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  2. Europe in the seventeeeth century
  3. Young man -friend died Dec. 14, 2011
  5. Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  6. Have you ever felt ashamed for who you are?
  7. Congratulations BestDeaths!
  8. How long can you live with your dick cut off ?
  9. New Orleans question
  10. Vikings vs seahawks
  11. I want to know more about this
  12. Mass Murder of Palastinian Males
  13. Whats 4 dinner?
  14. Ping Lindi
  15. Need Tips on how to drug a friend
  16. Fuel cost were u live
  17. Wear pants like this?
  18. What If...
  19. Isis cuts pay in 1/2
  20. Thoughts before you die
  22. OSCARS
  23. Keeping a trophy victim
  24. birthday strangle
  25. Funeral of CEO Bobby Chawla
  26. TOR question
  27. Real torture chamber
  28. Does anyone on here use Ebay?
  29. terrible joke of the day
  30. Spam Posts
  31. All men are equal on the autopsy table.
  32. Which country should I go to have more chance seeing a corpse in the street?
  33. Vodka and beer - instead of sleeping pills.
  34. Jon Snow Game of thrones
  35. finacial question
  36. The Secret Room
  37. Violence of the mind Movie
  38. Orlando florida mass shooting.
  39. Do you have an undressed dead guy video
  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARROW..........
  41. Turning yourself in for execution
  42. What was your first contact with male snuffing?
  43. Drowning or burning to death
  44. My Noose
  45. I have made my dream come true
  46. What is the future of Europe in your opinion ?
  47. Drowning games
  48. Daily Star: Necro fetish freaks getting kicks from pictures of DEAD people
  49. Do you have a gun licence ?
  50. Anybody know where can i buy The Red Garrote Strangler series?
  51. AHS Season 5
  52. RIP Alex - Another young cdg member died
  53. Sword and sandal movies/gladiator movies
  56. A li'l question
  57. Donald Trump election victory breaks the Internet
  58. Looking for a Story
  59. Facebook memorialized page glitch
  60. About the time I first encountered a necrophiliac/ why I'm on this site.
  61. new execution method
  62. Brazilian Gore Site "Isso…Bizarro" Censored.
  63. Do you thing that.In the earth how many men like beheading video and lust in behead s
  64. An 8G zip file thought to contain pictures of more than 1000 women were shared among
  65. Can someone help me out to recover images on someimage.com?
  66. Do you support death penalty ?
  67. burnt males with erection?
  68. Merry Christmas
  69. How to cut off own balls?
  70. Happy New Year **2017** Happy New Year
  71. Ever Known Anyone In Person?
  72. Do you think you'll survive year 2017?
  73. happy new year
  75. Small Asian Dick
  76. MorbidTech-Wayback Machine
  77. Hung Drawn and Quarted
  78. compacted
  79. eaten
  80. Hi, Not new but recently back on
  81. Pubic Hair ?
  82. What Do Victims Feel?
  83. Need your help for idea
  84. another member dead
  85. 2017 Westminster Terror Attack
  86. Happy But Not So Happy
  87. Have you ever tried being hung without struggling?
  88. Death Scenes Trilogy
  89. A modest proposal for the execution of criminals in the USA
  90. I am a morgue technician ask me anything
  91. Cameron chadwick
  92. Thousands of morgue photos deleted and lost forever
  93. 15 Disturbing Online Groups That Have Way Too Many Followers
  94. When will Octave return??
  95. DocumentingReality Restrictions on Registered Users
  96. feeling and death sentence
  97. Ever thought of learning Portuguese?
  98. Please help me identify this photo
  99. Gas chamber
  100. Death Penalty in Brazil?
  101. Facebook cannot keep control of its content
  102. Happy birthday verlup
  103. Happy Birthday Meatpie
  104. How I would die if I became homeless.
  105. Both Imagebam and ImgBox Shut Down on June 30
  106. Is lethal injection even more painful?
  107. Heart of Famous Guys!
  108. We have invites for Demonoid torrent site
  109. Cannibal Fetish
  110. The BBC is now a major source of fake news
  111. In nature, why do you think the magnitude of pain is greater than that of pleasure?
  112. Vore/Longpig/Cannibal
  113. Nikanor Teratologen; Assisted living, Swedes and their perversions
  114. Any new gore sites?
  115. how it feels to play dead
  116. Happy 4th of July USA Members
  117. Drwaning
  118. Does Your Necro Side Interfere with Your Life?
  119. Necro and Psychiatric Disorders
  120. Figured out how to upload photos and pic. What about gifs?
  121. vore
  123. "The Noose Network"... Closed
  124. How do you plan to spend your time during the eclipse?
  125. does anyone know of any other 'death themed' web forums?
