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  1. Community Photo Album
  2. What style are you using?
  3. it seems we keep having resurections
  4. Fucking Bad Dream I had
  5. Have you ever been with someone when they died
  6. What should I do?
  7. Dedicated to Nanaimo
  8. Back again
  9. LEARN your FATE
  10. Gallows Humor
  11. Death Groupies
  12. Maybe I should buy a fake diploma?
  13. Favourite Autopsy Vid ?
  14. Graveyard
  15. Who did you vote for?
  16. Do you think how many people are sick like us.
  17. do you remember the first time you love dead man and the first time you masterbrate?
  18. When your parents are ill...what to do?
  19. Smelly Socks?
  20. Dad: What would you do meatpie if there is a gay dude at work
  21. Relationship thread
  22. Terrible Earthquake in Sofia 2 mins ago while I was browsing the forum
  23. Justificantion/rationalization thread
  24. 16 November - World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
  25. CURE???
  26. Will December bring even cuter dead guys?
  27. Economic Crisis Grips Bulgaria
  28. Dude from ogrish kills his Girlfriend, then himself - also a member of ogrishforum
  29. My new dream job - Morgue Photographer
  30. I am back!
  31. Decomposting in a grave
  32. Cancer of the throat
  33. Where is Meatpie?
  34. Make your predictions for 2009
  35. Med Students
  36. This Chick Wants me
  37. Christmas Dying Epidemic
  38. I think my best friend knows I am necro
  39. Significant Events in your Life of 2008
  40. i am depressed/i have depression.
  41. I am scared shitless
  42. Went to a Shrink Today
  43. Success for me
  44. My last login on CDG
  45. It has come to my attention...
  46. Do you jack off with other guys on Skype/MSN etc?
  47. This aint normal
  48. My wish for 2009
  49. Was 2008 a good or a bad year for you?
  51. 5.2 Earthquake in the Aegean Sea is felt by Meatpie as far away as Sofia
  52. Entilzha is in Hospital
  53. deadboy's New Year's Resolution
  55. Happy New year deadboy - I love you and I miss you
  56. Young guys will start dying as soon as Jan 1
  57. Oh my god. Im possesed
  58. I am dating a girl
  59. My health and biopsy results...
  60. Happy Birthday Elvis
  61. This is where I live
  62. Homosexual Song Banned from MTV
  63. What is it about dead guys that you like best?
  64. Post here if you miss deadboy
  65. How did you find this site?
  66. Hot, Suicidal Dude Posts on Youtube and Plans to Become a Cute Dead Guy
  67. Six Months
  68. Any pasess for Porn Sites?
  69. Soap in Cock
  70. Meatpie loves Snuffx forum
  71. What's your Star Sign?
  72. After watching "Shelter"
  73. I plan to go to funerals of young guys these days
  74. Bulgarian Dude Sings a song in English, then Croaks in Car Wreck
  75. acrobat killed in scottsdale az
  76. Significant others
  77. Where is JMsidius??
  78. Are you ready?
  79. Welcome Back deadboy
  80. Necro Working in Police
  81. I finally applied for a morgue job
  82. Love IT that SEXcee guys get KILLED n' DIE !
  83. Got some bad news today...
  84. Dream job
  85. I thought of you guys
  86. Ash Wednesday
  87. I want to....
  88. Who's know "Warlord47" in liveleak
  89. When I was a kid
  90. The Worst (And Most Common) Etiquette Mistakes
  91. for socks-feet lovers.
  92. Happy Birthday Entilzha!
  93. Darkside man, can you help?
  94. When my boss talks about future plans for the company, I imagine dead guys in morgue
  95. Heart stopping embarassing moments
  96. High school student dies in Scottsdale AZ
  97. Went to the doctors office today....
  98. guys getting killed
  99. I just found this website WOW
  100. Is pulling down the pants a standard procedure?
  101. Will I ever find the source?
  102. Thank you for making this site
  103. FORUM IS BACK!!!!!
  104. I got employed at the morgue
  105. Ex Taken to Hospital with liver failure from Hepatitis C
  106. Cell Phone Harassment
  107. My First Day at the Morgue
  108. No horror movie will be interesting to me anymore after what I've seen
  109. Mask? You don't nead a mask
  110. If necros can't take it, what about ordinary people
  111. I will probably be selling doughnuts now
  112. Selling doughnuts or work in a morgue - please vote
  113. Various Manners of Death Explained
  114. The dudes who worked at the morgue were necros
  115. I give up on the morgue job
  116. Opasan, your computer is at Risk
  117. Doc at the morgue: You have to ask the relatives of the deceased for money
  118. Two of my Friends Lost their Jobs Today
  119. Best Friend: Morgue job? Went to the morgue? You are a necro!
  120. Ways to Deal with Necrophilia
  121. Family Business Failing
  122. Friends Losing their Jobs ?
  123. Wow.. suck a nice weather in april
  124. Once exposed to real naked corpses it's very hard to think about anything else
  125. I played Mortican today....at home :((
  126. Self Help for People Struggling with Depression and Bipolar
  127. Should I go Back to the Morgue on Monday
  128. Ogrish Members Share their Experince of First Visit to the Morgue
  129. True stories of physical contact with a corpse. I SHARED MINE, DO SHARE YOURS.
  130. If you want to know what a real morgue smells like...
  131. i love these cute feet!
