View Full Version : Sexy Girl is e-stalking me and says she wants me to fuck her hard in a park in Sofia

14-04-09, 03:59 PM
She is spamming my profiles and wants my phone and sets up locations for a date....she wants to fuck hard in a park in Sofia.

After all I've been through now this.

Here she is, what a beauty.


:sm (41):

I thought at least girls were normal, turns out there are sluttier than gay boys.

Crazy planet. :sm (20):

Remember how a 70-year old granny invited me over for a coffee and some TV a few months ago, then she said "come to my bed, lie next to me, we will watch TV."

14-04-09, 10:57 PM
Fill her with baby meatpies and marry her and use her financial support.