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    Chapter 351. Jack

    Giles had warned Scott that his services would soon be required by their North American cousins across the pond. He didn’t know when he'd be going but before he was called into action he had a little job he wanted to take care of.

    His sister had a new boyfriend, unlike the many times before when she had grown tired of them the black widow always asked her big brother to take care of them.
    Scott didn’t really like the guy she was currently dating and thought that Jack was a bit of a prick. He didn't like the way the young builder treated his sister and was only happy to oblige when the request came in.

    Standing around 5'08'' and of a stocky build with a toned body and slightly tanned skin Jack was your typical lad. Cocky and always flirting with the ladies, it was only a matter of time until he pissed people off.

    That evening Scott's sister suggested that Scott joined Jack and her on a night out. Having nothing planned for the evening Scott accepted the offer and began at the process of getting ready. A few hours later he picked the young lovers up, and then drove to the nightclub.

    "Please do your business soon." Scott's sister urged as Jack collected some drinks from the bar. "I'm growing tired of him."
    Scott told his sister to be patient and that the deed would be done soon enough.
    Everything appeared to be going well until Jack had consumed too much alcohol. His demeanour and attitude changed. He now spoke to Scott's sister like she was a piece of dirt and openly flirted with other girls, much to Scott's sister’s annoyance.

    The final straw came later that evening when Jack took his shirt off to reveal his fine athletic torso and let random girls drink shots of his chest and abs.

    This infuriated Scott's sister who in a fit of rage confronted her boyfriend who in reply laughed her off and told her he'd do what he wants. The argument ended with Scott's sister storming out and heading home.
    Scott tried to enjoy the rest of the evening but found he couldn’t and headed home to see if his sister was ok.

    The next morning Scott was still angry at the way Jack had treated his sister. The more and more he thought about it the angrier he became. Leaving his house he headed round to his sisters and caught sight of a shirtless Jack getting into his work van.

    "Hey Jack we need to talk." Scott shouted as he jumped out of his car.

    "What now." Jack replied "I need to get to work."

    "I'll be quick." Scott started as the hot builder stood before him. "I wasn’t happy with how you treated my sister last night, you embarrassed her in front of the whole club. That was fucking uncalled for."

    "She needs to grow up Scott." Jack replied "I was having a laugh. We all have laughs when we are on a night out. Anyway it’s none of your business."

    "Listen it became my business when you treated my sister like shit." Scott said in an aggressive and angry tone "I don’t like the way you spoke to her either. So do us all a favour and either leave her or treat her a lot better?"

    Jack laughed in Scott's face before adding "don’t fucking threaten me or tell me how to treat my girlfriend. Now fuck off." And then getting into his work van and driving off.

    Scott was livid; he wasn’t going to let Jack get away with speaking to him like that. He jumped in his car and followed Jack to his next job. He parked his car and patiently waited.

    Around an hour later he observed the occupants of the house leave which mean Jack was now all alone.
    This was Scott’s chance to strike.

    He snuck around the back and saw that Jack was taking a little break. The young builder was sat in a chair as he looked at his phone.

    Sensing his opportunity Scott grabbed a hammer that he saw on the side and crept up to an unsuspecting Jack. The sound of Jacks skull cracking was evident as Scott lifted the hammer and the shirtless builder fell to the floor. Incensed with how Jack had spoken to his sister Scott rained blow after blow down on Jack's head bludgeoning him to death.

    When he finally finished Jack's face was a bloody pulp. Scott knew he didn’t have time to dwell on things and quickly dragged Jack's body to his car.
    With the body in the back of his car he drove to the animal centre and had already ear marked what animal to feed Jack to.

    Jack's body was placed on the floor outside of the animal’s enclosure as Scott took a few moments to strip the body down to its underwear. Once complete the door was opened as Scott dragged Jack's fresh body into the Boa Constrictors enclosure.

    The snake watched Scott’s every move as he placed the fresh meal on the ground before giving it one last look.

