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21-09-17, 11:18 PM
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  1. Outlaw
    it would be slow operation to cut that off with that small knife
  2. SrceSrbije
    "To cut THAT off" ... You speack about my breeder tool as if it was a thing...
  3. Outlaw
    It's a big thing - I can see it :D great meat pole
  4. SrceSrbije
    A so nervous meat pole then it could be bigger
  5. Outlaw
    that is good size to make it suffer
  6. SrceSrbije
    It makes suffer too narrow fucking cunts... Great sound thak other guys make it suffer in return!
  7. Andrew1999
    So meaty...
  8. rentmac7
    really meaty, please don't cut this yet.. I have to use it ...
  9. alexonedeath
    You have junk that deserves to be kept busy. Look at that long, fat wanger and those big balls, topped by a dense bush. I could hardly ask for more.
  10. SrceSrbije
    Thanks Alexonedeath ! Good junk for brave breeder
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