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14-09-11, 02:10 PM
Heavy rains and flooding have killed at least 233 people in Pakistan, a disaster agency spokesman said Wednesday, as a weather forecast calls for more rain over deluged parts of the country.

Seven people have died in the past 24 hours, said Irshad Bhatti, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority.
At least 5.5 million people have been affected by the flooding since August, said Zafar Iqbal Qadir, chairman of the disaster authority.

Kristen Elsby, spokeswoman for the United Nations children's fund, or UNICEF, said 2.7 million children are among the affected. She said half of the 300,000 people in camps are children.

The flooding has inundated more than 4.5 million acres and damaged an estimated 80% of crops. At least 1.19 million homes have been damaged, the authority said.
And the rains are not over.

"Scattered thunderstorm/rain with moderate falls at isolated places is expected over most parts of the country," according to a weather forecast posted on the disaster authority's website Wednesday.

Bhatti said there was no chance of the floodwaters receding anytime soon. He said the worst affected areas are the Sindh province cities of Badin and Mirpurkhas.





Troops rescue villagers displaced by floods due to heavy monsoon rains over a few days in Pangario.


A displaced woman comforts her child who has diarrhea as they take shelter from the flood in Pangario.



Villagers take refuge on higher land in Tando Allayar due to floods caused by heavy rain.