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    Chapter 366. Jordan

    Scott's phone buzzed, Giles had just sent him another assignment for the Brotherhood. The brief Scott was given was that a college dean who happened to be a Brotherhood member wished Scott to acquire one of his pupils for him. The pupil in question was one of the colleges star football players who had decided to leave the college to go elsewhere. The principal had always had a thing for this particular student and was under the impression if he couldn’t have him than no one would.

    The targets name was Jordan and Scott picked up his phone to get a first look at the next guy he would be killing. The first picture showed a young athletic Jordan kitted out in his football gear. The picture gave Scott a good indication that the young student was a good specimen.

    The second photo Scott had been sent again showed Jordan in his football gear but this time it let Scott see the hunky young man’s face. And also indicated to the killer that Jordan was your typical college jock and there was nothing Scott liked better than killing college jocks.

    Flicking through the message Scott now looked at the final picture. This showed a shirtless Jordan enjoying himself at a campus party and allowed the killer to get a good look at Jordan's athletic physique.

    Scott gathered his belongings and headed off to meet the dean. The college dean thanked Scott for offering his services and explained in a bit more detail why he wished to eat Jordan. The young man was one of his colleges star football players, popular and the life and soul of many parties. But Jordan had decided to pursue his football career away from the college and despite being begged to see the season out and keep the college on top of the league the young football player wasn’t prepared to let an opportunity like this pass him by and politely declined. The dean also saw Jordan as some eye candy and was only prepared to let the young student go on his terms.

    Scott was given a brief overview of where Jordan would most likely be at this time and soon found himself stalking his prey.

    Jordan headed off on one of his normal workout runs that saw him leave the relevant safety of the campus he stayed on and head off into the mountains. Scott saw this as a perfect opportunity to strike and drove off into the mountains before coming to rest in a parking area. He knew the trail the young hunk was running came out at the area where he was parked and now waited patiently for his target to appear.
    He didn’t have to wait long as a shirtless Jordan soon came into view drenched in sweat and with his head phones in. He gave Scott the perfect opportunity to strike as he stood overlooking the city below and pulled a double bicep pose.

    Scott leapt from his hiding place and smashed Jordan around the head with a heavy rock he had picked up. The blow knocked Jordan to the floor where he hit his temple on the side of a sharp rock that protruded from the ground. Scott now stood over the hunky young athlete and prepared to bring his weapon crashing down on Jordan's head again. However noticed that his prey had failed to stir and that a pool of blood now formed by the side of his head, inspecting closer he saw that Jordan's eyes remained open and seemed to
    Stare into oblivion. He grabbed Jordan by the shoulder and rolled him over so he now lay on his back. His trouser snake sprung to attention as he noticed first-hand how sexy Jordan was, his fit muscular was stunning upon checking Scott immediately noticed that Jordan had suffered a wound to his temple and checked to see if he could find a pulse. He held his finger on Jordan's wrist and then checked his neck, no pulse could be found in either area. It seemed that Jordan had struck his head when he fell and the blow seemed to have been a killer.

    Scott was disappointed, he had hoped the sexy young jock would have put up more of a fight and looked forward to enjoying the sensation of looking into the hunks eyes as he snuffed out his life. But beggars couldn’t be choosers and he wasted no time in dragging Jordan back to his car and placing the dead hunk across the back seats.

    Now in the privacy of his own car he took a moment to have a look and fondle with Jordan's body. The dead hunk was stunning and Scott enjoyed the feel of Jordan's muscular frame underneath his hands.

    He noticed that Jordan had the name Arnold tattooed across the top of the left hand side of his chest, he wandered what the name meant as he squeezed the hunks huge upper arm muscles before allowing both his hands to explore Jordan's fantastic torso. He traced the outline of Jordan's fine abs before enjoying the thrill of groping the hunks firm pectoral muscles particularly liking the sight of nipples that lay on show. The aroma of sweaty young man filled Scott's nostrils as he moved his nose closer to the fresh skin, in the end he gave into temptation and gave Jordan's pecs a playful nibble ensuring that the thick nipples touched his tongue.

    Scott didn’t want to be parked up with a dead body in the back for too long and now jumped into the driver’s seat. He texted the college dean to advise him that his package would soon be delivered and set off on the short journey back to the college campus.

    "Wow, I didn’t expect you to have completed that part of the job that quickly." The dean said astonished at how quickly Scott worked.

    “I take this thing seriously." Scott replied "Now help me get him inside."
    The dean laughed "This is what happens to ungrateful bastards you prick, now you’re going to be with me forever." he grabbed Jordan's shins and dragged them out of the car, once most of his lower body was out Scott grabbed the hunk under his arms and the two carried Jordan inside and placed the body onto a metal table.

