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    Chapter 358. Michael

    Scott had enjoyed the frat house massacre and now took the opportunity to stock up on meat. He searched the online database that he had set up that allowed young men to apply to be models. Shifting through the online applications he eventually stumbled across a guy that took his fancy.
    Southern boy Michael had submitted two photos with his application and both turned Scott on and told the killer that he had found his next victim.

    The first photo showed a handsome looking hunk in nothing more than a blue towel that showed off his excellent physique, the wannabe model even tried to tempt Scott by pulling down the edge of his towel to give a glimpse of his well shaven pubes.

    Excited by the first picture Scott eagerly opened up the second. His cock sprung to immediate attention when it opened up on the screen as Michael stood in front of a mirror, placed the bottom of his vest in his mouth and took a snap of his perfectly defined body with fantastic pecs and rock solid abs oblique.

    Scott had seen enough and picked up the phone, he immediately dialled the sexy southern hunk and arrangements were put in place.

    Michael smiled as he got off the phone, this was a great chance to make his big break. One of the world’s best male photographers had just offered him a shoot. Friends had ridiculed him but the countless hours of hard work he put into sculpting the perfect body was about to pay off. He packed his bags and headed for the airport, excited for what lay ahead.

    The arrangement was for Michael to get a cab from the airport and meet Scott in the city, Scott had told his new guest he had an important meeting and this was the easiest way for the two to quickly hook up.
    Scott laughed to himself as he sat waiting for Michael to arrive. It always amazed him how easy it was to acquire victims using the old I’m a photographer line. The amount of guys that were willing to put themselves forward for this amazed him, the need to want to show off their body coupled with an easy pay day meant it was route that would never get old for Scott and with the Brotherhood behind him he had the perfect backing to succeed.

    He eventually spotted Michael making his way across the park, the handsome hunk was dressed in a cream shirt and denim jeans with both pieces of clothing appearing to struggle to contain the great body beneath them.
    With his own manhood stood to attention Scott approached the young model and shook him by the hand "Hi Michael, I’m Scott, hope you weren’t waiting long."

    "No not at all." Michael replied "I only got here a few minutes ago. Now I bet you can’t wait to start photographing this can you." The hunk added as he lifted the bottom of his to reveal his fantastically toned abs and deep ridged Apollo’s belt.

    "All in good time." Scott casually replied "We've got a few days. Let’s get you settled at the ranch and we'll start the shoot tomorrow."

    The two headed to the car as Scott drove the two back home.

    Michael felt a lot more at ease having seen Scott, he had a worry that the photographer could have been some pervy old man and things may not have lived up to what he thought they would but seeing that the famous photographer was around the same age as him and the fact that Scott had passed the test where Michael showed off his body and said there'd be plenty of time for that made the hunky model feel a lot more comfortable.

    "Wow, big place you have here." Michael said as the car pulled down the lane that led to Scott's place.

    "Yep it has all I need." Scott replied as he parked the car and led Michael into the house. "Now remember treat this place like home during your stay here, feel free to use the gym and pool any time you want to, now let me show you to your room."

    "Jesus." An astonished Michael said "This room is nearly as big as the lounge in my flat. I think I’m gonna enjoy it here."

    Scott laughed "I’ll leave you to freshen up then you can join me downstairs for a few beers. See you shortly."

    Michael sat on the bed, he couldn’t believe his luck, his photographer seemed a really nice guy and he couldn’t wait to get started on the shoot. This was to be the beginning if something good for Michael and he was determined not to let it go wrong. He pulled off the shirt that was drenched in his sweat and replaced it with a smart casual one. He freshened himself up in the bathroom and headed downstairs to get to know Scott a little better.

    Scott couldn’t believe how hot Michael looked as the young wannabe model entered the room dressed in his white shirt.

    The stud oozed sexiness as Scott said "here catch." And threw a cold beer to Michael who caught it cracked it open and sat on the sofa.

    Scott sipped his beer as he explained his background to his young visitor, he could tell that Michael was impressed but Scott wanted to know a bit about his future victim.

    "Enough about me." Scott said "Tell me your age, weight, height, and hair colour?"

    "I'm twenty years old, weigh 185 ilbs and stand at 5'11'', I have blonde hair and hazel eyes." Michael explained.

    "Wait,, what you're only twenty years old. No way." An astonished Scott remarked struggling to believe Michael was so young.

    "No honestly. I was born in 1996, here have a look." Michael responded as he handed Scott his driving licence.

    "Wow I can’t believe it." Scott replied before joking "Hey doesn’t that make you too young to drink."

    The two laughed as Scott then asked the next question.
    "How did you get into fitness, what drove you to ascertain the body you have?"

    Michael's response was humble as he said "I was a key wrestler in high school and having wrestled for seven years I had to keep myself in good shape and my passion for training stemmed from there. I then entered a local physique competition and won."

    Scott could believe what he was hearing as he listened to Michael as he described himself, he easily saw this All American boy being a wrestler and tried to picture Michael in his tight singlet, wanting to know more he asked the next question.
    "Tell me why you want to break into modelling? What are you aspirations and dreams?"

    Michael didn’t need to think about this question and answered straight away.
    "People have been telling me I should give modelling a try, you'd be hard push to disagree that I have the body for it. I've been trying for a while but had little joy until you gave me this big chance for which I’m grateful for. I just want to get work as a fitness model, what it leads to you never know, some fitness models have made it into acting, can I do that, I hope so."

