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    sunglasses Join and share what would you do when rape a straight guy, who is kidnappled

    Join and share what would you do when rape a straight guy, who is kidnappled
    Share your mind, all members share and that is great story

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    hot guy, love to milk his dick till nothing come out

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    handsome dude...would love to just play with his body and feet

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    kidnap and rape... Well just for that I would be looking at a lengthy custodial term so really what have I got to lose by killing him? Infact I could gain alot since theres no trace of him and nothing to tie me to him. Most people who are captured let their victims go and they tell police and that is what leads to their capture.. SO it is settled!

    He has to die

    at this point he is tied up, hands cuffed behind his back and hes panting hard having just cummed. I would have collapsed on top of that meaty chest and be listening to the strong heartbeat inside him.. I want it and he will watch me as i cut it out of his body and eat it. Harvesting all the edibles I will then remove his head and keep it as a sounvenir.. Place it beside me as i crush his bones to a fine powder

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