View Full Version : Significant Events in your Life of 2008

13-12-08, 06:55 PM
Post what you think are the most important, dramatic, horrific, happiest situations that affected you PERSONALLY in 2008, not global events.

Most important go first. Post the dates if you remember and don't get carried away or derail the thread.

I goes first.

1. Death of my 20-year-old cousin from suicide in August. :( Jumped off a bridge.
2. Finding a partner that suits my needs and playing dead with him! We broke up in September but we had an awesome summer.
3. Getting attacked on the street and beaten up in January
4. Horrific Painful Retinal Surgery.
5. Leaving ogrish and Creating Cute Dead Guys with my friends a making it a successful necro forum! lol Generally a good year for me, with a few nasty exceptions.

BTW, thread title "events of" or "events in 2008".

My English is very bad, sorry friends.