    Scott felt a little guilty as Michael spoke about what he wanted for the future, the poor soul had no idea he wasn’t going to be living much longer, but that was still a few days away and Scott was still eager to know more.
    "What do you think gives you the edge over many of your other fitness rivals?" He asked as he chucked Michael another beer.

    Michael looked down at his body then looked directly at Scott as he answered "My body is all natural, I’m not as rugged as some of my colleagues they plant hideous tattoos on their bodies. I've got a fantastic muscular physique that is 100% natural, add my boyish good looks into the equation and I feel I pull of the All American look quite well."

    The questions continued as Scott asked "How have your family and friends reacted to you wanting to get into fitness modelling. With you being from conservative Tennessee and the fact that this type of modelling can bring both male and female fans they can’t be happy with your choice?"

    Scott could see that this question obviously hit a cord with Michael as he thought carefully before answering, his answer surprised Scott but was also joy to the killer’s ears.
    "To be honest I’ve kept my plans quiet from the people back home. My family wouldn’t like it but I think that if they see I’m being successful at it then there'd come round to the idea."

    Scott only had a few more questions he wanted to ask and the penultimate one was a question that Michael answered off the cuff as Scott asked the young hunk what he thought his best body part was.

    He found it hard to argue with Michael's reply off "I don’t think I can pick one part. I mean look at me, I’m perfect all over. Do you agree or not?"

    "Michael I think I’d be hard pushed to disagree with you there. Why do you think I chose you over others? Now the last question. Tell me something I’d be surprised to find out about you?"

    Michael giggled as he replied "I’m a bit of a practical joker but You're going to find this hard to believe and like I said don’t let these boyish looks fool you, when I was younger this southern boy got into a lot of trouble with the law and was a bit of a bad boy, but things began to change I got a job in a local bar and had to grow up fast. My life was at a cross roads until you gave me this opportunity."

    The two drank long into the night before eventually retiring to bed. That night Scott lay in bed, he couldn’t help but think it was a shame what was going to happen to Michael as the two could easily have become good friends but the thought of killing the hunk and eating his wonderful flesh quickly brought Scott back to reality.

    Michael was up nice and early the next day eager to start the first day of shooting. With the weather being good the two headed to an outbuilding on the ranch that would provide the perfect back drop for the shoot.
    Scott could sense Michael's nerves as the photo-shoot began but the moment he started to remove is shirt he could sense the muscle hunks nerves start to disappear.

    The next part of the shoot saw Michael standing against the wall, his white shirt draped over his shoulder, the confidence now oozed from Michael as Scott snapped away. Scott's own trouser snake grew as Michael gave the camera a subtle look. Scott couldn’t believe how good Michael looked at the other end of the camera, his shoulders and perfect torso cried look at me now but add them to his baby face and lips and the sexy southern boy had the perfect male model package.

    With Scott only wanting to break Michael in gently for the first day of shooting the guys moved on to the final part of the shoot. Michael now stood in his underwear giving Scott his first look at the total package. The killer photographer struggled to contain himself as he snapped away at Michael.

    That evening the duo looked back at a successful days shooting whilst they played a couple of games of pool. Both photographer and model seemed to get on well as Michael thought this was the start of a budding friendship. Scott in turn liked the cheeky southern charm of his new house guest who now felt comfortable to wander around the house partially clothed.

    At the end of the evening Michael had beaten Scott four games to three and as so Michael had the bragging rights over his host as the two headed off to bed.

    Scott was surprised to see that Michael was again the first up out of the two. Not wanting to let any of the good weather go to waste the good ol' boy from Tennessee was found sunbathing outside. With a glass of orange juice beside his lounger and dressed in nothing more than a pair of Calvin Klein briefs the hunk was a sight to see and Scott allowed himself to view the perfect specimen of manhood in all his glory.

    All good things had to come to an end and although Scott enjoyed looking at a sunbathing Michael he also wanted to carry on with part of stud’s photo-shoot. The ultimate goal of Michael's death would see him doing what he wanted with the hunk then anyway.

    "Hey Mike sorry to interrupt your tranquillity but we have more of your portfolio to do today." Scott shouted in an attempt to get Michael’s attention.

    "No problems buddy." Michael replied as he sat up on the lounger.
    'Jesus Christ.' Scott thought as he watched his young guest sit up on the lounger. 'How much more sexy can he get.' He had to suppress his feelings to attack Michael there and then as the young stud placed his hand behind his head and looked at Scott.

    An hour later and they were ready to start day two of shooting.
    It began with Scott taking advantage of the clear blue sky, using it as a back drop he snapped a perfect picture of Michael's torso. The hunk stud side on as the sun reflected off of his perfect torso causing shadows under his pecs and bouncing off his solid ab oblique.

    The shoot was going well as Michael seemed to love being under the camera, part two saw the young hunk standing against the wall of an outbuilding, wearing nothing apart from a black pair of jeans the shirtless hunk looked forward away from the camera in a perfect pose that captured his fantastic body.

    A number of images had been captured as Scott moved the final part of the days shoot into the indoor studio.
    For this part Scott threw Michael a pair of white briefs he wanted the young hunk to wear, he readied the camera as his model changed behind a screen.
    "Hey I look good don’t I, tell me I look good." Michael joked as he emerged from behind the screen dressed in only his white briefs.