    Scott pulled off the training shorts that Jordan wore so the young football player now lay in nothing more than his underwear, his thick athletic thighs would surely yield a lot of meat.
    "Credit where credits due you picked a good specimen." Applauded Scott "It’s just a shame that he succumbed to quickly."

    "He was my one of my campus eye candy." The dean replied "a hunk who would give me an immediate boner. I'm just going to take a few photos to look back at."

    The dean snapped away as Scott prepared his knives before also taking a photo of Jordan's body for his own collection. As he did he asked the dean if he knew the importance of the tattooed name of Arnold across the top of Jordan's chest. The dean's answer that Arnold was Jordan's family name surprised Scott who had held out some faint hope that it may have stood for something else.

    Scott looked down at the dead football player's fantastic body and contemplated where to start cutting.

    Not wanting to change a working formula Scott started by cutting both of Jordan's muscular arms off and then cutting each limb into four separate pieces. The hand and elbow were immediately tossed into the black bin as was Jordan's lower arm after Scott had sliced the edible meat that was contained there. His attention now focused on the upper arm where Scott carved the meat into fine cuts. Once finished the remains were chucked into the bin as Scott now focused on the young football players fine legs, both were cut off at the top of the thigh and then like the arms these two were cut into four parts, the upper leg containing the thick thigh muscles that held the most meat, the knee joint which Scott threw away, the lower legs where the calf muscle was delicately sliced away and the rest discarded and the foot which like the knee was also binned. Turning his attention to Jordan's thick thighs he asked the dean if he wanted both to be cut up or if he wanted one to be prepared and the other kept as a slab of meat that the dean could cut from when he wished. The dean chose the latter option and Scott soon carved one of the beautiful slabs of thigh meat into various steaks, Roasting joints and fillets. The other thigh was wrapped in foil and placed on a tray ready to be cut when needed.

    Attention now turned to the meat that was left on Jordan’s body, he carefully decapitated the dead hunk and placed the severed head on the side, he removed the chunks of meat on Jordan's rump before turning attention to his magnificent torso. Scott sliced away the solid pecs he had fondled not long earlier, these were placed on a plate as Jordan's body continued to be harvested. The hunks firm abs were carefully cut away as was any excess edible meat as Scott now gained access to the chest cavity and what lay beneath. He snapped away the student’s meaty ribs before carefully throwing what remained of Jordan's butchered carcass into the black bin.

    The dean had watched the whole spectacle and now as per old Brotherhood tradition he offered to cook a prime cut of Jordan and allow the killer to sample his latest victim.
    Scott loaded the car with the black bin containing Jordan's remains and headed back inside to sample some of the star football players flesh.

    Placing the piece of succulent thigh meat into his mouth Scott was surprised at the exquiset taste of the young athlete, and within moments he had demolished the piece of fillet steak he had been given.
    Before leaving Scott asked the dean what he wanted to do with Jordan's severed head. The killer didn’t mind the dean's response of it was too risky to have the head there and was only too happy to add the young athletes head to his collection.

    The dean thanked Scott for his hard work and put the finishing touches to a press release that would cover Jordan's disappearance.

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    exciting episode..

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    Chapter 367. Logan

    Scott spotted his next victim by chance as he was driving along, pulling over he observed the young man who appeared to be firing some arrows from a bow. Scott watched as his potential prey would fire seven arrows and then go and inspect where he had hit the target leaving the bow on the ground as he did so.
    Knowing this would be a nice easy kill with little fuss, Scott prepared to strike and waited patiently

    As a keen archer Logan enjoyed the afternoon off and decided to try some target practice with his bow. He'd fired about twenty one arrows so far and had a good hit rate hitting the target on a number of occasions. The young man had no idea that a killer was no observing his every move just waiting for the moment to strike. Logan strolled up to the target to retrieve his arrows and check his latest score leaving his bow lying on the ground.

    Sensing the moment Scott decided to strike he dashed from the cover of the trees and picked up Logan's bow. After nocking the arrow Scott took aim and fired. The arrow thudded into Logan's back taking the young man by surprise, before he could even have time to react two more arrows found their mark, one hit Logan between the shoulder blades and the third on his lower back. The young archer turned to see a figure grasping his bow, he took a few steps stumbling forwards and then collapsed onto the floor.

    Scott placed the bow down and went to inspect an arrow riddled Logan. Three arrows protruded from the young man’s back, his shirt now soaked in blood from the wound. Scott rolled Logan onto his side and noticed the young man’s vacant eyes stared into the distance, he checked for a pulse and was unable to find one. Scott pulled the arrows from Logan's back and then picked him up by his ankles and dragged the body to the relevant cover of the trees, leaving the cap that Logan wore lying were it came off when he dragged the body away.

