View Full Version : Dad: What would you do meatpie if there is a gay dude at work

07-11-08, 10:29 AM
I went to a restarunt with mom and dad yesterday. We do that once or twice a year.


Mom went to the lady's room and I was sipping my juice and enjoying a cherry cake when all of a sudden dad asked me some real nasty shit.

"Hey meatpie, what would you do if there is a gay dude at work and he wants to have sex with you".

I almost choked on my pie. I kept silent for a while and all I coud say, "Are you testing me".


What a nice conversation between a son and dad!!!

As a teenager he brought me a pc and I didn't know how to use at first but managed to download some pics of naked guys and jerked ot them.

He came home from work, opened the pc while I was out.

I came home and saw him browsing the pics. Mom was in the kitchen. He shouted at her, "Come here hun, seems like our soon is into dudes".


Not pleasant. I had to remain calm. I went to the pc and deleted the pics in front of them,saying its nothing and I am not into dudes just some pics a sick friend send me via email.

From thay day I go my own PC, lock it everytime I go out so that no one can even switch it on.


There was another fucked up situation. I was 18 and sis 16.

She broke with her boyfriend and I broke with my girlfirend. We were really down.

At dinner my sis said, "I think I might turn bi (bisexual). I have no luck with guys..."

Mom and dad looked at each other.

"Same here," I said.

At that point mom started screaming "SHUT UP. BOTH OF YOU."


20-08-16, 09:27 AM
Great dad

Bloomdido Biff
06-09-16, 08:06 AM
Great story.

(Meatpie, would you like us to break the good news to your parents?).

When my daughter was early teens, I made sure she understood that I would SO MUCH prefer that her initial intimate/sexual experiences were with other girls. (What dad in his right mind _wouldn't_ want that!) Also, that that wouldn't make her "gay" -- if she wasn't actually feeling that she was actually gay.

In general, wouldn't it make so much sense to encourage teenagers to have sexual experiences with their peers of the same sex! Figure out their own sexuality with someone who shares the same equipment, before subjective their sexuality to peers of the other sex?


08-09-16, 01:16 PM
I was in my 30s before I had sex with a man. I discovered it in grade school . took me that long to come to grips with it. I never told anyone. I still have not told my family. I did the same thing with my PC. I kept it under lock and key.