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20-10-08, 02:44 AM
Placing now my ArrowMan hat aside and replacing it now with my analytical hat, this site is truly amazing in terms of the following:


Yes, that is what we call it here in the USA.

Soldiers acquire it in combat, law enforcement officers do, those who deal with stressful life/death situations every day do as well...like nurses and MD's, Emergency Room staff.

And yet, how many of you really have faced these situations every day? Yet you have somehow acquired this "gallows humor"....including myself. Look at the CDG "smileys" themselves if you doubt that "gallows humor" exists here.

And the CDG "smileys" I find quite humorous and fun to utilize.

Sociologically amazing....from where does this all originate?

I submit that most of you have had stressful, difficult lives....and that THIS is some sort of escape as well as trying to deal with the reality of LIFE and DEATH before us all....possibly the stress of being "gay"...which is a VERY STRESSFUL orientation to have......and all the baggage that comes with it, as it is clearly NOT the "norm" with the overwhelming majority of other human beings on the earth.

Yes, I sumbit that the "gallows humor" is here in part due to the stresses of being gay and also the stresses of facing head-on what few other than those in the professions discussed above daily face...the reality and contradiction that STRONG males...who appear IMMORTAL, are not, but rather quite fragile....as all life forms are.

Struggling with the contradictions of manhood, gayness, life and death itself...ergo, the "gallows humor."

Just my observations; I would like to hear yours.

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20-10-08, 11:56 AM
True, sometimes dudes let of stress in similar situations.

Call it shell shock or PTSS. Dudes sometimes go on a killing spree and like to kill or be killed to relieve the stress and the build up frustration.

So, they jack of to death, because death in their eyes is the final way to end the stress!

20-10-08, 12:04 PM
I like "shell shock", very original.

Great thread arrow.