View Full Version : Hepatitis C dude Tried to Beat me up and threatened to kill me

21-04-09, 04:24 PM
My life is absolute mayhem.

I told you about a friend, 24-year-old who found out that he was infected with hepatitis C a few weeks ago.

They ask him for 30,000 euros for treatment which he doesn't have.

He has gone crazy.

We went for a walk today.

I joked that I am infected with AIDS and might have given it to him....in reality this is very unlikely - even if I have an HIV infection we haven't had sex.

He went berserk.

He tried to beat me up on the street, pushed me and tried to bring me down.

I stood firm of course and pushed him away but it was an ugly scene right in the centre on a main shopping street bustling with people.

OHHh the gay drama.

He screamed "I will kill you, I will stab you, I will butcher you"

He freaked out.

I stayed calm and told him to stop shouting.


Why why is this happening? Why can't I have normal friends?

Why are most people so fucked?

It was stupid of me to joke about this but he overreacted.

He later apologized but IMO you can't do this to friends, even if they have AIDS.

I said I will go to the police and tell them he threatens to kill me just to see how he would react.

I told him to never try and touch me again or I will crush him.

I have been in lots of fights I am not scared but the fact that I considered him a friend and he treated me like that makes me very sad.


WTF is wrong with people nowadays.

:sm (41):

I won't go out with him anymore.

:sm (20):