    Logan's body was rolled over so he now lay face up and Scott got his first close up view of the young man. A rather attractive young man with short dark hair Logan looked no more than twenty years old, blood trickled from the corner of the archers mouth as Scott focused his attention on now stripping Logan of his clothes. He removed the shirt that Logan wore to reveal a rather tight but delicately toned young athletic body.

    Scott fondled the firm torso for a few moments before pulling off Logan's jeans to reveal a fine pair of legs with a light dusting of dark fuzz on the shins. Knowing anybody could come past at any time Scott took a snap of Logan's body and carved the phrase "No one is safe." Across the young archer’s attractive body.”

    Blood trickled from the fresh carvings as a noose was placed around Logan's neck and his body hung from a tree. Dressed in nothing more than his underwear Logan's body now swayed gently in the wind awaiting discovery by some poor unfortunate member of the public.

    As Scott left the field he picked up Logan's bow and the arrows the youngster was using, these would come in very handy at a later time for Scott.

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    it'll be much more beautiful if Scott only fir the arrow directly to the head. like aq beautiful instant death!

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    Chapter 368. The Realtor

    Scott contemplated buying a new place to give himself another base in another city in the US. Using one of his aliases He contacted a local real estate agent in that city and was in turn contacted by one of their realtors.

    The realtor who would try to sell Scott one of their properties was a young man named Sean. Sean had been in the job for just over a year and couldn’t see past the commission he would make after Scott told him the budget he had for his new place. Sean made arrangements to meet Scott at one of the properties and both prepared for the encounter.

    Murder wasn’t on Scott's mind, he actually had genuine thoughts on buying a new place. The methodical killer also liked to do some research on who he was dealing with and searched the website of the real estate company to see what he could find out about his broker.
    Scott was surprised with what he found when he found Sean on the company website, he hadn’t been expecting to find a picture of a handsome young man with a warm and gentle smile.

    With a picture of Sean now in his head Scott searched a few social media platforms to see what he could find out about his new real estate broker. The information and pictures he saw soon saw the inner demon in Scott come racing to the surface and thoughts of killing Sean entered his mind for the first time.
    The information he had gained from the social media platforms showed Scott that Sean was gay and had been in a relationship with his boyfriend for over six months. Trawling through the pictures that Sean had posted on social media saw the killer make his mind up, Sean had to die. The young real estate brokers seemed to like posting pictures of himself shirtless, and some of these made Scott's manhood stand to attention.
    Sean had a sexy buff body that wasn’t too muscular and neither to thin either way he had a physique that ticked all the boxes to make himself a victim of Scott's.

    The next day headed to his first viewing and the opportunity to meet Sean in the flesh. Using the information he had gained he planned on flirting with Sean which would hopefully lead to a few more things. To add to the occasion Scott dressed in tight provocative clothing, his shirt clung to his well-built body showing the outline of his chiselled chest and show off his thick muscular arms. A pair of tight jeans clung to his thick thighs and Scott knew that Sean would not be able to take his eyes from the sexy Adonis he was showing around the property.

    Sean jumped out of his BMW coupe as Scott pulled into the driveway, he placed the key to the property in the door and then headed to great Scott as he got out of his car.
    "Hi welcome." Sean said hand out stretched but his attention was now focused on the sexy young man stood before him.
    Scott gave Sean who was dressed in a smart suit and stripped tie a manly handshake as he smiled at the young real estate agent ensuring Sean saw that he too was taking the opportunity to eye up what stood before him.

    The real estate agent quickly regained his composure as he replied "Sorry about that I don’t know what came over me."

    Scott laughed as he replied "I do." And noticed that it brought a little smile to Sean's face which now seemed to be turning red in embarrassment.
    Sean continued his speal as he welcomed Scott to the viewing and began to show him around the property.

    Scott delibirately made sure that Sean saw him checking him out each time and the experienced killer was also savvy enough catch his prey also eying the goods up.

    As the viewing went on Sean found that this was one of the most difficult ones he had done. Not because the client was troublesome and annoying but because this was the first clients he shown around that was hot as fuck and the first he couldn’t help but fancy. But Sean didn’t think he stood a chance as with his model good looks and muscular body Scott could choose any guy he wanted.
    As the viewing went on Sean began to hold out some hope as Scott was keen on flirting with the young real estate agent.

    The house viewing now saw the pair look around the bedrooms and it was in the master bedroom that Scott made his move.