    Once Scott left the room the large snake slithered over to inspect its food. The Boa's long forked tongue flashed against Jacks skin before it positioned itself at Jack's head opened its mouth wide and slowly began to swallow the young builder. Bit by bit parts of Jack slowly disappeared into the Boa Constrictors mouth. Half an hour later the large snake was halfway down Jack's torso and was slowly devouring his lower abs. Another hour later Jack's shins and feet disappeared down the snake’s throat as the large bulge finally rested in its stomach.

    Scott left the room as the Boa slithered away to digest Jack.
    Picking up his phone he called his sister to inform her the deed had been done. She was happy that another guy had been disposed of.

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    Chapter 352. Back to America

    The call to go to America came sooner than Scott had expected but Giles's call explained that the president elect wanted Scott’s service and when the next US president requests your attendance you don’t say 'no'.

    Scott soon found himself on a plane to America with Danny for company, Adam was busy with work and would join them if he could.

    Arriving in America after a long and tiring flight the guys headed to the large house that Scott has purchases as the base for his operations. It felt good to relax and chill out.
    The duo headed down to the basement where the three hunks who had been killed just before the killers left the States last time still hung from their meat hooks.
    Nicholas the exotic dancer, along with Max and Jake the porn stars looked like they had just been killed.

    The freezing temperatures in the room meant the killers could play with their victims’ bodies at any time. Also in the room sat the head of Austin the American jock who had been the group’s first kill on US soil.

    And Ryan the hunk that Scott started a mini relationship with. Both had been killed for their meat and Scott had an idea. He checked the freezer to see if some of Austin's muscular meat remained but it seemed it had been eaten. However there were still some wraps of Ryan's meat which were taken out and defrosted for that night’s dinner.

    Scott scanned some pictures he'd taken of Ryan as he tucked into his tender juicy meat, as his mind drifted back to some of the good times he'd had Scott couldn’t help but thank Ryan as he placed another piece of succulent thigh meat in his mouth.

    A meeting with the president elect had been arranged for the next day so an early night was in order.

    A car picked Scott up early the next morning as Danny stayed to have a little fun with the three bodies in the basement.

    Scott soon found himself standing in front of the next president of the United States.
    "It’s an honour to meet you sir." Said Scott as he gladly shook the president elects hand. "Whatever I can do to assist you with I will."

    "Excellent." The president elect replied "I want to put on a Brotherhood celebration for my election victory and want you to ascertain the meat for me."
    The president elect opened up his tablet and showed Scott two pictures of the intended target.
    The first showed a great looking young man with a sexy body, and a great set of pecs. A tattoo appeared to dot the top of his left shoulder and Scott could see straight away why the president elect had chosen this guy.

    "The dudes name is Colin." The president elect explained "He's a model that I spotted a while back and now we can celebrate I think acquiring him would be perfect."

    The next photo of Colin was soon on display on the tablets screen and this one again showed the hot hunk standing side on and staring directly at the camera.

    "The celebration is tomorrow." The president elect announced "So you don’t have much time. Colin is due to attend a conference tomorrow and my team tell me he'll be in the gym tomorrow morning. It’s all down to you now."

    Scott arrived early at the address of the gym he was told Colin would be at, and the information he was quickly found to be correct as he caught sight of his target as he worked out on the gym equipment. Colin had no idea he was being stalked as he carried on going about his business.

    Colin's workout session had just finished and Scott watched as the young man now positioned himself in front of a mirror. He lifted his vest so it now rested on the back of his head and observed his pumped up torso.

    Scott headed to the car park and jumped into his waiting van as Colin showered and dressed himself in the changing rooms.
    A short while later the hot hunk emerged and jumped into his own car.

    The drive to the convention centre didn’t take that long and Colin parked his car up, paying no particular attention to the white van that parked next to him Colin walked across the car park to the entrance to the convention centre.

    Dressed in a blue vest and denim jeans the hunk was prepared for his visit to the convention centre that was holding its yearly fitness convention.

    Scott watched as Colin headed inside then followed him shortly afterwards leaving Danny in the van for a quick getaway when it came to acquiring the hunk.

