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18-10-10, 10:58 AM
The weary old man returned to his house. He had a long day.. dinner and visit with family. It was nice time but he was very tired.
As he entered in house.. it 'felt' like he was not alone. Of course he was alone.. he did not see anyone there and the doors and windows were locked.. He forgot about his unesay feeling and sat in his chair.. just a few minutes to relax before he went to bed... He was still clothed in his good dark suit, white shirt and new dark red tie. very formal and nice!
he always wore night black shoes with bright shine and high socks. The socks he wore were special.. nice black with grey and white stripes. very dignified. He enjoyed nice clothing..even down to his black underpants.
As he slumped into his chair to watch the news.. he almost fell asleep. He awoke and tried again but soon drifted off into tired sleep...
After a few more minutes...hush!... very quietly the closet door opens.. very carefully and quietly the dark stranger steeped out of closet and walk toward the sleepy old guy. The stranger was dressed all in black..black pants, black shirt, black gloves, black trainer shoes and socks. He face was visible and he was very handsome man.. dark eyes, and dark features..
Very quietly he approach the old man from the rear and he touch the shoulder. The sleepy guy just slumped but did not awake... Carefully the lone stranger remove a black scarf from his pocket he carries... He holds the scarf over the old man's nose and mouth..and soon the old man collapse and awak up he try scream but no can he is gaged from hand and he dont can get air soon he is fall down and stop fight completely.. He is out. thoroughly.. and not moving. Confident the old man is out the manly stranger grabs the man and struggles to lift him.. Dead weight.. is hard to lift but the stranger is strong and finally he get the man out of the chair. As he rasie him up the drag the guy and the old guy loose one shoe in fight.. Easily now the srtanger lift the guy and put over his shoulder.. is heavy but he can manage. He carry the guy away from lounge and into a bed room on same floor. There is a dark bed room with no light but the stranger can see in dark because he had spent so much time in dark closet. He toss the guy's body into bed and it bounces and then he notice.. he lost a sock somewhere.. No worry! He look at his captive body.. his prize! his lust object and he gets hard in his pants..
Very carefully he arrange the body on the bed..speaking softly to himself.. He is surprised at how flexible the body is. He push one way.. and the body flops that way.. He push back and arms and legs flop backwards. He love his prize and tenderly kiss the dead body on the mouth.
Then he carefully arrange thye body.. Head on pillow and arm straight.. and legs straight and one shoe on and one shoe off.
Quietly speaking to himself he open suit jacket and the looks at shirt.. he can see juicy nipples under the shirt and he gives them a loving squeeze..
He remoke the necktie and open shirt burrons.. and when he get to pants he unbuckle the belt and unzip the pants.. He reach inside the pants to feel the dead body dick and he gives it a squeeze.. God!! he loves to touch guys Cocks.. yummy!

He lift the dead body up a little and carefully remove the jacket and then the shirt.. He struggle to get off the shirt sleeves but soon the body is free on top. He does similar with pants.. Pulling down and struggling to remove the pants till the body is almost naked on bed. He folds the dead clothes and puts aside and looks at his treasure and he wishes to cum at once. He lie on the dead body and hump and fuck till he feels that wonderful orgasm in his own pants.
But he is not finished.. Now sexually aroused he just rip off the nice undershirt and the sweet black slips the old man had worn. He throw the shirt away and now the old man start to recovery but the stranger jump on he belly and start to choke he neck with 2 hands very hard and soon the old man turn passed out fast. The dead body no move but the mouth reflexively opens and he tongue is hang out now. Yumm. He notice the more he choke the neck.. the body gets hard dick yummy now he continue choke neck very hard until the old man face turn blue, eyes pop and the body collapsed in dead with hard cock. The stranger is very masculine but he loves Cock He goes on down and suck the dead Cock for 10 minutes and he hump the old man face..in the mouth as he does this. Suck Suck suck on the dead Cock and he humps his beautiful hairy Cock into the dead mouth. The dead throat close onto the dark amn's Cock and gives perfect fuck opportunity.. Before he can think about it he Cums again and he is happy to have dead body to play with ..
Afer a few minutes the starnger is sexually aroused again and he turn the old body. The body is dead.. but not really.. just like dead and the blood and cum are still flowing in the old body.. After a few mints over the old man he discover the dead body does not move at all but the cock gets a little harder.. He gets filthy perverted idea ! He puts a few fingers into the old ass hole and !look! The cock gets nice and hard. Because the stranger is happy to see the Cock . He love it and he will need to suck..
But first.. He needs to make sure the body does not ever move. He choke with 2 hands the neck of guy some more and then push in the dead ass hole a nice dildo.. Black and slick with nice cock head. yummy.
He turn the body over again and then he pulls out arms and cuffs them to bed posts. he pull out legs and cuff first one and then the other leg to bas of bed. One leg still has soxk on it. The Amo remove the sock and worships it and smells it and then throws it away.

Then when he got the body where he needs it he pinches the nipples.. When they are big and red he attach nasty clamps on them First one and then the other !ouch!! ouch!!
he jerk the chain just to be sure and he is happy. The dead Cock jumps a little when he does this and the stranger gets very sexually excited. He needs to take Piss but he does not wish to leave the body.. He move around so his dick is in dead mouth and he just Piss and Piss till he is finished.. The dead body seems to swallow alamost all there is only small mess. Then he sit up on piss mouth and rubs his heiney on dead man mouth and it feels very good.
Looking down he sees the dead Cock standing almost hard and for another time he goes down and swallows the Cock. He sucks and sucks and bounces up and down. His ass is on dead man mouth, his own mouth is around the dead cock and he bounce the dildo into the dead amn ass hole.
This is FUN!! It feels so nice.. He start and stop a few times in-out-; up-down- suck-spit.. All his life he dreams of this.

Finally his pervert lust comes over him and he is posessed, obsessed and he can endure no more. The old dead Cock start to spurt gob after gob of creamy hot cum and the sleek dark and handsome cums one more extatis time.. He cums so hard he passes out for a few minutes.
When he awake he is lying on old dead body and the sees piss and cum and nipples and dildos and he realizes how much the old man really love it if he was alive...

The End