    Sean was busy giving the regular crap about room dimensions and other things when Scott grabbed him by the arm "Cut the crap." He said "We know that bedrooms are mainly used for one of two things. Sleeping and fucking. Now the question I want to know the answer to is, is this bedroom any good for fucking in?"

    Sean was gobsmacked, he'd done many viewings but had never been faced with that question and didn’t know how to answer it. "Errr, I wouldn’t know Scott." He finally replied "I guess it’s the same as any other room."

    Scott laughed as he saw that Sean had been put on the spot, he upped the ante "Well why we don’t test what it’s like to fuck in this room." He proposed.
    "Sorry no, no I couldn’t possibly do that. I have to be professional at all times." Sean replied knowing what he was saying was what he didn’t really believe.

    "Listen cut the professional bull shit and do what you want to do." Replied Scott "I've seen you looking at me and no doubt you've seen me looking at you. So why don’t we just both do we want to do."

    Sean remained speechless before eventually replying "I'm sorry I can’t. It’s not right, you’re a great looking guy but I could get the sack."

    "Well that’s a huge shame, I’m interested in this place and was willing to pay above the asking price which would mean in a very handsome commission for you." Scott warned before adding a threat "But if I don’t know what it’s like to fuck here then I’m going to have to look elsewhere."

    Sean wanted to fuck Scott and the news that he was considering placing an offer that would mean a large commission saw him forgetting about his boyfriend as he would never know what happened.
    "Bear with me." Sean said as he dashed out of the room and downstairs. "Sorry I just wanted to lock the front door so we're not disturbed. And as I am the only person with a key we've got the place to ourselves." Said Sean as he took off his jacket and began to pull off his tie. "How did you know I was gay?" The young real estate agent asked before adding "I need to be less obvious with my window shopping." Sean joked "but in my defence you’re a stunning guy."

    Scott took the compliment from Sean but also fed his ego, "I know with my body I’m a magnet for gay guys and I can easily spot when I’m being eyed up. But to be fair to you you're not a bad looking young man either and there’s just something about you that meant I couldn’t take my eyes off of you." Both guys now undressed until they were stood in nothing more than their underwear, Scott in his tight Calvin Klein’s and Sean in a black pair of briefs that allowed Scott to get a full view of the sexy young realtor who had a sexy pale body with a deep ridged v cut and wonderful thick thighs.

    The two stared at each other before both embracing and allowing each other’s hands to explore each other’s bodies. Scott could feel the warmth from Sean's body as his hands slid over his smooth skin. In turn Sean was in his element as he groped and fondled Scott's chiselled body whilst he squeezed his thick muscles. The two fell onto the bed and continued their fun there as Scott's hand worked its way up Sean's leg before stopping and groping the sexy realtors package contained beneath his briefs.
    The room filled with the passionate noises the two made as Scott found himself lying underneath Sean who with a huge smile across his face said "Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this viewing would end like this. But I want to be fucked by you so badly that I feel I need to give you a little present as well." He pulled Scott's manhood out from his underwear and began to gently massage the thick tool so it would quickly grow in size. Seconds later Sean placed Scott's cock in his mouth and began to give him a blowjob. Sean could see from the smile on Scott's face and the noises he emitted that he was enjoying every minute of the pleasure he was receiving.

    Scott couldn’t believe how good Sean worked his mouth, the sensation he received when the young realtor deep throated him saw a loud orgasmic scream erupt as Sean gave Scott a wink as he knew the thick erect cock was about to burst. Seconds later Scott fired his load into Sean's mouth and watched as he swirled the cum around before swallowing the contents.

    Scott slowly pulled down Sean's black briefs to reveal his thick uncut cock nestled beneath his neatly trimmed pubic hairs.

    “Do you want me to fuck you now?” Scott asked
    “Yeah come on give it to me” Sean replied, and Scott didn’t need to be told twice, he grabbed Sean's legs and placed them on his shoulders. Sean looked excited, He had no idea he was soon going to die and even better he was going to be recovering from a great fuck just before he did. Scott shoved his erect cock into Sean and watched the young real estate agents face briefly twist in pain as he felt Scott’s large tool enter him. He soon settled into relaxed groans and moans as Scott began to ride him hard, his hands clasped firmly on Sean's broad shoulders. Sean was enjoying the sex and in turn was rubbing his hands over Scott’s hard pecs and strong abdominal muscles. Both lads were now groaning hard and enjoying this great act. Scott looked down and could see the look of pleasure etched on Sean's face. Sean shouted “Come on, cum in me mate, come on you can do it”. Scott thrust harder and deeper and Sean screamed with delight, he suddenly felt his balls tighten and he began to fire his load, Sean was now shouting “Yes, Yes fucking hell, this is great” as Scott finished off. Scott collapsed on Sean's chest, his cock still firmly planted in the young man's arse. Both were out of breath and Sean ran his hands over Scott’s back. Scott sat up and looked into Sean's eyes. “You think that was good, do you want more and better?” he asked knowing Sean couldn’t resist. He nodded and excitedly said “Fuck yeah.” “Good, get ready” Scott replied as his cock re-entered Sean's arse.

