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    Itís Illegal To Be Gay in 72 Countries

    Homosexuality continues to be a crime in 72 countries and territories around the world, even warranting the death sentence in some. According to a report by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), same-sex relations can result in a prison sentence up to life in dozens of countries and in eight it can even lead to a death penalty.

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    This serves to show how much social disparity there is in our world. Most western countries have already legalized homosexuality and most allow gay marriage. Most countries that criminalize homosexuality are either theocracies or very poor country where the government has to come up with a pet cause to distract the population from the atrocities the government commits. It is kind of similar to Orwell's 1984 in which the three super powers fought a perpetual war just so the populace would never revolt against the government.

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    I think it is very interesting to see that countries with the biggest popular opinion against same sex marriages are christian countries. Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Bahamas where more than 90 percent of population areagainst same sex marriages and Ucraine 85 percent.

    USA has a substantial 34 percent minority against same sex marriages.

    We can compare this with most muslim countries where homosexuality is now illegal but population is not so strongly against same sex marriages. Iraq 50 percent against same sex marriage,
    KSA 58 percent, Indonesia 69 percent, Malaysia 47 percent compare with Singapore 55 percent!,

    In south saharan Africa where same sex marriage traditionally have been accepted, the opinion against same sex marriages are now grooving. I suspect that is because of lutheran christian mission during the last century.

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