    Wandering around the convention Scott did his best not to look suspicious as he stopped at each stall and surveyed what it had to offer. It didn’t take him long to come across Colin who stood in a booth rubbing his hands all over his torso as he talked to the owners about his muscular body and how he achieved.

    Scott stalked the hot hunk as he made his way around the convention before overhearing Colin say he would soon heading home.
    Pre-empting the hunks decision Scott headed back to the van the vans sliding door was ajar meaning he could pounce after waiting patiently for Colin to return to his car.

    Soon enough the duo spotted their potential prey as Colin walked back towards his car. The hot hunk looked at his phone as he strolled along , his vest pulled up over his head exposing his fantastic pecs, well toned abs and deep v cut.

    Scott waited until Colin was level with the van, he quickly burst out and placed the stun gun deep into Colin's back. The hot hunk was taken by surprise and quickly dragged into the back on the van which sped off with Danny at the wheels.

    The ligature was wrapped tightly around Colin's neck and pulled tight as he immediately struggles to breath. The stun gun had done its job as Colin lay unable to move on the van floor his muted gasps for breath drowned out by the noise of the van engine.

    It was halfway through the attack that Colin felt able to fight back and instinctively raised his hands in an attempt to push Scott off, the damage had been done as Scott had put himself in an optimum position. The ligature had been pulled tight and Colin's face was turning bright red.
    A few moments later Colin's struggles slowed as he let out a final gasp and went limp. Scott kept the ligature wrapped tightly around Colin's throat; his vacant eyes stared up at his killer as his head was gently rocked from side to side.

    "Not so fast now Danny boy." Scott bellowed as he had his first fondle of Colin's body. "I'm having some fun so nice and gentle please."
    His hands explored Colin's fantastic torso savouring every touch of his smooth chiselled body. The hunks meaty pecs jiggled under each grope as the outline of his abs was followed by Scott's finger that explored every crevasse.

    He wasted no time in stripping Colin of his jeans so he lay in nothing more than his underwear, 'what a great specimen of manhood.' Scott thought as he surveyed Colin in all his splendour. The countless hours of gym work had helped Colin get the physique that lay before his killer, the dead hunks well developed legs just added the sexiness and Scott knew the body would yield some tasty meat.

    Danny continued his careful drive to the presidents elects house as Scott fucked Colin’s muscular body.

    The party at the president elects house was in full swing when the van containing the main course pulled up. The president elect excused himself from the party and headed to check the merchandise he'd asked Scott to bring back.

    "Excellent work Scott." The president elect announced "what a fantastic specimen, the guests are going to love tucking into him. Take him into the kitchen area where the chef is waiting."

    Scott did as asked and wheeled Colin's body into the kitchen.
    "Ahh, the main course is finally here. Put him on the large tray on the table please." The chef requested as he washed his hands then carried a tub of marinade over to the body. Before adding
    "Give me a hand Scott, we are going to coat part of Colin's body in a smokey BBQ sauce and leave the other side as plain flavouring. You start on his leg I’ll do his arm and we'll meet in the middle."
    Scott dipped his hand in the marinade and began to coat Colin's leg in the sauce, he ensured he covered his thick thigh in adequate amounts of marinade and then began to coat half of the dead hunks torso. Twenty minutes later and Colin was ready to go into the oven.

    The chef wheeled the tray into the walk in oven and set the temperature to ensure it cooked well. Scott mingled with the other Brotherhood guests as he waited for Colin to cook. He took the praise and accolades about his work from the other Brotherhood members before eventually being summoned back to the kitchen.

    The smell of Colin's roasted body smelt brilliant as the chef wheeled the tray containing the cooked hunk from the oven. Colin's skin had turned a crisp golden brown as and juices ran from the meat as the chef cut a slice off and popped it in his mouth.
    "Excellent, he is ready, now to garnish the tray."

    The president elect had gathered all the party goers and they now sat at the table awaiting their dinner. Scott nodded to the president elect who stood and gave a toast as the main course was wheeled in.
    Guests couldn’t take their eyes of Colin's perfectly cooked body, the weight to taste his wonderful flesh was nearly over.