    Sean was enjoying getting fucked by one of the hottest muscular guys he had ever met. His eyes were closed and as he enjoyed his sex session he failed to notice Scott had grabbed the stripped tie that the young realtor wore earlier. Without warning he wrapped it around Sean's neck. He continued to fuck the young hunk as suddenly Sean's face was etched with pain and anguish as Scott tightened the tie around his neck.

    Sean's eyes shot open in terror and he could see Scott had a look of evil in his face, he could feel the ligature pressing on his trachea and uttered “What are you doing? Please don’t” but Scott didn’t care he tightened his grip around Sean's neck. Sean's naked body thrashed about violently on the bed. He flicked his body as he tried to buck his attacker off, but it was no good Scott was to strong and his cock was still firmly stuck up Sean's arsehole so Sean was speared to his attacker. Sean's arms thrashed at Scott and bounced of his muscular chest.

    Sean's eyes bulged from their sockets as his face was going red, Scott could hear the gasping noises, as Sean clawed at his killer his hands desperately trying to release the ligatures vice like grip. Sean could feel himself going light headed and Scott watched as the life drained out of Sean's and his vacant eyes looked up at him. Sean's body went rigid and Scott briefly rose as the young man’s hips were thrust up. He felt a tightening around his dick as Sean's muscles tensed one last time. His arms dropped to the bed and Scott felt a prodding and wetness in his gut, he looked down to see Sean's erect cock digging in to him, and cum oozing from the thick tool. His hands still wrapped tightly around the tie around Sean’s neck he lifted the head and looked deep into the young realtors eyes and said “Told you you’d enjoy it.” and bent his head down and placed his mouth over the tip of Sean's penis and sucked up last remnants of cum. Sean's body started to convulse on the bed at that moment and Scott gagged briefly as the rigid tool shot up and went further into his mouth.

    Scott finally pulled his cock out of Sean's hole and he now looked down at his handy work. “After seeing the picture of you on your company website and warm smile I knew there was no way I could let you get old and fat” he said to Sean’s body.

    His hands explored Sean's fine body one last time and the killer noticed that some of the young man’s own semen had now dried on his thick abs. Scott took out his phone and took a picture of the dead real estate agent before leaving his naked body spread eagle on the bed with the stripped company tie still wrapped tightly around Sean's neck.

    The alias Scott used was still in the victims planner along with the fake details he had given. Scott left the house leaving his realtor's naked body to be discovered by an unfortunate colleague or the houses real owners.

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    Chapter 369. Samuel

    Scott had just got off of the phone to another Brotherhood member who had contacted him directly. Mike the Brotherhood member wanted to utilise Scott to get him to ascertain his ex-boyfriend.
    Samuel was Mike's ex who had dumped the Brotherhood member a week ago and was now seeing another guy. Mike doted on Samuel and did anything his boyfriend requested, he loved Samuel's athletically toned body and now struggled to come to terms with how Samuel could just ditch him like that. The Brotherhood member told Scott that Samuel was attending a pride event that day and he could snatch him there. Mike added that he'd already ensured that the event was to be policed by police officers who were members of the secret order so snatching Samuel should be easy.

    Seconds later Scott's phone buzzed as a picture of Samuel came through on his phone. Opening it up he saw an attractive shirtless young man with a fine athletic body that had a dusting of light hair across his pectoral muscles. Samuel obviously liked to keep fit and it definitely showed.

    Scott grabbed what he would need and headed to the pride event Samuel was said to be attending.

    Arriving at the pride event Scott found himself nearly deafened by the loud music as people dressed in nothing more than their underwear and uniforms marched along the streets. Scott made his way through the crowds as he looked to find his target.
    After a while searching Scott finally found Samuel. Mike's ex-boyfriend stood with his arm draped around another guy and Scott couldn’t help but be impressed with the sexy young man’s physique. Samuel looked a lot better in the flesh then he did in the photo that came through on Scott's phone.

    The killer watched from a distance as Samuel posed for a few photographs, his sunglasses sat on top of his head as his red shirt was tucked into the waist band which sagged down a bit allowing his Diesel underwear to poke up from his trousers.

