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07-02-10, 12:33 AM
For ArrowMan...


Hell Yeah Man we see each other across the battle lines and aim for those heart targets.
The South is holding strong but the North is mightier this battle.
We fall in ranks, our Gray wounded and dead lay at the mercy of the advancing Blues.
I'm hit in the arm and stomach, fallen and laying there bloody, sweat pouring out my body soaking into my woolens and tattered Grays.

The gunfire stops and I begin to spin.
Looking up through the smoke I hear voices, laughter from dirty Yank troops.
Two figures standing over me, "This one's still alive"...then a boot to my chin rolling my head from side to side.
Another man speaks, it's you, "I'll take care of him Sir".
All I can do is lay there and moan.
I look up again, this time into your eyes, man to man, soldier to soldier, you smile and wink.
I try to speak but nothing comes out, my tongue's swollen and I taste blood.
Kneeling down next to me you lift my wounded and dying body up and hold me in your arms.
I can smell you, the sweat coming off your warrior body mixes with mine.
There's chaos all around, men screaming, crying, things burning, smoke everywhere.

I try to move but can't.
In those last minutes of life you rock me back and forth, telling me to, "shhhh, hush now Reb, quiet down and die Rebel boy".
My eyes roll back in my head, I don't know where I am or what's happening to me.
I'm dying, bleeding out all over the dirt.
You keep holding me, exploring my body with your hands.
In a field full of dead and dying, there we are, two dirty battle scarred soldiers from opposite sides brought together in a final moment.
I feel your beard on my neck and your warm breath as you keep telling me to, "go on and die now Rebel boy, time to die and meet the Devil".
You reach inside my shirt and find my papers, then you speak my name, "CJ huh?, your gonna die CJ Reb, you know that don't you?"
I nod my head knowingly.

I feel your hand slide down between my legs, rubbing me through my rough Grays.
One last erection for a dying man, one last load for CJ Reb.
Soldiers are walking by in the steam and smoke of battle, no one is paying any attention to us.
Your hand keeps working, brining me closer to that final ecstasy.
"Come on CJ Reb, let it go man, let it go Rebel Dog, you're gonna die man, you're already a dead man, let it out dead man, let it out".
I tense up, I want to explode, my toes curl in my boots and I can feel my wet socks.
Finally I release, my body spasms and shudders, I never felt anything like this before, so powerful so strong.
You hold me tight as I look up into your face, I can see dirt and blood on your cheek and beard.
My head is spinning and there doesn't seem to be much sense to things, I wonder if you're an angel but then things come to me and I remember.
I hate you Yank, but can't help myself, I'm dying in my enemies arms.
My pants are soaked in the crotch, you wipe your hands off on my shirt and reach into your boot and pull out a long blade.

I know what's coming, I want it, I have to accept it.
The knife goes in my side like a hot spear, my eyes open wide.
I try to scream, open mouthed like a baby bird waiting for a meal, but I can only gurgle and choke on the blood filling up my throat.
You pull the blade out and stab me again, one last time, a little higher in the chest.
It's done, you did it Yank, you finished me off. I see stars and then everything goes black.
The last thing I hear is you whispering in my ear, "so long CJ Reb, head on home to Heaven or Hell now, but I ain't done with you man".
You keep holding me, feeling the life leave my body. I shake a little and then it's over... I'm dead.

A cart pulled by a horse ambles by full of dead Yanks.
The soldier in charge calls out to you, "what you got there, one of ours?"
"Yeah" you tell him, "he's one of ours, but I'm gonna take care of him my way."
You strip off my Southern Gray shirt and red bandanna around my neck.
Pulling my lifeless body up, I fall over your shoulder and we head on over the hill with the rest of the troops.
The Union camp is about a mile away, not a far walk considering the pleasure that waits ahead.
Your back is damp from my crotch rubbing on it and slowly my warm red Reb blood leaks into your shirt, soaking it on one side.

"Yeah Reb, we're gonna have some fun tonight, I got a tent off to the side in the woods for us"....

07-02-10, 01:48 AM
This is one reason why there will always be wars and rumors of war!
This is why "if they give a war" there will always be those who will cum.
Thanks CJ. I like to imagine Arrowman's reaction. I hope he has camera for when he gets your body back to camp!

07-02-10, 04:12 PM
OH YAAAH, CJ Reb, for sure, got ME a mighty fine Reb, hell yaaaah !!

:sm (5)::sm (45)::load::load::load:

07-02-10, 04:57 PM
This is one reason why there will always be wars and rumors of war!
This is why "if they give a war" there will always be those who will cum.
Thanks CJ. I like to imagine Arrowman's reaction. I hope he has camera for when he gets your body back to camp!

My Yank hardware reaction to what has gone down with ripening here Reb CJ MAAAN,
no more...

http://thumbnails26.imagebam.com/6718/d7634e67172268.gif (http://www.imagebam.com/image/d7634e67172268) :load::load::load::load:

08-02-10, 01:22 AM
Cool, I'm glad you guys could dig it.
ArrowMan inspired me the other day and I figured I'd respond with a short story.
I love talking with you guys, you inspire me.
Keep the PM's coming dudes.

And Arrow-buddy, you can kill me anytime, anyplace, I like the way you do it man.
Plenty more where that came from!


08-02-10, 03:50 AM
I cummin' again, sexy, bearded CJ Reb, for shure..
..n' you gonna becum one frigid, stiff n' frozen real
COLD Reb no moarJOE.

:sm (21): :skull: :skull:

--- laughin' n' grinnin' from ear ta ear so horny
Yank yer slayer Larr

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08-02-10, 11:25 AM
Very nice CJ!!

Would also love to have a fight with you there :)

This Reb is also waiting for you ;)

Private Henry McNamee
2nd Arizona Cavalry Brigade

(I had a battle this last weekend, got killed and I enjoyed every part of it!!)

08-02-10, 05:40 PM
Thanks Rebel Buddy, glad you liked it.
And yeah, I'd love to fight in battle with ya.
I've got a couple of ideas on how things can go ;)
So how did you die last weekend?


09-02-10, 11:00 AM
Look at the pics in the social group we have :)

But I was also part of Pickett's Charge, so you know what happened to me :)

27-07-10, 03:07 PM
Okay, you got me hooked....more please you hot fucking stud:sm (1):

27-07-10, 05:59 PM
just started one for someone else, we'll see how it goes
thanks - you hot fucker

27-07-10, 06:54 PM

04-08-10, 01:36 PM
These pics remind me a bit of what you told CJ, but in a more modern setting, a more modern war with more modern methods of dying...