View Full Version : Dad: What would you do meatpie if there is a gay dude at work

07-11-08, 09:29 AM
I went to a restarunt with mom and dad yesterday. We do that once or twice a year.


Mom went to the lady's room and I was sipping my juice and enjoying a cherry cake when all of a sudden dad asked me some real nasty shit.

"Hey meatpie, what would you do if there is a gay dude at work and he wants to have sex with you".

I almost choked on my pie. I kept silent for a while and all I coud say, "Are you testing me".

LOLLL :sm (55):

What a nice conversation between a son and dad!!!

As a teenager he brought me a pc and I didn't know how to use at first but managed to download some pics of naked guys and jerked ot them.

He came home from work, opened the pc while I was out.

I came home and saw him browsing the pics. Mom was in the kitchen. He shouted at her, "Come here hun, seems like our soon is into dudes".


Not pleasant. I had to remain calm. I went to the pc and deleted the pics in front of them,saying its nothing and I am not into dudes just some pics a sick friend send me via email.

:sm (55):

From thay day I go my own PC, lock it everytime I go out so that no one can even switch it on.


There was another fucked up situation. I was 18 and sis 16.

She broke with her boyfriend and I broke with my girlfirend. We were really down.

At dinner my sis said, "I think I might turn bi (bisexual). I have no luck with guys..."

Mom and dad looked at each other.

"Same here," I said.

At that point mom started screaming "SHUT UP. BOTH OF YOU."


:sm (13):

20-08-16, 09:27 AM
Great dad