    Scott bide his time as he waited for the opportunity to strike, but Samuel didn’t appear to give him any. The killer worried he might not be able to complete the Assignment that was until he remembered Mike saying that the police officers on duty would all be Brotherhood members. Scott scanned the nearest two cops and saw both wore the pin badges that indicated membership to the order. Now he knew how to acquire Samuel.

    Scott approached the nearest two police officers one of which recognised him immediately. The officer shook Scott's hand "Wow the orders official butcher is here right now. I can’t believe it. Can we help you?"

    A smile formed on Scott's face "As a matter of fact yes you can." Scott explained his assignment and then pointed Samuel out to the officers. The target had no idea what was planned for him and was busy laughing and joking with other guys.

    The two police officers approached Samuel "Excuse me sir, can you come with us please." One of the officers asked as the other grabbed Samuel by the arm.

    "What. Why? I haven’t done anything." Samuel protested.

    "Just come with us please sir." The officer repeated as the other now placed Samuel in a pair of handcuffs.

    Samuel protested as he was led away in handcuffs to a waiting Scott. "This detective will take you in to help with some enquires." The police officer said as he winked and handed Samuel over to Scott.

    "Look I don’t know what I’ve done." Samuel said calmly as Scott walked him to his waiting car. "If someone can just tell me something that would be great." The shirtless hunk protested as he was placed in the front seat of Scott's car.

    Scott jumped into the driver’s seat and started up the car as Samuel continued to plead his innocence.
    "Look we need you to help us with some enquires." Scott explained "If everything checks out you’ll be let go soon. There’s no point in moaning and complaining as what will be will be."

    Samuel breathed heavily before sitting back in the seat and looking out of the window. As the drive went on the handcuffed hunk grew concerned as the car seemed to be heading away from town.
    "Hey what’s going on?" Samuel asked once again as the car turned down a road he recognised as heading towards his ex-boyfriends.
    Scott appeased him by explaining that they needed to visit a scene so Samuel could talk them through a few things. This sounded plausible to the hunk whose mind now filled with thoughts of something happening to Mike. Had he killed himself or himself been killed, Samuel panicked and worried what had happened.

    Samuel was confused as the car pulled into the driveway to Mike’s house and there was no police presence, his confusion intensified as Scott led him into the back door of Mike's house and let himself in.

    Scott forced the handcuffed hunk who now protested loudly to sit on a chair that had been placed in the middle of the room. Samuel tried to get up but was quickly pushed back down by Scott. "I demand to know what’s going on?" Samuel shouted as Scott tied a rope around his waist and the chair before taking up a position by the wall.

    Moments later Samuel fell silent as Mike walked into the room. "Mike, what’s the fucking meaning of this?" Samuel shouted "I told you we're over. Finished. No more. What part of that don’t you understand?"

    "Oh I understand it." Mike replied "But do you remember what I said." Mike added as he brushed his hand across Samuel's fine chest before undoing his belt and pulling off his trousers "I told you you'd be with me for ever and I meant it."

    Samuel didn’t believe a word of it and let Mike know that was the case "Mike fucking grow up. What are you going to do tie me up like this and keep me here."

    Mike laughed "No. That would be too easy." Before adding "You didn’t know it but I’m a member of a secret order that kill and eat the flesh from fine young men."

    Samuel burst out laughing "Mike, you do talk some crap. You couldn’t even kill a spider when we we're together."

    "I don’t do any killing." Mike replied "But you are going to die and I am going to eat your flesh ensuring you’re with me for ever."

    Samuel didn’t believe a word of it, Mike was always full of crap and he let his ex-boyfriend know it.

    "Like I said, I don’t do the killing. In fact you've already met the orders executioner." Mike happily announced as he pointed to Scott. "Scott here is going to be killing you and I am going to happily watch."

    Now for the first time Samuel worried, it all made sense the police handcuffing him without warning and then being handed over to Scott and taken back to Mike's. This had been planned and Samuel was now frightened and begged.
    "Hey Mike, look you don’t need to do this. We can be friends. Please Mike."

    Scott approached him with a shortened piece of rope in his hands and Samuel struggled in the chair as he tried to free himself. "Please Mike don’t do this. You're making a terrible mistake. Please don’t kill me."

    Mike just smiled and Samuel's pleas intensified as Scott now stood behind him. "Ok, ok Mike I love you, let’s get back together. Please Mike take me ba urgghh."
    Scott flung the rope around Samuel's neck and pulled it tight, he tied the two ends together and now stood next to Mike as the two watched as Samuel who was now being strangled fought for his life. The sexy hunk squirmed and moved in the chair as he desperately tried to free himself.