  126. Where can I buy cyanide?
  127. Naked Autopsy
  128. Game of Thrones - Decapitations
  129. Weird Dichotomy
  130. Way special forces get silent kills
  131. How do I get in touch with JohannaXn?
  132. New YouTube Search
  133. Sexual comments about corpses not allowed on DocumentingReality
  134. TheClever: 15 Disturbing Internet Sites That are Definitely NSFL
  135. 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly
  136. BestGore owner Mark Marek caught up in Hurricane Maria in Dominica
  137. Happy New Year
  138. The US dollar has become very weak and is hurting our morgue trade
  139. Record number of CDG members affected by natural disasters this year
  140. My last grandfather died in summer
  141. VERY SERIOUS SITUATION: Trump & Kim Jong Un
  142. mummification
  144. I lover rotters
  145. I want to do my boyfriends autopsy when he passes
  147. Deathaddict.com Has Been Sold
  148. Ogrish.com Frontpage
  149. New execution methods
  150. anyone know whatever happened to the gay hanging stories website?
  151. Men movie heads
  153. Fact of Fiction: Visine Eye Drops can cause someone to pass out?
  154. The death of Henry I
  156. John Wayne Gacy
  157. Back from the pub
  158. Cutedeadguys has the best dead girls photos according to DR members
  159. The Most Disturbing Message Boards Hiding In The Darkest Corners of The Internet
  160. On my way to medical school!
  161. Living in London is as bad as living in a nuclear fallout zone
  162. Turning One's Own Dead Body into a Skeleton to Display for Posterity
  163. Cruel dark executioner and his assistants
  164. Vidme Shutting Down
  165. END OF vid.me
  166. A New Necro Buddy
  167. Dead bodies can MOAN...
  168. Looking for Autopsy Report
  169. pentagram and strange symbols sketched on hand... does anyone know what this means?
  170. How to create a video website like this?
  171. How Did You Come Up With Your Username?
  172. True crime?
  173. Do you have male friends who you don't fuck?
  174. When I almost ran away to Arkansas forever and died...
  175. Anyone is good with photoshop ?
  176. A moral, caring, necrophiliac, Is it possible?
  178. Trump on fire over book
  179. not sure where to post this
  180. A New Necro Buddy II
  181. Has anyone met for play and feared the other person?
  182. RIP OgrishForum.com 2006-2017
  183. Please re-upload Necrodudes picture series
  184. I want to find a man who'd become 'obsessed' with me.... where can I find this?
  185. CDG is back and so am I!
  186. Cutedeadguys review on fresher.ru
  187. Strange fantasy
  188. deadliest website invitation code
  189. Latest on necrolord
  190. RIP Lifeofdebauchery.com
  191. Happy birthday deaddirty!
  192. DeathAddict.com is now a copy of CDG
  193. Snuff in porn
  194. Reddit admins likely to shut down r/watchpeopledie over Shuaib Aslam suicide video
  195. Gacy
  196. Looking for Mexican Atlas of Forensic Medicine
  197. Funeral home internship.
  198. Censorship against the dead everywhere
  199. Hanging or beheading
  200. Got back on site
  201. A CDG member has tried to kill himself
  202. DoS Attacks on theYNC
  203. What Shows Did You Watch When You Were a Kid?
  204. Any good simulated male snuff websites?
  205. Meaning of CDG logo
  206. Beltane Fire Festival
  207. Censorship
  208. how ro rape a guy
  209. ArrowMan is in hospital after a serious fall at his house
  210. What is documentary
  211. Adios Cute Dead Guys - for now
  212. Morgue Worker with a Pet Snake
  213. What if you had a boyfriend with 2 lives?
  214. boyslightsout and HBWL
  215. Murder Castle
  216. Do you like the revolvers gun?
  217. POLE: Abduction and 'Disposal' ideas
  218. seeking recommendations
  219. Meeting
  220. Path of Blood
  221. executioner or prisoner
  222. looking for someone
  223. One of our best sources who is a forensic pathologist was injured in road accident
  224. belly bloat and inflation forum
  225. Necropants
  226. One of the most handsome guys I have ever seen died yesterday
  227. Have you ever thought of your morgue video/death pics being shared on gore sites?
  228. Video exposing my info and address (Im your dream target)
  229. New Member
  230. Most powerful guy on noose I have ever seen
  231. Tumblr will ban all adult content starting December 17th
  232. Head lovers
  234. Feeling a Character
  235. Sick Puppy?
  236. meat grinder
  237. What is Your Favorite Scent of Man?
  238. Watchpeopledie Sub Banned by Reddit Admins
  239. Why Are You Here?
  240. People on Suicide Forums are Posting Links to our Site to Help them End their Lives
  241. belly bloat and inflation
  242. Reddit Admins Ban Photos of Dead People Across the Entire Site
  243. Simple medical test after frequent noose hanging
  244. Emiliano Sala dead in a morgue
  245. RAW