    An hour and half later the guests sat back in their chairs, their bellies close to popping due to the amount of meat consumed. The president elect looked at Colin's carcass and then gave a nod of appreciation to Scott.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian2012 View Post
    Chapter 352. Back to America
    Wish I could have been at that dinner!!!
    "Tell me, did you intend the reader to have an erotic reaction to the grisly murder of the well-muscled handyman?" "Did you have one?" "I had three." "Then yes."

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    I wish I was ashley

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    dam these are so hot I'd love to be anyone of the victims

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    dam I wish I could be one of the guys so far

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    thank you
    pls continue

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    Chapter 353. Logan

    With the first American job for the Brotherhood successfully completed the guys now had some time to spend doing what they wished.

    Scott already had ideas and it involved his usual past time of murder. The trio of killers had created a serial killer that the press had dumbed the 'catch me if you can' or in some outlets the 'numbers' killer. Both nicknames given because of the comments and numbers that were carved into the young men's torsos.
    Scott's records showed that they had killed seventeen victims but searches online confirmed that the police had only found twelve bodies but were concerned that there were more out there due to the jump in numbers. Curiosity let Scott search for the victims that had been discovered and pleasant pictures of the guys appeared on the web page, his attention then turned to those that still lay undiscovered, their once sexy bodyís now skeletal remains or badly decomposed.

    It was time for another death to be attributed to the killer and the hunt soon began.

    Logan was an 18 year old high school senior who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Standing around 5'08'' tall and of a stocky athletic build with short brown hair and a hot athletic body he looked perfect victim material for Scott who spotted Logan as he walked by the side of the road.

    Scott's eyes were firmly fixed on the young hunk who wore a dark vest and jeans as the van drove past its intended prey.
    Danny parked the van further up the road and the killers waited patiently until there was close.
    With Logan now in line with the van Scott attacked and bundled the hot jock into the back of the van which then quickly sped off.

    Logan didnít have time to put up a fight as Scott cut his throat with a knife, Blood from the wound drenched Scott as the teenagers brief gurgles soon ended and his hands that tried to cover the deep wound now lay limply at his side.
    Scott wasted no time in pulling Logan's jeans off to reveal a muscular pair of legs dotted with fine dark hairs, lifting the vest he could feel his trouser snake growing as he revealed more of Logan's firm abs.

    Scott took the time to fondle Logan's body as he lay in his underwear, he gently massaged the jocks fine legs as his hands disappeared up the bottom of the underwear so he could fondle Loganís manhood, his attention now turned to Logan's athletic torso as he traced the outline of Logan's abs with his finger and then continued to rub the smooth unblemished skin until stopping and fondling with Logan's pecs.

    The high school senior was to be a message to the authorities, a warning the 'catch me if you can' killer was back. Scott took out a Stanley knife and slashed the figure 18 into Logan's torso before carving 'Iím back' over his well-toned abs. Danny drove to a pre-planned location which was a well-known hikerís trail where they could dump Logan's body. The van stopped, its rear door opened as Scott surveyed the area, all was quiet as a countdown of 'one,two, three." Saw Logan's body tossed out of the van and onto the grass. The killers wanted Logan to be found, the games were to be played.

    Brotherhood business would not take up all Scott's trip, he intended to have fun as well.

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    Chapter 355. Andrew

    With some free time to kill Scott decided to have some more fun, he had started to chat to a guy online and a quick look at his profile picture was enough to tell Scott that he would make a fine victim.
    The young man stood in front of a mirror and took a picture of himself, Scott easily fell for his handsome looks as he was shirtless exposing a hot athletic body as wore a baseball cap, with red underwear that sat above a pair sagging red bottoms.

    A suggestion to meet up had been made and the online 'date' said he would be there within a few hours.

    On the rebound from a previous relationship Andrew was looking for company, he hated being alone and the fact that his previous boyfriend had cheated on him knocked his confidence. When the offer to meet up with this online date came through he jumped at it, not even taking the time to consider any dangers or suspicions.

    Danny had been moved into a hotel so Scott was free to have some fun with his new guest when he arrived.