    Mike & Scott stood in front of Samuel and gleefully watched as his frantic gasps for breath filled the room. Samuel looked over at Mike his eyes begging to be released in return Mike licked his lips and then sat on Samuel's knee placed his hand inside the bound hunks underwear and fondle with the cock that had fucked him many times during their relationship.

    Mike could see that Samuel's face was going red and his eyes appeared to bulge as his gasps and gags became more frantic before his body arched up in the chair and he let out a final gasp. Mike shouted "fucking hell" and quickly pulled his hand from Samuel's underwear "The bastard pissed himself." He added as Scott burst out laughing.

    The two admired Samuel's body which in death still looked as hot as it did when he was alive.
    "I want to have a little fun before you get down to business" mike announced as he untied the body and dragged it into a side room.
    Scott prepared his knives as Mike's orgasmic screams from fucking Samuel a final time could be heard from another room.

    Once he had finished his fun Mike dragged Samuel's body back into the room and with Scott's aid it was lifted onto a metal table.

    Scott looked down at the dead hunk and allowed his hands to explore the fantastic torso in front of him.

    Scott began by removing both arms where the arm meet the shoulder and he then chopped it up, he removed the upper arm from elbow to shoulder taking care to remove the bicep which he placed in a dish next to him, he then cut the rest of the arm into small manageable parts and put them in a black bag, he repeated the process on the other arm. He then removed the first leg, he cut it off where the thigh meets the groin and chopped the upper leg off just above the knee, this left him a large muscular mass, he then chopped the leg below the knee and removed the calf muscle in one piece. He did the same with the other leg, and put both thighs together. Mike was given the same option Scott gave the others, did he want both thighs cut up or did he want to save one to slice at his own leisure. Mike like many others chose the second option and as requested Scott carefully cut one of the thighs into many roasting joints, fillets and steaks.

    Moving on he placed a knife on Samuel's neck and as the dead hunk stared up at him began to slice through the neck muscles and spine, he removed the head and placed it on the side. He then cut both pec muscles off and placed them in a dish before cutting the abs and all other edible parts from Samuel. Once finished the rest of the body was put in black bags and Scott handed the tray containing Samuel's tasty meat to Mike. "Now he's going to be with me for ever." mike added as he put the meat in his large freezer.

    Mike in turn thanked Scott and handed the Brotherhood butcher some of Samuel's fresh meat. As he was going Scott asked Mike what he wanted done with Samuel's head.

    "Leave it with me." Mike replied as he squirted some water into Samuel's mouth and undid his trousers "Samuel always gave good head."

    Scott laughed as he shut the door and headed home to relax.

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    Chapter 370. Joseph

    Scott's time in America was drawing to an end but before he left the Brotherhood had a few more things for him to do.
    The first was another task and Scott soon found himself heading to the house of the orders member that needed his services.

    With his house set in the middle of a ranch and a wonderful family Gerry on the outside was a perfect family man and respectable businessman. However his wife and children didn’t know but Gerry was also a senior member of the Brotherhood and an incident at his house had now seen Gerry requiring Scott's services.

    Gerry poured Scott a drink and went on to explain that he wanted Scott to kill Joseph his eldest daughter’s boyfriend. He showed Scott a picture he had taken from his daughter’s social media account, in it she stood alongside Joseph and the duo appeared to be lifting their shirts to show off their respective abs.

    The strapping young mans looked firm and fine and Scott had to ask the question if there was another picture that showed more of the target.
    Gerry informed him he would get to that and explained his predicament. His daughter loved Joseph who Gerry explained was your typical All American boy, popular, athletic and treated women right. However Gerry had an Asian business consortium visiting his house and the group who were all members of the Brotherhood had spotted Joseph as he larked about in the garden with Gerry's daughter. The business consortium had seen this and liked the look of Joseph. So much so that they commented at how they would like to eat his wonderful flesh.

    This was when Gerry had the idea, to seal the five million dollar deal he would literally serve Joseph up to the group. Ok his daughter would be angry over the jocks disappearance but she'd soon get over it and eventually settle down with someone else.
    Gerry now showed Scott the next picture of Joseph, he explained that this was the picture that was taken by his daughter as the businessmen walked past and the one that made them comment about eating the hunks flesh.
    By looking at the picture Scott could also see why they would say that as it showed Joseph shirtless with a smile on his face. His muscular body had seemed to have the meat in all the right places and the prominent double bicep pose he pulled just seemed to wet people appetite more.