  132. I filled in those fucking documents...
  133. Most Fucked up Situation of my meaningless life
  134. A friend's cute 24-year old friend croaked
  135. PieMan....call one of these European HOT-LINES NOW !!!
  136. 100 a month in a Fast Food Restaurant
  137. HIV
  138. Sexy Girl is e-stalking me and says she wants me to fuck her hard in a park in Sofia
  139. I went back to the morgue today
  140. Bye Bye CDG
  141. Tonight.. is the night I die
  142. Help the admin, Save the Forum
  143. Hepatitis C dude Tried to Beat me up and threatened to kill me
  144. Your donations saved me from starvation
  145. Daniel is Dead
  146. Which dude from the forum would you like to meet in real life?
  147. Job ad
  148. Life is so Twisted
  149. Powerful Earhquake Strikes Romania; Tremors Felt as far away as Sofia
  150. US Scientists: Pig Flu Epidemic Spreading out of control
  151. Reuters: Deadly Mix
  152. Welcome to Mexico City's Subway
  153. CNN: People Falling ill with Pig Flu in New Zealand
  154. CDG Exclusive. A close in look of Entilzha's house and residence
  155. Funeral for Opasan
  156. The Rope Broke.
  157. Doctor in a Mexico City Hospital Desribes his experience with swine flu
  158. People in Mexico: It feels like the Apocalypse here
  159. I don't understand a title from the English newspaper "The Sun" - Please Help
  160. My parents have no idea
  161. Have you ever had a girlfriend?
  162. i need your help, well actually my cousin needs your help...
  163. i am looking for a gay forum
  164. My Dad had to put Grandpa in his Coffin
  165. Depresion
  166. Just like me :D
  167. So.. my house was broken into.
  168. Dreams & Nightmares
  169. Death by cobra
  170. I'm happy, I got a new car!
  171. I crashed with my bike today
  172. Discovered a friend with necro tendencies.
  173. Happy birthday Meaty
  174. I need an invitation for demonoid.com
  175. i miss u guys!!!
  176. I fucked this dude
  177. My neighbour is a murderer
  178. Welcome back bindiboi
  179. I dyed my beard...
  180. Unemployment
  181. Madonna in Ljubljana (20 avg)
  182. Ban Opasan?
  183. Arrow is ill, very ill
  184. My sister is giving out leaflets to passersby at a shopping centre
  185. Forum member preparing dead young guys for funeral
  186. PayPal Scam, trying to steal CDG donations
  187. Extremely Cute Dude Croaks from Cancer
  188. Beyond Horrific: Health Inspectors Order the Morgue in Sofia to"Close Down"
  189. Necro Michael?
  190. Does Death Scare You?
  191. Anyone here has a WILL?
  192. Meatpie and Opasan smart talk :)
  193. Have you ever stolen something?
  194. OMG. OH SHIT. My neighbour drowned. Cute and only 24! FUCKKKKK!
  195. ZOMBIES
  196. Blurred vision
  197. which one would you keep me in?
  198. Entilzha's Meds (Rx)
  199. Horniest day or Night
  200. i do not whats hapening!
  201. Forum members who suffer from Dissocial personality disorder
  202. Prince of bed and death
  203. I got lost in a forest while mountain biking
  204. Nanaimo....are you out there?
  205. IN tribute to "Nanaimo" Eric
  206. Charlotte (USA)
  207. Happy Birthday ARROWMAN!!!
  208. Dead relatives and friends: Age & Cause of Death
  209. been a naughty boy again.
  210. Forum Meetup
  211. What would be your favorutie or wanting way to DIE?
  212. I will probably die in an earthquake
  213. I got "invited" to a funeral tomorrow!
  214. Perfect 10 or...?
  215. My Parents Know
  216. Snuffx Forum
  217. My previous employer declares bankruptcy
  218. Pick-up lines
  219. Is this normal?
  220. Ever wonder????
  221. Fear
  222. Murder urges
  223. Has anybody ever touched a dead guy?
  224. Worst Natural Disasters in History
  225. R.I.P. - Exactly ten years since the horrific 1999 Izmit Earthquake
  226. Family Dinner
  227. Gay vs. Straight
  228. My Vacuum Cleaner
  229. Black People Who Rawk
  230. Senator Kennedy dies at the age of 77
  231. The day you nearly died
  232. When was your first time?
  233. What turned you on today?
  234. Anyone in the UK?
  235. HELP!!!!
  236. Death from above and space
  237. Fucking guys severed heads....
  238. Are you happy where you live?
  239. circumcised or uncircumcised
  240. Stabbed or shot?
  241. I love beheading group
  242. Greetings and salutaations from The US of A
  243. Retardation
  244. Necro law
  245. The truth about necrobabes
  246. Suicide by an Empty Syringe
  247. Euphemisms
  248. Remember Cathy? R.I.P !!!
  249. Chicago Gangs
  250. Murder?