    'Down boy.' Scott thought to himself as his trouser snake grew hard before replying to Michael "Bro you look better than good. You look amazing." Scott couldn’t say anything else as he snapped the defined torso and hunky quads that stood before him.

    The camera clicked away as Michael smiled and gave Scott a wink as he posed for the camera, the change of confidence within Michael in the last 24 hours was amazing to see as the nervous young man had turned into this stud that seemed to love the camera.

    Scott let Michael look over the images he had captured before heading off to change for the night ahead.

    A carnival was in the nearby town and Scott thought it would be a good idea to do something away from the house, Michael had agreed and the two prepared to leave.

    Scott dressed in a tight t-shirt with a pair of jeans whilst Michael seemed to ooze sexiness no matter how he looked. His attire for the evening saw him don a light grey & blue top that clung tightly to his muscular frame, a smart pair of shorts that showed off his well shaven legs and a casual pair of flip flops.

    The two bonded as they wandered through the carnival, Scott couldn’t help but notice that the girls attention was drawn towards the strapping stud.
    An evening at the carnival was fun and Scott soon found himself on the end of some of Michael’s practical jokes. One of which saw the hunky Adonis climb on a statue of a gorilla, his hands clasped the gorilla's head as Michael's bare legs draped its shoulders. "Hey Scott, quick take a picture." Michael urged as he pulled a face and stuck his tongue out.

    Not wanting to disappoint Scott obliged to Michael's request. Besides the chance to have a photo of the hot hunk genuinely having fun was one Scott could look back at when Michael was dead.

    The guys laughed and joked as they headed home after what was a good night out for the two of them. With the night not being over yet a few games of pool were played over a couple of beers with Scott getting revenge for the defeat he suffered the night before.

    Michael had been up before Scott the last two days and the killer was determined not to allow it a third time, he wanted to see the All American Guy in his morning glory at least once before he disposed of him, and today was to be that day. His knock on Michael's bedroom door was followed by a quick "come in" which Scott quickly obliged to.

    Entering the room he saw that Michael lay on top of the bed in his underwear, looking sexy as hell his morning glory clearly evident from the thick bulge at the front.
    "I just wanted to make sure you were up bright and early for today." Scott joked as he stood in the doorway "It's an important day for the shoot today, and I hope that’s not for me." He added before giving Michael a wink as he looked at his bulging manhood.

    Michael laughed as he smiled at Scott "You wish Scott." He joked "But seriously you know how it is when you’re horny as hell, the beast just wants to explode. Anyway I can’t believe your up before me for a change. I'll get ready now."

    Shutting the door Scott couldn’t believe what he had just seen, with the image of Michael still fresh in his head he ventured into the bathroom and wanked himself off as his house guest got dressed.

    With the bags packed with things the two would needed the day began like the previous days, shooting began outside and saw Michael shirtless and wearing a pair of denim jeans. A number of shots were taken of the sexy model climbing over various items and machinery before eventually ending with Michael up against a wired face. He looked straight at the camera, his left arm by his side his right arm outstretched above his head in a position that showed off his bulging bicep.

    The second part of the shoot saw Michael engage in a little bit of dress up as he was handed a straw cowboy hat and ran bandana which Scott placed around his neck. The thought of pulling the bandana tight there and then crossed Scott's mind but he decided to be patient, the time would come later that day.
    Scott clicked away, catching numerous sexy shoots of Michael as a cowboy including a couple of provocative ones that saw him playing about with some cap guns, again Michael seemed a natural in front of the camera, a far cry away from the nervous stud who stood before him on the first day.

    Scott's land bordered a large lake where the third part of the shoot would take place. This part of the shoot was to be one of the raunchiest as the young model changed into a pair of blue speedos.
    Our killer struggled to compose himself at the sight of Michael in his speedos which left nothing to the imagination, the hot sun skipped off the hunks bronzed body whose torso looked absolutely amazing. Luscious thick pectoral muscles sat above a fantastic abdominal oblique decorated each side with incredible deep ridges of an Apollo’s belt.
    The blue speedos sat above an incredible pair of legs, its fine material struggling to contain Michael's young manhood.

    A skimpy pair of grey briefs was thrown to the Adonis to wear for the final part of the shoot which took place in the ruins of an abandoned out house. For this part of the shoot Scott focused on Michael's great muscle definition both on his upper body but also on his muscular legs, he especially focused on capturing the toned definition on his marvellous thighs.

    The final part of the shoot saw the duo leave Scott's land and head to a local park, where Michael now changed into a casual pair of dark blue shorts. Scott was impressed with how they looked on the young hunk and suggested they use them in part of the portfolio. Thankfully the park was empty on their arrival which meant that the shoot could go ahead uninterrupted.
    The shots of Michael in the casual shorts were some of Scott's favourites, they captured the model messing about on various items. A shot of Michael on a red fire truck impressed Scott the most, it captured his cheeky smile along with his perfect body with a silver crucifix dangling from his neck, however the part Scott liked most were Michael's smooth legs, this picture particularly captured the bulging calf muscle on the leg that was stood on the ground.

