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09-04-09, 01:16 PM
Do you know someone who has lost their job? A friend? A family members?

Please share your experience of the Global economic meltdown of 2009 in your area.

I have four friends losing their jobs in a single month.

One 27-year-old neighbour who had a decent job is now surviving on welfare.

I wonder whether I will end up a begger on the street and an unidentified dead body with my friends at the morgue.

They will wrap me in a blanket and leave me to rot in the heat.

The reason why they do this is that there are not enough body bags at the morgue in Sofia and because all the fridges are full, bodies are left to rot and leak on the morgue floor or thrown in piles.

Make sure you never visit Eastern Europe, let alone die here.

There is also a chance that if you die here they will sell your organs to rich patients in need and your bones will be boiled, then grinded and shipped to the US.

Your family will get something else in the casket.

Life is so fucked, I can't take it all is sometimes.

09-04-09, 04:31 PM
My BF got laid off last week so yeah.

09-04-09, 04:59 PM
I am sorry. What was his job?

09-04-09, 05:10 PM
Supermarket job. =/

09-04-09, 05:14 PM

09-04-09, 09:20 PM
All of my friends are employed, earning money and are happy!!

10-04-09, 02:51 AM
Hi guys
Think positive. Don't give up. The worldwide economic downturn will be gone soon.

10-04-09, 03:10 AM
My friends didn't have jobs to begin with. One friend I fired a year and a half ago before the downturn, but we're still friends. Another quit his job before the economic downturn. Now neither can find work.

10-04-09, 07:10 AM
All of my friends are employed, earning money and are happy!!

Seems like Breda is heaven on earth! Isolated from disasters, economic ruin prosperous and thriving.

Unfortunately as global warming melts the the polar ice caps and greenladn all of the netherlands will be submerged. You are 1 metre above sea level Entilzha why are you constantly trying to promote your country.

Do you want me to visit in the summer? Will I be able to find a job? Will you kill me?

Hi guys
Think positive. Don't give up. The worldwide economic downturn will be gone soon.

This is just the beginning. I can't think positive as nothing I plan works out the way I want.

My friends didn't have jobs to begin with. One friend I fired a year and a half ago before the downturn, but we're still friends. Another quit his job before the economic downturn. Now neither can find work.

Big cities are often the first to suffer in such circumstances, I remember I read it was very bad in NYC and Chicago during the Great Depression of of the 1930s

10-04-09, 04:24 PM
We have an excellent water system and a very good watermanagment to begin with.

About the crisis, according to a recent survey, The Netherlands ranks in the top three of countries to be handling the crisis remarkably well!

My employer recently bought ten new taxi's, and is continuing to hire new people. In health care, people are screaming for more personnel. The sectors hit most hard are the construction, banking and finance district. Civil Service, which fuels over 60% of our economy, is not hit that hard. Sure, we all have to make our sacrifices. I can expect not an very large increase in salary for the year to come, but I can make due with what I earn per month.

If you want to visit in the summer, you are welcome to drop by. But I must warn you, you will not find a job instantly, but I might can get you working via certain employment agencies...

So, the offer stands, are you man enough to take it?

10-04-09, 04:44 PM
No I am not a man.

I failed like a pussy at the morgue.

10-04-09, 04:53 PM
as scrooge would say: "Bah...humbug!!"

10-04-09, 04:53 PM
I didn't get that.

10-04-09, 04:58 PM
Humbug as in a load of crap...

Ever watched "A Christmas Carroll" by dickens?

Sometimes you remind me of him a bit Pieman!

10-04-09, 05:04 PM
Never watched it.

What else do I remind you of?

10-04-09, 05:06 PM
Of someone who could use a hug, a friend and some cheering up alot!!

If you were here, I would take you to a nice restaurant, to a beautiful show and afterwards to a nice club, and then....welll....let nature run it's course....

10-04-09, 05:10 PM
You mean we fuck afterwards? And you kill me? And send me feet to Arrow?

All of these things are boring to me.

I've lost interest in everything, all I want is corpses.

10-04-09, 05:14 PM
If that is the case, you remind of the bum in the gutter....

The songs of the Alan Parson's project I'm listening to right now, seems appropriate:
"Don't Answer me..."

Don't lose hope, don't lose faith and don't turn your back on those who care....

Because I do care about you, hell, I care about everyone I know who have a hard time!!!

10-04-09, 05:16 PM
My problem is I live in a shithole country. I wanna escape to the US.

Life here gets me depressed.

I struggle but whatever I do it is not enough.

There is always something more that we want from life....

Maybe the idea of life is not to expect to much otherwise if you have too high expectations you may get very disappointed.

10-04-09, 05:21 PM
I think you are being to hard on yourself, as usual :)

Maybe you should lower your standards fro a time, and see what you can reach. I respect the decision you took to do the morgue thing, it was your great expectation, but maybe to firm a grasp and maybe you were not ready for it yet!
Sometimes what we want, and what we can, does not stroke. That doesn't not make you a failure, hell, that makes you a fighter!!
And if you learn, grow from it, you become a better man, a better person in life.

There are no shortcuts in life, only long winding roads, and even then, the journey is more important then the goal...

10-04-09, 05:30 PM
Not ready...jesus who can be ready for this?

I am sure even experienced morgue workers would fing it difficult.

The chief morticans said conditions were "awful" and he said "dirty and disgusting".

20-08-11, 09:19 PM
a supermarket job might be easier

21-08-11, 03:39 AM
Supermarket job. =/

fuck supermarket job , i hate it

22-08-11, 04:33 AM
Oh U think it's bad now, just wait.

Hewlett Packard the world's biggest Computer maker just announced on Friday that they will be selling off the Entire line of computers, Tablets, Netbooks, and Laptops. This will create a huge deficit in the US and Europe as it there will be TONS of more layoff notices to be handed out.

And if you think that not enough, the Financial sector will be handing out Huge layoff Notices soon. both in Europe and the US. Bank of America (one of the biggest Banks of the US) Just announced that there will be at least 3500 job losses in the Fall of this year. More to come at the beginning of Next Year. They plan no less than 10,000 layoff by summer of next year. Other major banks will be also laying off as well very soon.

This is cuz in the US alone there has been a 40% increase earlier this year for the purchases of HOME SAFES and additional 75% since the major Crisis earlier this month.

No One will be exempted from layoff very soon. If you have money, I suggest you bury it somewhere safe and where no one will every find it.

22-08-11, 02:14 PM
Both I and most of my friends are without work for some time now, we get welfare, which is in some cases more or equal to what low wage jobs pay over here, in germany

I would love a job with dead matter...
I guess I will have to move into another country for that, germany is very clean and hides all darker sides of life, so I currently save money.