View Full Version : Do you jack off with other guys on Skype/MSN etc?

20-12-08, 03:32 PM
Lots of my friends tell me they jack off with their mates on skype. Recently I started too.

20-12-08, 04:37 PM
You mean with webcam? I can't get into that much; better in person. :(

20-12-08, 04:55 PM
Yeah but sometimes I don't feel like going out for a shag, too cold. So I find dudes on dating sites, chat them up and make them slowly undress for me on webcam.

This is called internet sluts.

"Show me your feet now" and the dudes pops up a big toe and his soles on my screen.

OHhh stupid I know but we even cum together.

21-12-08, 08:11 AM
Want me to send you pics of my feet?

21-12-08, 08:48 AM
yes please. How old are you?

21-12-08, 09:22 AM

21-12-08, 09:25 AM

21-12-08, 03:30 PM
I should probably cut my toenails first tho >.>

21-12-08, 04:17 PM
whatever, I want your feet man.

Do you get smelly feet? What do you wear? I bet they reek if its sneakers.

I wear sneakers and my feet ponk.

Just the other day I got home exhausted and didn't shower. I went into my mom's bedroom.

She said, "please go wash your feet, the whole room reeks of your socks".

Oh that was hot, I went in the bathroom, washed my beautiful young feet carefully and jacked off.

24-12-09, 03:38 PM
Actually, not often on Skype, but i jerk lot of times on msn.

If you are interested, just add me: latino_boy90@live.de

24-12-09, 03:46 PM
First time was very recently.
On messenger it was and I could see but i don't have camera so he could not see me.
Hmmmm. I will do it again.

10-01-10, 02:59 PM
I do it. And its great.

10-01-10, 04:47 PM
I have never tried it.

10-01-10, 05:05 PM
not sure if you guys have seen -- http://squirt.org/
-- or --- http://www.gay.com/ ---
I like cock so this next one is very terrific -- http://www.ratemycock.com/index/index/agree/1/?w=100192
but a few years back I really liked this site -- http://www.ispq.com/
---- if I was to eat some guys balls would I be a cannible?

16-05-14, 05:45 PM
oh yes!!!

24-05-14, 02:54 PM
I also like to shoot with other guys in person, not electronically.