    Gerry explained that there was to be a dinner party that evening and Joseph was to be the main course. He added that Scott wouldn’t need to do any acquiring as the victim was invited. All Scott needed to do was follow Joseph during the day, ensure he attended and then kill and slice him up on request.

    It seemed easy enough Scott thought as he jotted down Joseph's address. A nice easy task to help finish off his stay in the States.

    Scott now found himself sitting outside Joseph's house and didn’t have to wait long for the twenty year old to appear. Joseph left his house with a gym bag in his hand and dressed in a camouflage top ad dark bottoms.

    Following from a distance so he wouldn’t be seen Scott eventually pulled into the car park of a local gym and waited a while whilst Joseph headed inside for a workout. After an hour of waiting and wanting to make sure he didn’t miss Joseph Scott grabbed the bag he always kept in his car and ventured into the gym. He paid the daily membership fee and now worked out on machines that were close to the unsuspecting prey.
    Joseph liked to work out shirtless and Scott was secretly impressed by the routine he conducted to keep his physique in its impressive condition.

    Another hour later Joseph left the gym and headed back to his house. Again Scott waited patiently until the young hunk returned to his car this time dressed in a smart shirt and jeans. From the route that Joseph took Scott knew he was heading back to Gerry's ranch.

    Back at the ranch the final preparations were now being laid on. Joseph had been invited because he thought that he was going to be offered a job in Gerry's company and hunk looked forward to starting his steps on a career.
    Gerry introduced Joseph to Scott and the killer savoured the big manly handshake that an unsuspecting Joseph gave him. As the three spoke Joseph itched away at his shirt, Scott could see he felt uncomfortable in it and whispered into Gerry's ear. "It might be a good idea if the diners saw the merchandise before he is killed."
    Gerry liked the idea and shouted "Hey Joseph, if the shirts uncomfortable lose it. I'm sure people won’t mind."

    "Sure thing boss." Joseph shouted as he unbuttoned the shirt before he headed inside.

    The dinner party was soon underway and the young jock tried his best to mingle but talk was all about business and other things that he found boring. He noticed that some of the guests were looking at him funny and he put this down to the fact he was shirtless, but Gerry had said it was on and he didn’t care.
    Joseph was now sat up against a wall as Gerry announced "May I present to you the main course."

    "Thank god for that I’m starving" Joseph thought as the eyes all looked at him, not thinking anything of it he playfully shouted "Bring on the food." The party erupted in laughter as Joseph was completely unaware that he was that food. Scott now positioned himself behind the shirtless hunk and fired the silenced pistol into the back of Joseph's head. A loud cheer went up as Joseph's body fell forwards and everybody now formed an orderly line as Scott dragged the hunky stud over to the serving table and prepared for everyone’s orders.

    Moments later Joseph lay naked as a pool of blood formed at the back of his head his eyes wide open staring up at the ceiling. Scott sharpened the knives against each other and carefully cut away one of Joseph’s legs, the large mass of thigh meat was soon detached and a pole rammed through the middle as it soon saw it’s self slowly cooking on a spit roast. Scott now turned and prepared to take peoples orders.

    Gerry let the head of the Asian consortium take first pick and the little Asian man said "I will have one of those biceps that I saw the very first day." Scott carefully cut the knife into the upper arm and sliced away the large bicep muscle. A little flag with the Asian’s name on it was placed in the meat and it was slung on the grill to cook. Gerry was up next and he chose one of Joseph's meaty pecs that he requested was served up in a seeded bun when cooked. Blood ran from the corpse as Scott sliced through the delicate flesh. The pectoral muscles were soon sizzling on the grill as more people chose their first cuts from the dead hunk.

    Juices from the slowly rotating thigh meat dripped from the joint and sizzled as it hit the fire below. The aroma of sweet juicy meat now filled the room as people slowly tucked into their first bites of Joseph. A lot of meat still remained on the hunks fine frame and people were soon coming up for seconds and thirds. A few hours later no edible meat remained on Joseph's body the party had stripped it bare. Scott now wheeled the perfectly roasted thigh into the middle of the tables and shoved a carving fork deep into the thick flesh. He eventually went around to each individual and cut seven succulent sliced each from the large joint before eventually taking up his place at the table next to Gerry.

    Before the group tucked into the last pieces of the meal Gerry lifted his glass and shouted "To Joseph." The rest of the Brotherhood members lifted theirs and replied to "To Joseph."

    Gerry's phone buzzed as he sat at the table, the text message was from his daughter
    "Dad, have you seen Joey. I'm trying to get hold of him."
    Gerry texted back "Sorry, not seen him. If I do I’ll tell him to call." As he placed a tender piece of Joseph's meat into his mouth

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