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    it looks like it's gonna take quite a while. i'll leave the downloading in background, and come back here later for the translation.

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    Any chance of sharing the url, Blackworld? The file is too big for my cloud converter... Thanks.

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    (sichuan dialect)
    A: take off your clothes to sleep. take it off. if you wear it, it makes you feel cold when sleeping. take off the underwear. stand up, come on, stand up.

    B: MMM…

    A: The underwear is wet? yes? look at the wound. they’ve not healed? ..(after a while) where did you have meal? (repeated asking)

    B: i don’t know where I had my meal.

    A: did I eat it together?
    B: yes… (murmuring) is there toilet service? (COMMENT: I’m not sure. it’s in sichuan accent, but it does sound like so. i guess it’s some kind of slang there)
    a: what? toilet service? you want to fuck a female now? (begin playing with his balls) but yours is not big enough.
    b: toilet service…
    a: toilet service? quickly go to sleep. i’ll go looking for the service. heard me?
    b: mmm…
    a: (turned on tv)

    (begin playing with him)

    a: did you eat?
    b: mmm… no…
    a: you ate before. your uncle is here.(COMMENT: its another slang word. i’m not sure if i’ve got it right.) show me hands. quickly, show your hand. raise arms. let me check the wound. Nih Er Schuam(COMMENT: it should be his name), stick out your tougue. (touch his tougue) is it bitter? is it? (COMMNT: is he pretending to do a health check? )

    b: no
    a: (slapped his face)
    did you xxx (don’t get the dialect word)? did you eat? did you? sit up! sit up! sit up! your uncle was here, still remember? um? where did you serve the army?
    b: yunnan
    a: for how long?
    b: 5 years.
    a: roll about! roll! did you wake up?
    b: no…
    a: roll! quickly! …what? roll. it’s a training. quickly. roll! you can’t roll? what? can you roll?
    b: yes.
    a: good. no problem. raise head! stand up. attention! attention! can you stand up? attention! come here! come! are you drunk?
    b: yes
    a: want to sleep more? how much did you drink last night? how much? come here. follow me. how many bottles did you drink? how many?
    b: 2 pieces
    a: 2 pieces? so much. did you drink wine?
    b: i’m sad.
    a: sad? why?
    b: …
    a: keep down! butt this way. stick out your head! keep down!

    (the end)
    apparently the perpetrator is a millitary instructor of the victim. the victim looks good, and obediant... but the video just makes me sad somewhat. It's somekind of mental & physical torture to the victim, who blindly trusts the perpetrator. why can't he just leave the victim alone and play with his beautiful body? there's no respect at all.

    besides it's in sichuan dialect. although sichuan is a southen province, its dialect is more like a northen one. maybe a northener chinese can understand it better. I've tried my best. it should be 90% accurate at least.

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    Wow thank you tremendously necrophi! I now see clearer the situation thanks to your help!

    The perpetrator is obviously superior in power & influence over his victim. He was downright abusive and not giving a fuck what damage he might have caused. That drug is some heavy, mind-destroying shit!

    All the while it is still amazing & stimulating to see this degrading act happening with our own eyes. It's awesome to witness how far one person would go to acquire their sexual pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acidboyed View Post
    People can speak Chinese can also be non-Chinese, I prefer northern Chinese, coz northern Chinese has stronger body, and most of face doesn't look like pancake. However southern also has handsome, but not the same style to northern. And southern has less handsome.

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    hi i have some video same can i have your email BlackWorld?

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    screenshot or preview please

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