    With the days shoot now over the two wandered back to Scott's car. Michael continued to turn heads during the short walk, in particular a gay couple walked towards them holding hands, the attention they paid to Michael was clearly evident to both photographer and model, Michael paused for a moment before turning to the couple "Hey guys, I can tell you like what you see. Take a picture if you want it lasts longer." Not needing to be told twice the couple took their phones out and snapped a selfie with the shirtless model. Scott couldn’t blame them as the sight of the shirtless strapping stud with his bulging pecs and fantastic abs were enough for anybody to sit up and take notice.

    Michael's reaction to the couple hadn’t surprised Scott, the hunk had always been comfortable flaunting his body and little did he know he had just posed for his last pictures.
    The two were sat in Scott's car, Michael had fastened himself into the seat belt as Scott made an excuse to climb into the back seat. He now positioned himself behind an unsuspecting Michael and pressed a stun gun into his neck. The plan worked perfectly and immobilised Michael which gave Scott the chance to throw the red bandana Michael had worn in the shoot earlier around his neck.
    Scott pulled it tight and began to strangle his young guest who due to the actions of the stun gun could do little to fight back. That quickly changed when the effects of the weapon had worn off, Michael had no intention of succumbing that easily and now desperately thought for his life as he frantically tried to gasp for breath. His legs kicked the floor of the car as his hands tried to frenziedly grab out at his attacker.

    The reality was the damage had been done and death was closing in on Michael, his struggles soon slowed as his body arched up as a final elongated gasp escaped his mouth and his arms dropped across his chest. Scott kept the ligature wrapped tightly around Michael's throat, he wanted to ensure that the young model was definitely dead and knew this was the case when the body finished its third death convulsion.

    Scott climbed back into the front seat and looked down at the sexy model he had enjoyed spending the last few days with. With his manhood erect He had a little remorse at snuffing out Michael's young life as the aspirations that Michael said he had danced around his head. But Even in death Michael looked hot, his arms were draped across his lap and Scott wasted no time in snapping a picture of Michael.

    The temptation was too much and Scott couldn’t help but grope the dead hunks pecs, he then squeezed Michael's bicep before running his hand up the inside of his smooth thigh. He held Michael's hand as the engine to the car was started up and apologised to his nee friend.

    On arriving back at his house Michael's body was dragged up into Scott's bedroom and laid out on the bed. The blue shorts he wore in the shoot were removed as the killer climbed on top of Michael's body.
    This was the moment he had been looking forward to the most, he placed his hands on Michael's shins and slowly rubbed them up the smooth muscular legs, he could feel the fine leg hairs on the thick thighs and upped the ante before moving onto the young models upper body. This time he moved his mouth towards the quads and carefully licked the huge slabs of meat with his tongue. A sexual euphoria came over him as moment continued and Scott didn’t want them to end. But he knew he'd be dining into the fine flesh soon enough.

    Attention turned to the magnificent torso that lay before him and Scott quickly found himself tracing the outline of Michael's fine abs oblique before groping his sexy pecs, he playfully nibbled at the large muscles he'd longed to get his hands on for so long, before eventually pulling of his own shirt and guiding Michael's palms over his own muscular body.

    A few more pictures were taken off Michael on the bed before his underwear was pulled off to reveal a fine piece of uncut manhood dangling below some neatly trimmed pubic hair. Scott fondled with Michael's cock before the urge to fuck the dead hunk grew too strong and within seconds he had lifted the models powerful legs and found himself pounding the dead stud. Scott's thrusts were hard and deep as he laughed to himself as he thought about the good ole straight southern boy fucking countless girls that and how he was now being fucked by a man.
    Scott could sense his cock was about to explode and grabbed hold of Michael's broad shoulders and let out a yell of joy as he shot his load deep into the handsome hunk.

    Exhausted and tired Scott cuddled up to the still warm body, he knew there would be time to deal with Michael's body but for now he wanted to enjoy some quality time with it. He draped his arm across Michael's chest and fell asleep as he spooned up to the muscular body.

    Scott awoke the next morning, his arm still flayed across the dead models chest. Michael's vacant hazel eyes stared up into oblivion as the ligature mark around his neck was now more noticeable to all.

    The plan had been to use Michael's body for meat but the killer had enjoyed the time with the body so much he wanted to do it again and again, besides as the eccentric lord back home had said
    'Some male bodies just need to be displayed and admired' and Michael's body was definitely one of them. The freezer room had a number of spare meat hooks and one of them was now reserved for the dead model.
    But before that Scott fondled and fucked the chiselled hunk one more time.

    Three guys already hung from hooks in the room and Michael was about to take pride of place amongst them. Scott delicately placed the meat hook between Michael's shoulder blades, wiping away the blood that trickled from the wound he slowly hoisted the young hunk up. Within seconds he dangled in the air, his naked body swaying slowly from side to side. But Scott wanted to look forward undressing Michael each time and dressed the body in a tight pair of blue briefs.

    The sight of Michael swaying in his briefs was enough for Scott to get hard and he looked forward to having a lot of fun with the hunk in the future.

    Scott knew he couldn’t dwell in the past and had to turn his attention to the future, there were plenty more guys out there for him to kill and Michael was something he could now worship and play with any time he wanted.

    For now he settled for a photo he had printed off and would keep in his wallet, this particular picture showed the All-American Boys handsome face, cheeky smile, broad shoulders and excellent pecs.

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    hot hunk and nice story

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    Great massacre story as well as latest guy hooked ) might be that some unfortunite stud be skinned alive in one of the stories?