    He didn’t need to wait long as Andrew finally arrived, excited to have someone paying interest in him Andrew knocked on the door to the large house.
    Scott opened the door and let Andrew in, he was surprised as his young date looked far better in the flesh then he did in the pictures, handsome and humble Scott knew he was on for a winner with Andrew.
    Andrew in turn couldn’t believe his luck, the fact that a sexy muscular stud like Scott was paying attention to him was great. He thought he was worthless and a poor human being after he had been cheated on and thought there was nothing left for him. But now a muscular hunk had arranged a date and Andrew wanted to make sure he made a good impression.
    He was invited in and Scott offered him a drink as the two spent a little time getting to know each other. He spotted Andrew eyeing up his hunky frame so midway through their conversation Scott paused and removed his shirt.

    Andrew's eyes fixated on the muscular body before him, he barely knew Scott but yet this muscle stud was stripping before his very eyes which in turn caused him to have an erection. Scott could see that Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off of him and took his guest by surprise when he said "You like what you see. Go on touch it."

    Andrew was stunned, he couldn’t believe his luck, to repay the favour he also pulled off his shirt and the two quickly got acquainted to each other as their hands explored each other’s torso.
    Scott could tell that his young guest was enjoying himself as each grope saw Andrew's hand linger and take in as much flesh as it could. In turn the two soon cuddled up with Andrew resting the side of his face on Scott's magnificent torso.

    An early night ensured where both hunks got to explore each other in even more detail. The bed springs had no rest as the two fucked each other into the night although Andrew preferred to be on the receiving end from his muscle host.

    The next morning the two lay next to each other their hands draped across each other’s chest, Scott looked over at Andrew "You don’t have to go home yet do you?" He asked, knowing his fun with Andrew hadn’t even begun yet.

    Andrew looked Scott in the eye, the feeling of being wanted and having attention paid to him was something that he liked and longed for since being dumped. Now Scott wanted to be with him, "No I don’t." Andrew replied "I can stay as long as you want me to."

    Scott rolled over and kissed Andrew on the cheek "Good. I'll prepare breakfast, come down shortly."

    Laying in the bed Andrew was on cloud nine, he honestly thought that he was useless since being dumped but Scott had rejuvenated him, he placed his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling, he felt happy to be alive.

    Breakfast had been served and eaten as Scott suggested that the two take in some nature and explore the wide open world. Andrew didn’t really care what he did with Scott, just being in his company was enough for him. They dressed and headed out to the car.
    To Andrew's surprise Scott threw him the keys to one of his cars, Andrew was given permission to drive the Bentley, he jumped behind the wheel of the prestige car and put the keys in the ignition.

    "Don’t go smashing her up.!" Scott joked as his young guest got familiar with the controls.

    "Don’t worry I wont." Andrew replied as he slowly drove down the drive way.

    After a short drive they pulled into the car park for a local national park, a short walk ensured until the duo came to a clearing in the woodland, Andrew positioned himself so he sat on a log. Scott took out his phone and snapped a picture of his young lover especially capturing a fine shot of his smooth slender legs.

    The clearing was clear of people and the two made the decision to get a little closer, Scott approached Andrew and immediately began to rub his hands up Andrew's fine smooth legs.
    "Not here, someone might see us." Andrew said as Scott replied "I don’t care, let them see us." As he turned his attention to unbuttoning Andrew's shirt.
    The shirt was pulled off as Andrew's brown eyes looked up at Scott before the two passionately kissed Andrew placed his hand up Scott's shirt as Scott rubbed his hands over Andrew's athletic torso.

    The thought of dispatching Andrew there and then entered his head but Scott wanted more fun with the cute hunk. The two were in full flow of fondling each other when their romantic liaison was disrupted by fellow park visitors. The elderly couple stood amazed shocked at what they had discovered but Scott and Andrew giggled, grabbed their clothes and ran away like school children.

    That evening the two still couldn’t get their close shave out of their heads, they could laugh about it now but it was a mini embarrassing moment. Andrew grabbed a drink from the fridge and turned to face Scott, the sight of Andrew's firm sexy body complete with veins and great definition released the inner beast in Scott.

