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  1. More pics as promised
  2. Jeffrey Dahmer
  3. Private or public execution?
  4. Love is a bitch
  5. In your Opinion, What serial killer do you think is sexy? ;)
  6. An asshole on You Tube about to get booted off....
  7. I stalked Google StreetView...with a stunning model inside
  8. new developments in photography
  9. Woman to wed slain French soldier posthumously
  10. What are your preferences?
  11. Have you ever felt like you are dying...in your sleep?
  12. Matthew Edison Bremer, dead Corbin Fisher model will be buried April 1, 2012
  13. Killer or Victim?? Which do you prefer?
  14. How to shut CDG down ???
  15. Fat Girl Neighbour Wants to FUCK ME !!!
  16. Best career choice for gay necros
  17. More Travelling and pics!
  18. bleach enama
  19. Odd quirk
  20. Your opinion on capital punishment
  21. Just curious
  22. Anatoly Slivko
  23. Who know what'are music in this clip?
  24. OFFICAL: Corbin Fisher model Matthew Bremer croaked from overdose
  25. Matt Bremer's Funeral Cost $10.000
  26. Do you know why we love dead bodies guys?
  27. Milking photos
  28. Loneliness?
  29. military statuary
  30. Immigrant from spain and italia captured in Boat by algeria police Marine
  31. I autopsied myself
  32. An Observation.
  33. Bald guys
  34. The Latest from Egypt ... Dead Sex is Okay (?)
  35. I saw some really fucked up shit in town square today
  37. Etiquette: Touching other people in public
  39. It's MAY .. the month of YES, you MAY !
  40. Dead eyes?
  41. It Could Happen to You (Sad History)
  42. Your profile name
  43. We ARE what we READ
  45. WHY NOT GAY???
  46. It Just Has To Be A Sign From a Higher Authority
  47. My thoughts are with Meatpie today...
  48. Are you cut?
  49. I don't fit into this world
  50. Necro Photo History
  51. Massage Fetish and slab ?
  52. Searching for Mike Carcel
  53. Did Jun Lin want to die?
  54. Looking for Luka Magnotta Porn
  55. Plastination
  56. Legality of different acts.
  57. What's your 'type'?
  58. My facebook and Luka Magnotta
  59. Does anybody know this story?
  60. Im baaack
  61. What does it for you?
  63. I'm back.
  64. My phantasy to be beheaded as nude one in jungle
  65. This Fetish
  66. CDG = Last Necro Site Standing ?
  67. the olypics
  68. Have you ever made a scene in public?
  69. So how many people here have had a guy play dead for them?
  70. Air diaster photos
  71. 7 years on
  72. Should imigrants be allowed to run for president in the US?
  73. Why do Parents Beat their Kids?
  74. My cousin walks the streets stark naked and masturbates in public
  75. If you had an inoperable brain tumour would you kill yourself?
  76. where is it dangerous in Manaus or Belem?
  77. Happy birthday phyz I want your toes and jizz
  78. Would you meet up with someone from here?
  79. Can you feel love for another man? Or is it just lust?
  80. A close family friend has passed away
  81. My best friend's feet
  82. The most horrifying part of a funeral
  83. Death and Drugs
  84. Gay or Straight
  85. Worst (or Best?) Boyfriend Ever?
  86. End of an Era- HBWL is no more
  87. Can't we get in trouble looking at some of these pictures?
  88. When and where did you last see a dead person?
  89. Chicago: TEACHERS on STRIKE !
  90. 11 Years After 9/11
  91. Spartacus on Starz
  92. military suicides
  93. Iranian Hangings - 60 at a time
  94. Drowning, how much does it hurt?
  95. Can you tell a lesbian in 10 min?
  96. I just posted some new pics in my gallery
  97. Anyone Have Uncensored Georgia Prison Rape Videos?
  98. machingun gun priest
  99. Model stunner
  100. book recommendation
  101. Snuff and feet
  102. Poll of most common scenarios
  103. my Blog was Banned
  104. Thriller makers offer
  105. I don't see very well with one eye
  106. I have a question for you all.
  107. Facebook Hack
  108. Attending a funeral?
  109. Most exciting thing on Earth for you?
  110. I survived the war
  111. Happy Halloween 2012
  113. Advice please for perfect headshot
  114. Recalled to Life
  115. No electricity - What will YOU do???
  116. When do the endorphins kick in?
  117. Facials anybody?
  118. Today is Guy Fawkes Day
  119. Learning to shroud
  120. Alive or dead feet fetish
  121. Disposal of your body
  122. I know ths nay belong in Great Debates but time is short...so here goes:
  123. Word Association
  124. Meatpie's female posts on CDG :-)
  125. final exit
  126. confused.....