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    Wow!! Michael was hot!! But i still hope some slow death story, just like mirrel said above about skinned alive, or slow torture before killing.. That would be really hot. Great story anyway. Good job!!

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    Chapter 359. Adam plays

    Whilst Scott was away Adam wanted to play, he'd been kept busy at work the last week and now wanted to unwind and have some fun.

    A music festival was taking place nearby and Adam decided to head along to chill out, relax and hunt.

    Arriving at the venue Adam knew right away that he was going to have a tough choice in nailing down a target as a number of young men showed off their torsos as they danced and listened to the music.

    A group of rowdy young lads were positioned near to Adam and the killer found himself drawn to one in particular.
    Freddie had no idea that his boisterous nature had drawn the attention of a dangerous killer as he listened to the music and larked about with his friends.

    Adam threw occasional glances over at the group and was surprised when one of them tapped him on the shoulder. For a second he thought that they might have caught him eyeing up their friend but relaxed when one of the group asked him if he'd be kind enough to take a picture for them.
    The killer agreed and took the camera from the guy as the four friends joked about as he prepared to take the picture. Adam particularly liked how a shirtless Freddie positioned himself in the middle of the four allowing Adam to get a good look at the young man’s nicely toned body.

    The camera was handed back and attention again turned to the music coming from the stage.

    At the end of the event Adam waited patiently for the group to leave before discreetly following them in his car. The driver dropped his friends off one by one unaware he was being followed. Freddie was the last to be dropped off and Adam observed as the youngster headed into his big house.
    The killer knew where he would be paying a visit to the next day.

    Adam arrived at Freddie's house quite early the next day and watched as his parents left along with some other people. By midday he thought it was safe enough to venture in and discretely snuck around the back.
    He spotted his target as Freddie played about in his swimming pool and appeared to have a friend with him.

    Adam bide his team as the two continued to frolock about pool side. His perseverance paid off as Freddie's friend said his goodbyes and left the young lad by the pool.

    Freddie was all alone or so he thought and made the decision to catch some rays under the sun. He jumped on a lounger and shut his eyes.

    Sensing his opportunity Adam left his hiding place and approached the sleeping guy. Freddie looked peaceful as he lay in nothing but a blue pair of shorts, the killer ran his hand up Freddie's leg. The hunk stirred as Adam placed a pair of gloves on and wrapped his fingers tightly around Freddie's throat.

    Freddie's eyes opened up in shock as he gasped for breath, his lean body now struggling to survive. His arms clawed frantically at his attacker who seemed like a man possessed and didn’t show any rest bite.
    The young victim hoped that somebody would come to his rescue and save him from this mad man but being alone at the house meant that Freddie's fate was sealed.

    Adam enjoyed Freddie's desperate struggles beneath him, his gasps for breath and look of innocence in his ever redding face turned him on. But all good things had to come to an end and the teenagers struggled begin to wean as death called him forward. A final gasp escaped Freddie as his body arched on the lounger. Adam squeezed for another minute before releasing his vice like grip as Freddie lay dead in front of him.

    Freddie's killer knew he didn’t have a lot of time as somebody could come back to the house at any time. He laid the nineteen year old out on the lounger so it looked like he was simply sleeping by the pool.

    Adam left the youngster to be discovered by his family when they eventually returned home.

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    Chapter 360. Austin

    Danny had temporarily moved into an apartment Scott owned whilst his teacher entertained Michael the hot young model he planned to kill.

    The time without Scott was lonely and to pass the time Danny enjoyed heading to the local nightclubs and bars. He hooked up with a few guys and today was no different.

    The nightclub was busy as always as Danny settled down with a drink. A few guys showed interest, they talked but nothing more.
    Danny needed a break and headed out back for some fresh air, he took in some deep breaths before over hearing a guy having an argument on the phone. He couldn’t help but ear wig on the conversation which soon ended in what sounded like disappointment for the guy in the ally.

    Danny waited a few seconds before casually turning the corner to see a slim young man sat up against the wall, he appeared upset and Danny asked if he was ok.

    The young man initially ignored him but wanting to check if he was ok and not taking no for an answer he asked the question again but also added if the young man wanted a drink.

    The heavily tatted guy whose name was Austin turned and smiled at Danny then replied "I don’t fancy a drink. I'm gonna go home. Do you want to come with me?"
    Danny looked at the attractive young man but before he could answer Austin moved in to kiss him. Danny was stunned he didn’t know how to react at first but soon enough relented and enjoyed the long passionate kiss. Once finished Danny took a moment to compose himself before replying "Let's go back to yours."

    Austin seemed rejuvenated since the phone call and grabbed Danny's hand then ran inside to get his coat.

    The walk back to Austin's apartment took about twenty minutes and the thought of killing Austin entered Danny's head for the first time as the sight of the dapper looking Austin in his black jacket and trousers turned him on.

    The two headed straight to Austin's bedroom and immediately undressed.
    Austin knelt on the bed in awe at the sight of Danny's athletically toned body, he couldn’t believe his luck especially after being dumped over the phone by his boyfriend only hours earlier. He counted his lucky stars that he was able to pick up this young hunk so quickly.

    In turn Danny couldn’t wait to fuck and then kill Austin when the time was right. He was impressed by the tattoos that donned Austin's body. Both his arms were decorated from top to bottom as the phrase 'Forever Grateful' was tattooed across his chest, either side of this sat Austin's initials. The final tattoo of an ace and a pair of wings donned Austin's neck.

