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19-12-08, 08:40 PM
After depression and illness finally some good news for me.

First off, I am finally cured of the nasty lump in throat feeling, sore throat whatever it was. No depression now.

I am dating guys again...but not the usual internet sluts.

Some of you may remember Alex, a cute alive guy that I met when I was 21, he was 19.

I fancy him yes. He is awesome in bed, sweet kissable lips, strong body, tiny ass, average straight cock and big smelly feet!!!!



You know some guys can be dull in bed no matter how cute they are, but this dude can kiss, suck play and talk all night long.

I love such dudes. And he lets me play with him.

OHHH I can cum even thinking about it.

We went to a gay party together back in 2006. Most dudes were not so good-looking and pretty lonely.

They immediately came up to Alex and chatted him up. He is slutty but he knew I was watching him.

Then one dude came to me and said "you guys are both very cute and you seem in love".

I hate this kind of behaviour and said "No Alex is free" just to see what they were up to.

Ugly dude went to hadnsome dude and chatted him up.

Handsome dude came to meatpie and said lets go to bed.

:sm (31):

OHH YES. That was a terrific moment.

Unfortunately we stopped going out together because of work and shit.

He lives at the other end of Sofia 20 km away and is working shifts.

Recently I became very bored of internet sluts and decided to try and have him back, at least for sex.

I stalked him on the internet, left him messages etc.

Two weeks passed and all of a sudden he came on skype tofay and says "hi".

That was the right moment and I made my move.

It took me almost two hours until he agreed to date again.

I invited him over at my place tomorrow, OH how I want to fuck him.

I will get him drunk and play dead.


Wish me luck, awesome dude if I can be with him I will cum hard VERY HARD and shoot far :load:

19-12-08, 09:05 PM
Good luck then!!!

i hope you will get your man!!!

19-12-08, 09:07 PM
Told you , you were worrying too much, glad to here you have found a fuck buddie, the ones worth having are the ones you have to wait for,remember don't rush him. Have a good shag , you lucky bugger.

19-12-08, 09:14 PM
Thanks pals.

Dark, what do you mean don't rush him?

Play him a movie before going to bed? Interesting you say this

19-12-08, 09:51 PM
:DGreat Meat! Happy for ya! Dark probably means don't scare the poor boy off.:sm (64):

19-12-08, 09:51 PM
Congratulations, Meat. But I agree with Darkside. I wouldn't rush it. Clearly this guy wasn't wanting to rush it if he waited two weeks to respond. Dinner, a movie, alot of talk and alot of alcohol. Have fun!

19-12-08, 10:02 PM
He works hard, dude is no internet slut like me.

When we first met he was 19, I was 21.

I got him deliberately drunk.

I poured him vodka, while I drank only mineral water. He said "I can't drink anymore".

I said "pussy. Look, I drank a whole glass and I am not drunk. Drink up".

He drank up and slipped into a coma.

I fucked him raw.

That was awesome I will never forget that.

20-12-08, 02:10 AM
sa-SWEET, PieMan.....like I say, u can be SUCCESSFUL and THRIVE at whatever u choose to do.

Just be careful, everything lawful ... if you need to reach out, reach out to those who u trust and never be an island, NEVER.

You have too many true BUUDS to become an island and try to settle everything yourself without consultation and support from your budds, your friends.

Like "...a little help from my friends."


:sm (26)::sm (26)::sm (26):