  127. When did these fetishes begin?
  128. What really GRINDS YOUR GEAR?
  129. My friend from the morgue quit his job
  130. Do you recognize this guy?
  131. The First
  132. Bloodcurdling screams
  133. Showing off feet
  134. games you played as a child
  135. Many dead in Gaza but all sources are blocked
  136. Look for Dark Skinned Thug Strangle or Hanged Pics...
  137. Thanksgiving... So What Exactly R U Thankful For?
  138. UK Hangman videos
  139. Still wondering about pleasure and hanging
  140. I need money
  141. Best gore/death website?
  142. Why are we born this way?
  143. Was 2012 a good or a bad year for you?
  144. Serial killer
  145. For you guys into guns...
  146. heroic deaths
  147. Sick morgue worker
  148. Image Bam--Disturbing!
  149. Adam Lanza - hot corpse or not?
  150. December 21st - DOOMSDAY
  151. My idea in honor of the children killed.
  152. Somebody want to loose his head ?
  153. self hanging
  154. Funeral vist!!!
  155. sleeping men being jerked off
  156. Show us your Christmas gifts
  157. you guys make me so hard!
  158. Fulfilling your Ultimate Death Fantasy
  159. Any other women with this fetish or just me?
  160. HAPPY NEW YEAR, yous guys
  161. A New Years toast
  162. Do you think you may die in 2013?
  163. Hari Kari
  164. Custom user title change
  165. Your favorite method of beheading?
  166. what is the best product for increase muscle mass ?
  167. Ever tell a friend?
  168. Public parties
  169. Two or more fetishes?
  170. Death special: How does it feel to die?
  171. For all f Stu's/Ricks Buds
  172. "Why do you live?" My favourite movie quote from Harry Potter
  173. SEE how BOOZE makes you look
  174. I want to be here, but...
  175. Which kind of death most turns you on?
  176. If you were first on the scene...
  177. When did you realise you were nerco?
  178. Have you ever tried telling someone?
  179. Survived death once again
  180. Your favorite Bestdeaths Videos
  181. How often are you here?
  182. How do you what me to be snuffed
  183. Where u from?
  184. The HOLY GRAIL of CDG???
  185. Screen captures?
  186. To all those subs and ones who like humiliation
  187. The fascinating thing about James "Where you from" poll
  188. Where do our specific fantasies come from and what do you think they might mean?
  189. Prince Harry...
  190. Not sure...
  192. Could you kill?
  193. Help with purchase
  194. If your boyfriend dies...
  195. The world sometimes makes me sick
  196. Type of death I would love to see...Hoping to see more
  197. Gonna be a bit before I post again...
  198. Anybody work with or around dead bodies
  199. HBWL and Boys Lights Out
  200. Keeping your keyboard and mousepad clean.
  201. angel lust
  202. for anyone intrested in contacting bindiboi/billy, he is no longer on cdg, read post
  203. Happy Valentine's Day
  204. A friend of mine has been murdered
  205. A big thank you
  206. Lots of people betrayed me
  207. I am selling my smelly socks on the internet
  208. Whats our Russian members say about new crackdown on gays there?
  209. When nothing but dead guys can make you hard
  210. Ex-boyfriend just croaked at 29
  211. Necrophilia in other species.
  212. OMG Serbian kickboxer from Belgrade was killed in Frankurt
  213. We don't all like the same thing.
  214. Do you have trouble relating to people?
  215. wtf?!
  216. It seems that I'm addicted to PAUL..
  217. Of all the paraphilias in the world...
  218. When the heartbeat stops
  219. Existential question...
  220. Hear the latest bad economic news?
  221. Do you think dying in a cross is sexy?
  222. To Meatpie
  223. New 'Hannibal' series on NETWORK TV?
  224. Whata was the last CDG video you jacked to?
  225. A bag lady started stalking me on the metro yesterday
  227. Facebook has banned beheading videos from Mexico
  228. How many hours do you sleep a night?
  229. OK a picture is worth a thousand words.....so please discuss
  230. Thrillermakers
  231. Hannibal
  232. Dead Soliders Wristwatches.
  233. Who uses SKYPE on here?
  234. Do you know some good necromance movies?
  235. What Size are your Feet?
  236. Google Glass.
  237. Most of theYNC users are either gay necros or females ???
  238. Morgue photos of dead Turkish protesters
  239. How come decent quality, full length, FEMALE autopsy videos r extremely rare to find?
  240. Deaddirty is offline because of health problems
  241. racked on a wheel ??
  242. Ever Scare Yourself?
  243. What's the name of this torture method ?
  244. What the name of this movement ???
  245. Dreaming of your own death
  246. Brutal Death Metal
  247. Do your socks smell?
  248. I has a stalker
  249. snuff me
  250. Who on here is x militaery? Want to hear your stories.