    Austin lay back on the bed and tossed Danny a condom "Come on, give it to me. I want to be fucked by a Brit." he eagerly put it on and jumped on the bed. The guys began foreplay with each other and hugged and kissed each other passionately. Danny then positioned Austin’s legs between his body and placed his ankles on his shoulders, he placed a condom on and began to fuck Austin hard, Austin’s face winched in pain as Danny entered but as he thrust deeper and deeper the pain became pleasurable and he moaned and groaned in ecstasy, Danny fucked him hard and Austin enjoyed it, as he reached his orgasmic climax and shot his load, Danny collapsed his head falling onto Austin’s smooth warm stomach, he could hear his tummy making noises and his head lifted up and down with each breath his young sexy partner took. The boys collapsed onto the bed and took deep breathes.
    Having enjoyed being fucked by Danny, Austin asked. “Would you like to see me again” “yeah sure” came the reply as he pushed Austin back down onto the bed. Austin watched as Danny picked up his leather belt, and wrapped each end around his hands. He stood before the young hunk, Austin was scared as Danny began to act weird. He called his name a few times Danny didn’t respond. He then saw a look in his eyes that sent a chill to his bones, Danny moved towards Michael, fearing what was about to happen Austin sprung off the bed and made a run for the door, but he was to slow, as Danny managed to catch him around his neck with the belt as he tried to push past. Both guys landed on the bed, Austin tried to get up again but Danny fixed his grip and sat on top of him, tightening his grip on the belt around the young man’s neck, Austin gasped for air but found he couldn’t take any in, he clawed at Danny’s chest and tried to get his hands between the belt to pull it away from his neck, he continued to struggle his bare legs kicked the air and his feet scrapped the floor. He tried to push his attacker off and his arms were reaching up to his face and chest, he managed to slightly scratch Danny as he fought for his life but this pissed Danny off and he tightened the belt tighter around his victim’s neck, his face going red and eyes filling up, Austin was doomed. Danny stare down at Austin as he continued to strangle him, his resistance became weaker and his hands dropped to the bed, his bare legs lay motionless. The last thing Austin saw was the face of his killer looking down at him. Danny held the belt in situ and Austin’s body jolted a few times as he convulsed. Danny then finally got off the body, he tightened the belt up and left it around Austin’s neck. He stood up looking down on the body admiring his handiwork. Austin’s eyes and mouth were open. Danny fondled and caressed Austin’s hot body and kissed him on the cheek before photographing the nude corpse. Austin’s lay across the bed his death stare still ensured the youngster looked good looking and Danny had to give it one last look as he closed the door behind him.

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    if danny got scratched, there's DNA evidence under Austin's fingernails for police to find. sloppy again... might lead him to trouble

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    btw still looking forward to Gavin getting it

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    Chapter 361. Jay

    The phone call Scott received was cryptic but one thing he could determine was that the phone call was related to the Brotherhood. He immediately called Giles who could thankfully shed some light on the matter.
    Giles told him the call had come from a movie star Brotherhood member who took the secretive side of the order a bit too far. The actor wanted Scott's services to acquire some meat for him. Giles gave the meeting time and venue before Scott prepared himself.

    Giles suggested meeting up before hand and travelling to the movie stars house so he could give Scott the lowdown on this Brotherhood member. He picked Giles up from his hotel and began the drive that would eventually take the two a few hours.
    "What is with this guy?" Scott asked as he drove along the freeway. "He sounded paranoid on the phone."

    Giles laughed "Rich takes some getting used to. He's what you'd call a unique character."

    "You’re telling me." Scott replied "I thought the call was a crank."

    "That’s what movie stars are like, everything with Rich is about his image." Giles explained "It’s what he lives for, take that away from him and he's a nobody. He loves the taste of human flesh but id paranoid about being found out."

    "What the fuck!" Scott exclaimed "does he realise the type of people in this organisation. He's got less chance of a pull than the queen." One question Scott wanted to know was how Rich got involved with the Brotherhood and waited for Giles to explain.

    Giles took a deep breath before speaking "Believe it or not he got involved after playing the part of a cannibal in a film. His character acting saw him delve so deep into the role he actually thought he was eating human flesh. Then one day he happened to be talking to another actor about how he would love to taste human flesh and well with that actor being a brother he invited Rich into our organisation."

    The duo pulled up outside the gates to Rich's mansion, "Were you followed?" Rich asked as he answered the intercom, "Did anyone follow you?"

    Scott couldn’t help himself "Yeah we picked up the FBI agents that are watching you."
    The intercom fell silent as Giles nudged Scott and told him to stop it. "Rich, relax Scott's only joking buzz us in."
    No reply came but the gates slowly opened allowing Scott to drive inside.

    The trio now sat in Rich's house as Giles did his usual thing of reassuring Rich no one knew what he was up to. Giles's tactics worked and the attention soon turned to why Rich had summoned Scott.
    Rich explained that he wanted Scott to acquire a guy that worked out at the same gym as Rich. The actor explained that there was something about the guy he liked when he saw him in his gym clothes and showed Scott a picture of the guy who he knew as Jay.
    Scott looked at the first picture of Scott and nodded his head in approval as he liked the look of Jay who was dressed in a black vest that allowed his well developed arms to protrude from the sides, a pair of black shorts allowed Jay to show off his well developed legs.

