 700 civilians in Deir al-Zor province of Syria
  128. Three climbers die after 800-metre fall in Mont Blanc
  129. Morgue worker claims to had sex with over 100 corpses during his night shifts
  130. Second black man shot dead by police in St Louis
  131. Islamic State Spokesperson Abu Mosa Killed by Syrian Army
  132. Brad Parker, 36, plunges to his death as he rock climbs in Yosemite, soon after propo
  133. Robbery American style
  134. Four male bodies found floating off Florida coast
  135. Paradise found becomes paradise lost
  136. preteen girl accidentally kills gun instructor with an UZI
  137. Feet feet feet feet feet
  138. joan rivers dead at 81
  139. Nice looking muscular Dennis Meyer dies of overdose, friends take selfie with corpse
  140. Kidnap & behead a random person off the street ...
  141. Police: Bearson's death was a homicide
  142. the Luka-magnotta trial
  143. Russian activist Petr Pavlensky cuts off part of his ear stark naked in Moscow
  144. Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala dies after somersault goal celebration
  145. Washington School Shooter - Jaylen Fryberg
  146. Man found dead in bathtub at hotel mogul’s home
  147. 4chan Murder Photos from Port Orchard, Washington
  148. Dutch kickboxer/bodyguard eliminated
  149. Cannibal caught eating victim's eyeballs
  150. 21 yo Brian McClellen dies after catching fire while train surfing
  151. 21 yo internally decapitated
  152. Dutch man turns amputated leg into a lamp, tries to sell it on eBay
  153. Super hot dead guy...but I cant find any corpse pics of him, too bad
  154. Handsome banker found dead in tub
  155. British journalist Graham Phillips wounded in Pesk, Ukraine
  156. freak accident, he was 25....
  157. Handsome 25 yo Aussie cricket player gets hit and dies!
  158. Two British Models Bradley Price, 21 and Shaun Brotherston, 20 die in Amsterdam
  159. Handsome 32 yo Zemir Begic murdered because he was white
  160. Uber Handsome 17 yo German exchange student Diren Dede killed
  161. another american killed
  162. Great-looking 19 yo Márcio Leão leaps to his death
  163. 35 Killed in Shanghai New Year Stampede
  164. Tim Wicks murder
  165. Handsome 17-year-old teenager stabbed to death at New Year's Eve party
  166. Ultra fit drowned physical trainer, but I can't find any death pics of him
  168. J'ACCUSE!
  169. Handsome Spanish police officer killed
  170. College athlete run over by car
  171. Soldier stabbed in the guts by an evil Palestinian
  172. Two young american skiers tragically died in an avalanche
  173. James Boyd murdered by police
  174. Istanbul suicide bombing kills police officer in tourism district
  175. Actor and fitness model Greg Plitt, 37 killed by train in Burbank, California
  177. handsome surfer dies
  178. Handsome dandy Jesse Smith murdered by his roomate
  179. for the foot lovers!
  180. Murder- suicide at Home Depot NYC
  181. Necrophile arrested by police for digging up graves and fucking dead women in Russia
  182. Seven killed in New York City train crash
  183. At least 19 corpses in Taiwan plane crash [CAUGHT ON VIDEO]
  184. 19-year-old model hangs himself in Manchester
  185. Teen dead body selfie
  186. Killer insults victims family in court
  187. Model Grant Clarey, 21 hangs himself
  188. Man Who Broke Into Funeral Home And Had Sex With Corpse's Body Is Arrested
  189. Great looking 17 yo José Elielson da Costa cometeu suicídio
  190. NHL defenseman Steve Montador found dead at 35
  191. Three corpses after murder-suicide in London
  192. Ten killed in UK road accidents in just three days
  193. At least 20 dead after power line falls on Haiti carnival float [VIDEO]
  194. Woman’s BF Beats Her To Death With A Baseball Bat.
  195. Islamic State burn 45 men alive in al-Baghdadi, Iraq
  196. Islamic State are selling organs and body parts and have opened their own morgue
  197. Three Italian skiers killed by avalanche in Death Valley, Swiss Alps
  198. Islamic State parades 21 peshmerga soldiers in cages through Kirkuk
  199. Egyptian ‘hipster’ ISIS fighter Islam Yaken killed in Kobane
  200. Islamic State are sellling corpses of yound dead soldiers
  201. Islamic State amputate hand of thief in Mosul, Iraq
  202. Protests Erupt after Wisconsin Police Kill Unarmed Black Teen
  203. Three teenages all aged 17 croak in car smash in Brecon Beacons, South Wales
  204. The story of an ISIS fighter
  205. 10 dead in a reality show in Argentina
  206. Hong Kong muscle stud suicide
  207. Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr., 35 dies during match [VIDEO]
  208. Son of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych drowns in lake Baikal
  209. Lil' Chris star of Channel 4 reality show croaks at 24
  210. Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 crashes into Alps at 400MPH
  211. Police in Izhevsk, Russia find private morgue
  212. 18 yo porn model commits suicide
  213. Corbin Fisher Model Christopher Luke McAteer Shoots Himself in the Head in Kentucky
  214. 25-year-old found dead in Central Park
  215. OMG ... Cop accused of tickling the feet of dead man
  216. Texas executes San Antonio man for killing police officer
  217. Australian model and DJ killed fighting for Islamic State in Syria
  218. Sawyer Sweeten shoots himself in the head at 19
  219. Bali nine executions
  220. Footballer Gregory Mertens dies at 24 after collapse
  221. Rugby league player Danny Jones dies at 29
  222. Florida man's amputated leg thrown in trash by hospital
  223. Karate champion Anton Krivosheev found murdered
  224. Actor Christopher Lee who played Saruman dies at the age of 93
  225. Burning and eating ISIS suspect
  226. He died tracking his stolen phone
  228. Restraunt shut down for serving human meat
  229. Man beheaded in Islamic State attack near Lyon
  230. Islamic State kill more than 120 civilians in Kobane
  231. Handsome man dies from bacteria after swimming in Hernando, Florida
  232. Color powder party became inferno party near Taipei yesterday night.
  233. Devon Staples firework death
  234. Handsome Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi dies
  235. Texas college student accused of beating boyfriend to death after night of drinking
  236. Boy Takes Selfie With Dead Grandfather
  237. Grizzly bear kills hiker in Yellowstone national park
  238. 32 yo model Ian Jones drowns
  239. Hot Dancer Jonathan Ollivier dies in motorbike crash
  240. Police identify father and son killed when their small plane collided with F-16
  241. Young Mank dies In Spain taken by a Bull
  242. Teens' Brutal Machete Slaughter in Woods Ended With Sex Near Body
  243. Body of a 25 y/o Woman Stolen from a Funeral Home, Texas
  244. "Selfie with the Deceased"
  245. Very handsome 30 yo skydiver Andrei Penz dies in accident
  246. IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dead at 37
  247. Motoboy goes airborne and kills another one in the opposite direction
  248. Russian boxer Islam Timurziev dies at 32
  249. Athletic police officer shot dead in Brazil
  250. Three Time Champion of Fitness Renata Muggiati Suicide Scene