    "Let’s see we finish what we started at the park." Scott suggested as he began to kiss Andrew on his neck and chest before gently pushing him back so he lay on the kitchen side board.
    Andrew didn’t need to respond, his lack of resistance soon saw Scott fucking his young friend in the kitchen.

    The evening soon drew to a close and the two retreated to the bedroom, the fun wasn’t over yet though as Scott suggested that the two take a bath together.
    Andrew sat on the bed whilst Scott ran the bath, he returned to the room to see the sexy stud sitting on the bed in nothing more than a red pair of Calvin Klein’s.

    Scott's manhood grew hard at the sight of Andrew's fine body and attractive legs but it wasn’t going to stop him putting the final part of his plan into action.

    Scott took Andrew by the hand and led him into the bathroom. The large bath had been filled with water and bubble bath as two glasses and a bottle of wine rested on the side. Both hunks stripped naked and slipped into the water as the bottle of wine was opened and the glass filled up. The two clinked their glasses as they relaxed in the tub. Andrew was in his element, he'd never been pampered like this before and didn’t want it to end.

    Scott offered to give his young house guest a massage, not wanting to turn down a massage by his muscular friend Andrew turned himself in the tub so he now sat with his back to Scott. He lifted his head as Scott placed his hands on his shoulders and began to gently massage them.
    Scott observed Andrew's guard was dropped, without any warning he dunked an unsuspecting Andrew under the water and held him there. The wine from Andrew's spilled glass mixed with the water as he splashed violently in the water. He held his breath for as long as he could as his arms reached up and tried to grab at Scott who continued his attack.

    Andrew couldn’t hold his breath much longer and took in a lot of water, Scott liked the sound of Andrew's frantic gasps and gurgles as the hapless hunks arms and legs continued to splash about until his struggles soon slowed followed by a release of bubbles from his mouth. One leg extended from the bath as the other lay submerged in the water. Scott continued to hold Andrew's head under the water as his vacant eyes stared up from under its foamy water cover.

    Satisfied that his house guest was dead Scott lifted Andrew's naked body from the bath and carried it back into the bedroom. Andrew was laid out on the bed as Scott took a picture of the body and texted it to Danny along with a message that read 'You can come home now for some fun. :)'
    His young protťgť replied "on my way, he's hot."

    Attention now turned to Andrew's body as Scott climbed onto the bed and fondled with the dead stud before him. He placed a hand on each shin, slowly moving them up over the fine leg hair before eventually reaching his thick thighs. Attention soon turned to Andrew's fine torso where Scott paid particular attention to his tracing his firm abs and fondling with his meaty pecs. He lifted Andrew's arms and the dead hunks palms across his muscular body.

    Once finished he lifted Andrew's legs placed his shins on his shoulders and began to fuck the dead young house guest. The body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust Scott made, moments later he reached his orgasmic moment and fired his load deep into Andrew.

    Finished he put on some clothes as Danny came home.
    "Head upstairs and have your fun before I dispose of him." Scott said as he gave Danny a hug.

    Half an hour later Danny had finished with the body, he'd spent long enough fondling the body and then having sex with it. As he showered Scott had his last bit of fun with Andrew, he rolled him onto his front and mounted the dead hunk. Pulling his head back he whispered "Sorry for how it turned out for you Andrew, but I’ll make sure nothing goes to waste and you'll always be with me." His fun was soon over and Andrew's naked body was dragged downstairs and lain out on a metal table.

    Surveying the body Scott noted where he could get the best cuts and began the process of cutting Andrew up.

    The edible cuts from the body were placed on one side with Andrew's head whilst his remains were thrown into a black bag.

    Two select cuts of Andrew's meat were placed in the cooker, whilst it cooked Scott buried the black bag full of remains in the woodland that bordered his property. Andrew's head was placed in the freezer room as Danny and Scott sat down to eat.
    Andrew just wanted love and affection and this was what he got although he had no idea it would be so extreme.

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    Aww,, poor Andrew :)

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