    "I must admit Rich you have a good taste in men." Scott said as Rich showed him a second photo he had managed to obtain from Jay's Facebook account. This picture showed Scott what he liked to see as the young man stood shirtless with a pair of headphones on, but it was Jay's athletically defined torso that turned Scott on.

    Rich explained that whilst in the gym he overheard Jay making plans to attend a festival that day and urged Scott to head off to acquire Jay for his needs. The short time limit he'd given Scott was because Rich was heading out to film a new movie and wanted to take some fresh meat with him.
    Giles stayed at Rich's whilst Scott headed to the festival.

    It would have been like trying to find a needle in a haystack if Rich hadn’t provided Scott with some crucial information. The actors eavesdropping had allowed him to discover what part of the festival his target would be staying in and after a few phone calls to senior Brotherhood members Scott had what he needed to carry out the job.

    The festival was rammed as Scott predicted but thankfully the papers and disguise he'd been given allowed him all access to the festival, he drove the borrowed park ranger van up towards the area Jay was said to have pitched his tent and began the hunt.

    No one paid any attention to the park ranger who wandered up and down, dressed like this Scott could scrutinize anybody he saw and people would think he would simply be doing his job. He'd only been searching for around fifthteen minutes when he came across Jay who stood in front of some parked cars kicking a football around in nothing but a pair of short red shorts. Scott observed Jay's football skills as he completed some kick ups and flicks and had already thought of a way to snare his target.

    Jay stopped his football frolics when one of his friends threw him a beer. He left the football where it was and cracked open the beer which bubbled up and sprayed against his exposed body.
    "For fuck sake." Jay shouted "throw me a towel." With his target preoccupied Scott snatched the football when no one was looking and placed it to under his van.

    Half an hour later Scott bumped into Jay as the young hunk who had now changed into a pair of even shorter blue shorts.
    "Excuse me have you seen a soccer ball around here sir." Jay asked as he continued to look around. Scott paused for a moment as he got a good look at the fantastic body and wonderful legs in front of him.
    Amazed at how quickly his plan seemed to be coming to fruition he told Jay he'd seen the ball by the park ranger van.

    Jay thanked Scott and followed him back to his van,
    "Ah there it is." Jay announced before kneeling down to get the ball from under the van. Scott looked around and with the coast being clear brought the hammer down on the back of Jay's head. Letting out an "oomph." Jay fell to the floor as Scott slid the side door of the van open and threw a stunned Jay inside.
    Not wanting to take any chances Scott attacked straight away as he placed the clear through bag over Jay's head and pulled the bags cords tight.

    The attack instantly cut off Jay's oxygen supply as the young stud immediately began to fight for his life. His sexy bare legs kicked out as his arms desperately clawed up at Scott. The clear bag sucked up against Jay's face with each laboured breath Jay took, his frantic struggles intensified as he now tried to kick his bare feet against the van's panels to get people’s attention, but Scott had manoeuvred him into a position where this wasn’t possible.
    The attack carried on for a few more moments before one final gasp saw the bag encase Jay's features as death overcame him. His fantastic torso lay still no longer rising or falling with each breath.

    Scott wasted no time in having his bit of fun with Jay, he ran his hands up the dead guys smooth legs before having a fondle with Jay's torso. He turned his attention to the final bit of fun and pulled down Jay's shorts and underwear, placed Jay's legs on his shoulders and began to fuck the hot hunk.
    Once finished he pulled Jay's white underwear up and with his head still encased with the murder weapon Scott drove back to Rich's house.

    "Reverse into the garage." Rich bellowed as Scott awaited entry to the grounds. The gates slowly opened allowing Scott to drive in.

    Scott opened the back door to the van, he looked at Jay's body and wished he could taste some of the meat that hung on his muscular frame. He grabbed Jay's ankles and dragged the young hunk into the front room.

    "Oh my you’ve done it. I can’t believe you left the bag over his head. Suffocated, I bet he struggled." Rich said on seeing Jay's body he knelt down and pulled the bag off of Jay's head, he placed his hand on the stud’s neck and turned his head to side before running his hand down Jay's chest before adding. "He's amazing isn’t he, dice him up for me please."

    Rich praised Scott work to Giles as Scott hoisted Jay's body up onto the metal table, he massaged his hand over the dead hunks body and discreetly took a photo of Jay for his own collection.
    His attention then turned to harvesting all the edible meat he could.

    An hour later the meat from Jay's upper arms, thighs, calf’s, rump and torso now lay neatly on the side, he eventually snapped away Jay's ribs and carried the large tray of meat into Rich.

    Rich took the tray and placed it in his freezer, he took a couple of cuts out and handed them to Scott.
    "I'll be taking some of that on location with me." Rich said "I always like to the taste of flesh when filming."

    Scott laughed "What do you want to do with the rest of him?"

    Rich shrugged his shoulders "You take and dump it. I don’t want it here. Anyway thanks for your help but I have to pack."

    Giles and Scott collected Jay's remains and placed them into a black bag. The two left and dumped Jay's remains into an incinerator at Scott's place, although Scott saved Jay's head and placed it into the freezer with others.

