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04-05-09, 08:23 PM
Believe it or not I have had four relationships with four girls in my life, kissed and held them by the tits but never could ger round actually fucking them.

Last time I slept with a girl was in 2003. Most boring evening ever.

I had a boyfriend back then but just wanted to see if I could have a girlfriend.

I couldn't get hard, she wouldn't suck even.

But boys gave me so much satisfaction.

They would blow me all night long until I spray cum on the ceiling, we played until we came simply from blowjobs without touching ourselves, this was the rule one night.

Dude drank my cum although I never did it, licked my ass, although I never did it.

Girls are so boring.

So have you ever kissed a girl?

04-05-09, 09:25 PM
So have you ever kissed a girl?

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04-05-09, 09:37 PM
yup, many times. I didn't like it but forced myself because I thought that was the right way.

04-05-09, 11:46 PM
Yes< i have had a girlfriend, but we split up like many years ago and the entire relationship wasn't that....exciting...for me at least.

04-05-09, 11:49 PM
Yes, it was nastily and terribly

05-05-09, 01:43 AM
well.... i know vit sounds weird but there eas this time in college..... =S

05-05-09, 07:27 AM
See, we are not that sick. The poll shows most of us have had a girlfriend in their lives but gave up. lol

Alex, why do you mean nasty, what happened?

05-05-09, 03:39 PM
i love this topic. meatpie. i have a long story to tell.

05-05-09, 03:48 PM
hmm.. let me think...

:D No :D

05-05-09, 11:30 PM
When I was in college, HOMECOMING came along (LOL). That is when the school's home team comes home to play an opposing team in football. It is a BIG DEAL in USA universities and colleges...parades on campus, alumni return, parties, drinking, dancing and fucking WITH the opposite sex.

SOOOO this sorority co-ed wanted me to take her to the college's Homecoming football game and the Homecoming Dance and Pary afterwards held by my college.

So I consented....ate hot dogs, drank Cokes, ate popcorn, was fun...then the dance...she dressed ALL UP, really fancy dress...I had to get a TUXEDO...I am a lousy dancer, but I FUMBLED through it, got drunk afterwards...and then...


So I kept getting DRUNKER because I knew that I COULD NOT FUCK HER because I just was not and AM NOT into laying WOMEN .... and I was FREAKING OUT ...so I thought IF I got DRUNK enough, I would just sleep in my dorm room and she could pull it open if she chose or whatever, but I did not have to FUCK her.

So that is what happened..sorta.

Got up to dorm room, so drunk I "konked out"...BUT...she kept waking me UP...
"let's FUCK, I want you to FUCK ME ! " She became real aggressive....undressed me, pulled my briefs off, and began sucking my cock to make some LOVING.

WHEW, what the FUCK !! I just could not "get off" on her...and can't in any sexual way with any FEmale.

So I said "Babes, gotta go PUKE .... " WELL, LOL, that sorta ENDED that "romantic evening".....I came back to dorm room, she was still there, FUCK...but I "fell asleep"..but just played that I did.

Finally, about 4 AM she got herself dressed and left....when she did, I saw a note she had left...read...

"FUCK YOU .... go get yourself another LAY you, you LUSH !"

Sooooo that was the END of my "romancing" in college. I have had another
"FEmale encounters of the WORST kind"...... some even more horrendous than this.

The FEmales come after me....and I DON'T WANT 'EM in regard to making "love."

Thing is: I LOOK STRAIGHT -------------------------------------------
I look very "heterosexual" and I don't sashay or lisp or am limp-wristed...I am a guy and I look and act the role of a guy.

And the FEmales LOVE it..and yeah, WANT IT .

Any of you other guys have this problem??? If so, how do you solve it ?

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16-06-09, 02:53 PM
ive had alot of girlfriends if they didnt do what i want i kick them to the curb, i love when they lick my ass and drink my cum

11-07-09, 02:40 AM
ive slept with two girls and been in a relationship with one. but i cant deal with my own estrogen let alone another females 24/7. so i have a bf now. its too bad he wont let me fuck him in the ass though :(

11-07-09, 12:38 PM
Fuck him in the ass? How?

11-07-09, 10:03 PM
Perhaps with a strap on xD

11-07-09, 10:13 PM
Perhaps with a strap on xD

haha my thoughts exactly...but my fingers work too

11-07-09, 10:38 PM
Im a dirty necro fegy...

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11-07-09, 11:24 PM
poll says I have already voted on this topic BUTT .........R BETTER!

12-07-16, 09:59 PM
Uh, yes. Am married, a father & grandfather & am even rumored to have (OK, accused of havingf) fathered a child while in college. It was during a heavy drinking phase when I blacked out a lot, occasionally waking up in strange places lacking many of the clothes I was wearing the night before. The worst was coming too in a cornfield. I behaved stupidly as a youth. Even worse when drunk.

But, I do like guys, especially dead or defenceless guys. I just could not act on it & was/am very repressed.

35-40 years ago, in a conservative, religious area, I had little chance to do real exploring, tho I'm pretty sure a grade school football coach that I worshiped would have taught me something. He tried on a handful of occasions to have me undress w/ him after practice so he coukld talk to me about my progress as a player, etc. I would go in & listen, but begged off undressing completely, as I was always aroused & in total terror that I'd get a hard on. It was all I could do not to look at his cock.

13-07-16, 06:18 PM
I am a widower and was very happily married for the best part of forty years. Indeed had it not been for cancer I would still be very happily married. Our marriage was fulfilling in every way and no way was it a lie.
But after her death I realised that I was attracted by guys. Maybe I always was although it's not the sort of thing you give much thought to when you are in a loving relationship. One thing I do know is that the person I now most want to share the remainder of my life with is a wonderful man. Will it ever happen? Who knows, there are problems we would both have to work through but I live in hope.
But one thing I do know. There is no way I will ever regret my marriage and my great kids and grandkids.