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Rescuers warned that the death toll could climb higher as heavy winds, strong rain and hail quarter-sized hail stones hampered the search effort on Monday.
Joplin fire chief Mitch Randles estimated the damage covered a quarter or more of the city of about 50,000 people some 160 miles south of Kansas City and said his home was among those destroyed. ‘It cut the city in half,’ he said.
Officials said the tornado that hit at around 6pm on Sunday was the single deadliest in the country since Worcester, Massachusetts in June 1953.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard to help out after one of the worst disasters in the state's history.


Destroyed homes and debris cover the ground as a second storm moves in on Monday in Joplin, Missouri


Path of destruction: No house escaped the wrath of nature in some of Minneapolis


Ted Grabenauer sleeps on his front porch the morning after a tornado ripped off the roof of his home when it hit Joplin, Missouri


A pool of blood is seen on the floor of a business wiped out by a tornado


A tree stripped of bark and leaves frames St John's Regional Medical Center



Maggie Kelley and her husband, Trey Adams hug their dog, Saint, after finding him amid the rubble of her home in Joplin


Rescue workers in lime-green jackets search for bodies and survivors inside St John's hospital


A man carries a young girl who was rescued after being trapped with her mother in their home


Emergency personnel walk through a neighbourhood severely damaged by a tornado near the Joplin hospital. There are are no firm details on the number of dead or injured, as the hospital is out of action


Evelyn Knoblauch looks at a picture in what is left of her daughter's house


Anita Stokes salvages meat from a freezer at her home that was destroyed by a tornado in Joplin


n emergency vehicle drives through a severely damaged neighbourhood in Joplin


Jean Logan surveys the damage to her home in Joplin after the tornado. She had taken refuge in her laundry room with her granddaughter


Rachel Hurst picks through her belongings that were strewn about from her garage that was blown away in Minneapolis on Sunday


Extensive damage can be seen at the St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri. An emergency agency spokesman says fatalities had been reported but was unsure of the exact figure


Blocks of homes lie in total destruction after the devastating tornado


Destroyed vehicles are piled on top of one another in the parking lot of the Joplin


Joplin resident Chue Vang, 50, reacts after coming home to discover that her home was destroyed by the devastating tornado


http://cutedeadguys.net/Amy%20Langford%20carries%20items%20from%20her%20ho use%20that%20she%20was%20in%20with%20her%20husband %20Mark%20when%20the%20tornado%20hit%20their%20hom e%20in%20Joplin%20%20Read%20more:%20http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389737/Joplin-MO-tornado-At-89-dead-twister-cuts-4-mile-swathe-Missouri-town.html#ixzz1ND2RqgRoAmy Langford carries items from her house that she was in with her husband Mark when the tornado hit their home in Joplin


Red Cross representatives say 75% of Joplin is gone - here, vehicles and houses in the vicinity of Twenty-fourth and Main Streets are a jumble of rubble after a the tornado swept through


Another tornado in Minneapolis damaged at least 100 homes, toppling hundreds of trees and injuring at least 29 people


Residents of Joplin help a woman who survived in her basement after a tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses


Debris is scattered about in Minneapolis. On Sunday night a tornado warning was issued for several areas in central states


Vehicles were picked up and dumped across the city by the tornado which left 30 people dead and dozens injured


Rescue vehicles line up along northbound Rangeline Road in Joplin, Mo. after a fatal tornado swept through the city


Trees were stripped of branches and many were left resting against houses

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