    He took the opportunity to show off the fantastic body of Michael the young model he had killed. Giles was impressed and joked he would like to taste the young man’s meat if Scott ever used him for food.
    Giles joined Scott and Danny for dinner that evening as the trio dined on the cuts of Jay's meat they had been given.

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    those two last pic of jay!! wow!

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    Chapter 362. Blake

    Scott and Danny headed to the beach for a day of rest, the camera was out and Scott snapped pictures of unsuspecting guys, although a knife sat at the bottom of his bag, murder wasn’t on the agenda, but the sight of many shirtless young men showing of their sexy buff bodies as they wandered along the beach alone or with their girlfriends soon saw things change and Scott's eyes were already focused on a victim.

    He caught sight of the shirtless hunk as he dashed some stones across the water’s surface and zoomed the camera in on his intended target. The young alpha male’s attention turned to impressing the girls, by ensuring they got a good look at his toned tattooed body Blake was also letting his soon to be killer eye him up.

    Scott turned to Danny "Right I’m going to make my move." He said before adding "When I give the signal cause a distraction so I can finish him off."

    Approaching the shirtless young man Scott was even more impressed when he got a better view of the shirtless tattooed torso, Blake was stunning as a tattooed donned from the top of his shoulder down his right arm, and a symbol tattoo also encircled his left nipple as a few more dotted various other parts of his body.

    Scott knew that many guys would do anything if the price was right and guessed Blake would be the same.

    "Yo, excuse me." Scott said as blocked Blake's way "I’m a photographer and this is going to sound weird but I’ll pay you $500 if you let me take some snaps of you for my portfolio."

    Blake looked at Scott "Yeah you're right it does sound fucking weird." The alpha stud replied "But for five hundred bucks. Only a fool would say no."

    Scott breathed a huge sigh of relief, he agreed to hand over half the money now and the rest after he took the pictures.
    Danny waited patiently for the sign to be flashed as Scott headed under the pier to take the photos.

    The sexy alpha was keen to show his macho side to the photos that Scott was taking, but he could see from the shots he'd taken that Blake seemed uncomfortable.
    He urged Blake to relax and the shirtless hunk soon looked good as he threw a double bicep pose that captured his great definition along with bad boy looks.

    Scott snapped away at Blake's fantastic body, he couldn’t help but not imagine what lay underneath Blake's jeans. The offer of cash had already worked once and Scott offered his young model a further $500 if he'd strip to his underwear.

    Blake's response was again a positive one "Hell yeah." He replied "You don’t visit the beach without expecting to strip to your speedos at some point."
    He took the extra cash and shoved it in his jeans pocket which was soon pulled off to reveal a neat pair of blue speedos.

    Scott's penis tried to stand to attention at the sight of Blake's amazing body with a great set of slender legs. His finger clicked away as Blake now posed provocatively for his photographer, the model looked to the floor as he placed one of his hands on his lower abs, before lifting his head and smiling.

    The shoot quickly drew to a close and Scott had all he needed. Blake now waited patiently for Scott to give him the rest of the initial cash he was promised.
    Blake lent up against one of the piers wooden beams as Scott discreetly sent Danny a text to cause his distraction. Scott's partner in crime wasted no crime in putting the distraction in order.

    "What’s going on over there?" Blake asked his interest peaked by Danny's tactic.

    "Don’t know." Scott replied "Here's the rest of your cash."

    Blake took the money and as he counted it Scott struck and rammed the stun gun deep into his lower chest.
    The weapon saw Blake fall to the floor as Scott pounced on top of him with the knife, he shoved Blake's shirt into the hapless hunks mouth and then pulled his hair back to expose Blake's throat.
    The alpha studs eyes opened wide in fear when the knife flashed across his eyes, he wriggled and groaned as the knifes sharp blade began to cut into his throat.
    Blood spurted from the wound as Scott continued to cut away at the flesh around Blake's neck,
    The pain was excruciating as his warm blood drenched his fantastic torso. He briefly heard the sound of the knife cutting through his bone before the darkness overcame him.

    Scott could sense that Blake's struggles had ceased and continued to hack away at his neck. No one spotted Blake being decapitated as Scott now stood with Blake's severed head dangling from his hand. The water that Blake now lay in turned blood red as Scott placed the severed head in his back pack. He grabbed Blake's shoulder and turned the body over, he briefly touched the fine body that lay in front of him and then carved the figure '21' DEP into the firm torso. Blake's body was rolled over again so it lay with his back facing up as Scott took back the money he had given the young model although some of the notes still floated on the water. He gave his latest victim one final glance pulled his blood stained shirt off and calmly walked away.
    No one would think twice about seeing a muscular hunk walking across the beach.

    Danny saw Scott walk past him and the crowd that had gathered, he headed towards his car and was quickly joined by Danny who asked "Is it done?"

    Scott looked at the bag and replied "Take a look." Danny slowly opened the bag to see Blake's vacant eyes staring back at him.
    "Wow, he looks fucking sexy." Danny said as his attention turned to the camera and the photos Scott had taken.

    The two drove back to Scott's as Blake's headless body lay under the pier still waiting to be discovered.

    Blake's head was placed with the others on the shelf in the huge walk in freezer another his eyes joining the many others that now stare at Michael's amazing body that hung from a meat hook.
    Scott chose a picture that showed Blake in his speedos as the one to accompnay the severed head. A reminder to the killer of what the rest of the alpha hunks body looked like.

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