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09-02-10, 02:05 AM
For Entilzha...


We stopped outside Vicksburg to water the horses and rest the troops.
The scouts warned there were some Union dogs in the area, small groups of Devil Blues split off from their regiments.
My buddy Henry and I were a good team, we shared everything we had and looked out for each other.
When water ran low we shared the same canteen, my food was his food and visa versa.
Guess you could say we were as close as two guys could be, maybe even a little more.
Over the last month we doubled up sharing a tent, I got real used to having him next to me.
Truth be told he was a mighty fine bed warmer on cold nights.
We shared the same sleep-sack on more than one occasion, doing what guys do when they've been away from home for so long.
That day outside Vicksburg something just didn't feel right.
It was raining and most of us were tired and uneasy about what lay ahead.
In the distance we could hear cannon fire and occasional gunshots.

A couple of men started a small fire, the heat felt damn good on our cold bones.
The smoke went up in the air mixing with the gray sky and low hanging clouds.
I filled my tin cup with some water and left it near the fire to heat up a little.
Henry wasn't feeling so good and I wanted him to drink something warm.
"You doing alright"? I asked. He looked up from the rock he was sitting on and smiled, his eyes sparkling.
"Don't get sick on me now boy, I aint carrying your ass."
He just laughed and pulled his coat up around his neck, I could tell the damp cold was eating at him.

I gave him the cup of water to drink, it seemed to help a little.
He thanked me and stood up.
What a damn good looking man he was in uniform, tall and lean, his beard full and thick.
I couldn't get enough of him.
I liked the way he talked, the way he moved, even how he smelled.

Just then someone let out a whoop from the tree line calling out, "Yanks, Yanks"...
Gunfire filled the air and before I knew it pandemonium spread.
I reached for my rifle, bullets flying all around us.
Cannon fire boomed just beyond the trees, my instincts told me to get down and huddle with the other men and form a tight group.
Pop, pop, pop! Men were getting hit left and right.
The rain started coming down heavy and the fire was smoking up the air, it was hard to see anything.
It burned my eyes, and through the haze I could see Henry standing up, firing in the direction of the trees.
He paused to reload. Pop, pop, pop! bullets whizzed by, dropping men like flies.
"Henry get down!" I shouted, but that hardheaded mule kept standing there.
I got off a few good rounds in the direction of the woods when I heard it.
It was Henry, he let out a yell like I'd never heard before.
Turning back towards him I could see he was holding his chest, pain in his face, blood flowing through his clenched fingers.
He looked at me and time stood still.
Everything was in slow motion, even the sounds around me were strange.

We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.
I started to run towards him but it was like trying to move through jelly.
I reached out to touch him and just as our eyes met again a red spray blew off the right side of his head.
"HENNNRRRYYYY"... I screamed.
He dropped to his knees and fell over.
I moved in closer and then it happened, two bullets ripped into me like hot lead.
My left shoulder took a good one and the second tore open my upper back.
It only hurt for a few seconds, warm blood running down my body.
Before I knew it I was on the ground next to Henry.
He reached over and touched me.
I rolled over on top of him and he embraced me as I rested my head on his bloody chest.
My hand found his crotch and rubbed it, making him as hard as I was.
We ground our dying bodies into each other, ready to let loose one last time.

"CJ"? he said.
"yeah Henry, I'm here man, I'm here"
"CJ, I gotta tell you something brother"
"hush buddy, just lay quiet now"
"No, I gotta say it fore I die, I just gotta make peace with it and let you know"
"You don't have to say nuthin Henry, I know man, I know".
He closed his eyes and held me even tighter.
A couple more thrusts of his hips and he let out a moan, I knew what that meant.
I put my mouth over his and kissed him real deep, now it was my turn, the front of my pants getting warm and sticky.

The rain turned the field into a mud pit, if we didn't bleed to death we'd surely drown.
The canon and gun fire stopped, it was quiet now.
My head was spinning, I was going in and out of consciousness, still aroused rubbing myself on Henry.
I must have passed out for a while.
When I woke up the rain had stopped and we were sunk down in the mud a few inches.
I could feel the sun on the back of my neck.
Laying there on top of Henry nothing else mattered, not even the sounds of horses thundering towards us.
I knew it had to be Yanks, and sure enough it was.
Henry's arms were locked around me, he was breathing real slow and shallow, almost dead.
I found what little strength I had left to lift my head.
The filthy Yanks were going around finishing off any Reb soldiers they found.
Gunshots filled the air again.
One of the Yank officers yelled at the men to "stop wasting ammunition on us Reb scum".

Finally some boots came sloshing in the mud next to us.
"Well look what we got here" one of them joked, "a couple of lovebirds."
I kept my eyes closed but that didn't fool them, they could see us breathing.

The first bayonet ran through my back and out my stomach into Henry.
We both moaned, it hurt bad.
Two more bayonets pierced our bodies, the sharp metal running thorough us like butter.
My blood seeped into his body, we were finally closer than we ever thought possible.
He stopped breathing, and I joined him a few seconds later.
We died that day outside Vicksburg, in a muddy field, satisfied... in each other's arms.

09-02-10, 10:58 AM
Very, very, very HAWT!!!


I am really BONED by it!!!!

Thanks a million CJ!!!

09-02-10, 05:53 PM
Oh REB Brother, glad you like it - thank you for inspiring me.
There are plenty more ways to kill or be killed...
Next, we might have to gang up on that big, bad, Yank - if you know what I mean.

09-02-10, 07:41 PM
"Always real gewd ta see them Rebs taken OUT, isn't it boys?"

"Sure is, YankLarr, DAMN sure is!"

"Oh yaah, they sure got deaded ever so fine, gonna make real fine
flyboy MEAT afters we has our manly ways with these here two so
horny bearded Reb Devils, fer sure.

They died real gewd, mighty fine, got killed so randy dandy DAID, just a
lovin' IT as much of they seem ta be, oh HELL yah !!"

:sm (45)::sm (45)::sm (15)::sm (15):

09-02-10, 07:45 PM
You're next Devil Yank...my REB Bro and I are working on it now
So watch your ass, you be a Dead Man Walking, lol!

09-02-10, 08:43 PM
Henry is damn lucky to have a friend like CJ, making sure he passed into the next life with a smile. Thanks for the story CJ

09-02-10, 10:11 PM
my pleasure funguy, and what are friends for eh?
might have to work you into the next installment...

10-02-10, 05:56 AM
Hot, primal,wet and wild. Great story!

15-02-10, 12:58 PM
itīs a wonderful story. Sad but horny as well. Like to get told more stories like that.This make MY pants wet and sticky

27-07-10, 03:05 PM
CJ - wow, you are quite the writer, and a great imagination - HOT story and HOT characters. Well done, you are giving me a lift...Thanks man!

27-07-10, 05:58 PM
thanks bern baby, it was fun to do....appreciate your feedback, keep it hard!

27-07-10, 06:55 PM
Hey no prob with the hard thing...and thanx for the hot stories